Disney Animator Heidi Jo Gilbert Creates Awesome Animated Storyboard for WICKED

     February 7, 2011


In her spare time, Disney animator Heidi Jo Gilbert put together a sensational animated storyboard to pitch her studio and composer Stephen Schwartz on an animated adaptation of the Broadway musical Wicked. For those unfamiliar with the musical, it’s based on the book by Gregory Maguire and takes a look at The Wizard of Oz from the Wicked Witch’s perspective. 

Gilbert took arguably the musical’s best number, “Defying Gravity”, and transformed it into what could have been a rousing animated sequence.  Unfortunately for Ms. Gilbert and for all of us, I believe that Universal currently holds the screen rights to Wicked (as the project languishes in development hell looking for a director). Hit the jump to defy gravity in animated form.

Images via Gilbert’s official website.  Video via The Daily What.


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  • Mike

    Very cool. Couldn’t the storyboards be used for the live action, as well?

  • turd ferguson

    looooks awesome. i saw the play in LA and this managed to give me the same chills…totally down for an animated disney version

  • Fan

    I was not aware at all that this video even existed!

    The thing is, if this is a live action film with real actors and such, the actresses who play Elphaba and Glinda must COMPLETELY encompass the role. Idina and Kristin are considered to be too old, and they’ll need to find new people.

    The beauty of animation is, well, not only is animation beautiful itself, but they can make everything and anything look however they want it to look.

    thumbs up for an animated film (though whether Disney will produce it is questionable; they said they wouldn’t be doing anymore “princess” or “girly” films and to focus more on the male audience, hence the acquisition of Marvel).

  • Adam

    No! The video has been taken down! Anyone know anywhere else I can see this?

  • C

    If it’s an animated movie then they have no excuse to put in cheno and idina. they may be too old to play the part live action, but they are definitely not too old to aid their voices.

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  • TheaterAdvisor

    We interviewed heidi and posted her video on our blog today. Come see the video and read about what inspired her to make the video at


    The TheaterAdvisor Team

  • R

    Here’s the original vid! Enjoy!

  • Guest

    Video has been taken down… thanks, Universal, for owning something you don’t even know what to do with, while Disney *could* be turning it into an epic CGI film.

    We’ll probably end up seeing an entirely unoriginal, live-action version of Wicked in theaters come Spring of 2019, at this rate. *yawn* Already seen Wicked on stage twice, thanks; we don’t need another Les Miserables.