Ricky Gervais Wants Will Arnett to Take Over for Steve Carell on NBC’s THE OFFICE

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As a huge fan of NBC’s The Office, I nearly fell into a coma when I heard that star Steve Carell would permanently exit the show after the current season wraps up. Oh the travesty! After all, what’s The Office without Michael Scott? Kind of like Gilligan’s Island without Gilligan. Still, the show must go on, right? And so NBC and the powers that be are running rampant trying to find a suitable replacement. Harvey Keitel’s name has popped up, as has Will Ferrell’s (who will appear in a four episode stint that will reportedly “bridge” the gap left by Carell). Show creator Ricky Gervais has other plans. His suggestion – Will Arnett. Here’s what Gervais had to say on his official blog:

“Had a little meeting with NBC about various things and recommended Will Arnett for a regular in The Office. Thoughts? I think he’s amazing.”

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Arnett has long rode the TV airwaves, what with his role on Arrested Development and various guest appearances on shows such as 30 Rock and Parks and Recreations – he even has a voice credit for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. All told, the man has done well for himself on the boob tube.

How he would fit on a show like The Office is anyone’s guess. The man knows funny – check out his performance in Blades of Glory for proof of his comedic sensibilities – and the wry, subtle humor of The Office would definitely cater to the man’s strengths. But is he too different? Arnett typically plays sleazy, edgier characters; none of which would fit comfortably into a show whose main personalities usually fit under the category of dumb, but loveable. Still, maybe a shakeup like Arnett is just what the doctor ordered – it’s no secret The Office is need of something … fresh if it hopes to continue its run.

No matter who NBC chooses, they have some tough shoes to fill. Carell was/is a comedic genius, one who will surely be missed. I look forward to seeing him more oft on the big screen – bigger, louder and, hopefully, always on top.

That’s what she said.

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  • Red Pepper Rob

    Ha ha glad you caught your own mistake…although Will Forte would have been good too

  • Guy

    they should let the show die with dignity. maybe a couple episodes to show life after michael scott, but god no not another season. Replacing him with an equally bizarre boss will just smack of a cheap trick to keep nbc’s money maker making money. Plus it will cheapen Michael Scott, turning him into merely one of a string of horrible and strange bosses instead of the complex character he really was.

    • Tyler

      You make a scary good point Guy. It could very well cheapen Michael Scott.

  • Stinky

    I like Will Arnett. But the guy has one gear and it gets old. Quick.

    Do you think NBC will hand over the reigns of their last bastion of comedy to a guy that’s little more than a fanboy favorite?

    Dude has what, two canceled shows, and how many box office bombs?

    If they don’t bring in Gervais, the producers need to get someone like Paul Rudd. Boom. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

  • grapenutsrbt

    I heard Will Forte…hmmm…? :)

    Seriously though, Arnett would be great. I got really excited when the Paul Rudd “rumor” was abound though.

  • jonah

    this is supposedly the script for Michael Scott’s last episode of “the office,” leaked by someone who worked in craft services on the show:


    • dave

      is this real?

      • slinky317

        No possible way that’s real.

      • dave

        i think it is real…

  • Tyler

    Will Forte!? Hell yes! I would love for Steve Buscemi to AT LEAST have a cameo. He’d be perfect in my mind. It might be a pipe dream, but also Bill Murray… or if you go that route, maybe Dan Ackroyd.

  • Matt

    oh, is this to makeup for that 6th grade mistake of typing an article about the wrong person aka Will Forte?

    • Jeff Ames


  • Jzee

    hahaha. your will forte mistake! hahaha

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