Will Ferrell Talks ANCHORMAN 2 And Says That He’s Meeting With Carell, Rudd And McKay Next Week

     May 27, 2009

anchorman_the_legend_of_ron_burgundy_movie_image_will_ferrell__5_.jpgFor the past year or so we’ve been hearing about that much-anticipated sequel to “Anchorman”.  If you’ve been keeping track you know that the idea of revisiting Ron Burgundy and the gang comes up – religiously – every time one of the feature “Anchorman” players has a new movie coming out.  The fact that reporters keep asking the “Anchorman” question is a testament to how much people love and revere the original.

Will Ferrell is currently making the rounds with “Land of the Lost”, so you know what that means!  It is once again time to play “What’s up with Anchorman 2”?  At least this month we have something a bit more substantial than Paul Rudd’s “hopefully” to report.  According to Clint at Moviehole Ferrell told Australian radio hosts Jono and Dano that “everyone is meeting next week” to discuss their plans for “Anchorman 2”.

That “everyone” would include director Adam McKay as well as stars Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and, of course, Will Ferrell.  The fact that all four of these insanely busy and important men are making time to get together face to face implies some real forward momentum for “Anchorman 2”.  Finally.  Of course, we still don’t know if there’s a script or even a concept for the sequel – the most likely scenario still has the News 4 crew lost in the 1980’s – but I’m just happy to hear that “Anchorman 2” has not been sacrificed to the ‘busy schedules’ god that has doomed so many promising projects.

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