First Promo for FX’s New Comedy Series WILFRED Starring Elijah Wood

     March 10, 2011


Back in October FX picked up 13 episodes of an American remake of the Australian series Wilfred. The series follows Ryan (Elijah Wood) as an introvert who struggles to find social and professional happiness, until he meets Wilfred (Jason Gann, the show’s creator and star of the Australian version), a cross between an Australian Shepherd dog and Russell Crowe on a bender. Basically, while the world sees Wilfred as your everyday canine companion, Ryan sees him as a man dressed in a dog suit. In reality, Wilfred is Ryan’s alter-ego intent on pushing him out of his isolated shell after a failed suicide attempt. His love interest comes in the form of Jenna (played by Californication’s Fiona Gublemann) who is actually Wilfred’s owner.

I was wondering how this was going to work, and essentially, you just see a guy in dog suit doing thing’s that real canines do and it’s actually quite hilarious. It seems like it’s going to be a bit dark with comedy akin to Louie, the series featuring comedian Louis C.K. But don’t take my word for it. The series won’t premiere until June, but you can check out this first promo after the jump.