Will Smith Frontrunner for Tarantino’s DJANGO UNCHAINED; Christoph Waltz Confirmed to Star

     May 6, 2011


Will Smith has been informally offered the lead role in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming “Southern”/Spaghetti Western, Django Unchained.  The project came out of nowhere last week and we’ve slowly been getting more details about the film during the past couple of days.  We know that Tarantino is aiming to start production in late summer or fall and we also have this plot synopsis:

“Django is a freed slave, who, under the tutelage of a German bounty hunter becomes a bad-ass bounty hunter himself, and after assisting Waltz in taking down some bad guys for profit, is helped by Waltz in tracking down his slave wife and liberating her from an evil plantation owner.”

The film is moving at a fast pace and we now have some info regarding who Tarantino is hoping to cast and which roles they play.  Here’s a hint:  Christoph Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson.  Hit the jump for more.

quentin_tarantinoVariety reports that Tarantino wrote Django Unchained with Will Smith in mind and that the actor has now been “informally offered” the lead role along with the news that Smith would be willing to give up his usual $20 million salary for “the chance to tackle different, more controversial material.”  If Smith is looking for something edgier to do then I think he has definitely found the right project.

In other Django Unchained casting news, Christoph Waltz has been confirmed to star in the film as the German bounty hunter who trains Django.  The role was supposedly written with Leonardo DiCaprio in mind, but the actor chose to pass on the film, which made Tarantino adjust the role for Waltz.  Tarantino also approached Brad Pitt with hopes of the actor playing “one of the numerous juicy supporting roles”, but Pitt has decided to pass on the project too.

It was pretty much a given, but Tarantino is also hoping to cast Samuel L. Jackson in the role of Stephen, who is the evil plantation owner’s main servant.  I’m incredibly excited about Django Unchained and the casting of Will Smith makes me even more thrilled.  I’ve long been a fan of Smith, but I have always wanted to see him breakout of his comfort zone more.  This seems like the perfect opportunity for that and I’m also very interested to see who else will be joining the cast in the upcoming weeks.

What are your thoughts?  Should Smith do it?


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  • Wolstenholme

    They need to get him and his talentless kids into somes chains and as far away from films as possible.

    • ringbearer1420

      While I get and sympathize with your point, you don’t need to make your point racist and offensive by adding the chains part. Though I notice no one else called you out, so I guess as long as your not making fun of Andrew Garfield you can make any reprehensible racist comment you want on this site and no one will call you on it.

      • Steven

        I think its moreso because no one wants to feed the troll and derail the comments section with a whole argument about racism. Of course its a nasty thing for them to say, but if you respond you’re just going to be wasting your breath on someone who’s probably just trying to rile you up in the first place or is way past the point of being lectured.

      • HC

        The film is called Django UNCHAINED, to say get Will Smith and his untalented kids away from the film by CHAINS is just play of words. I love how everyone puts the racism spin on everything. That why nobody can say anything remotely controversial in real life, or you are probably get labeled as racist.

    • pete bhola

      please keep the comments coming it helps us black people to push ourselves. the day people like u cease to exist we have no reason to push to reach our goals, we love you man

  • giovanni

    Im sorry for your loss

  • Collin V.

    Not even Tarantino can save his career.

  • Jake

    Sam Jackson, Christoph Waltz and Will Smith in a Tarantino Western? FUCK YEAH!

  • SPS

    Yes, Yes and a thousand times YES!!!

  • Leoric

    Will Smith, Samuel L. Jackson and Christoph Waltz in a Tarantino movie?!? I don’t know what some of y’all are on about, but that sounds AWESOME! I say bring it on!


    Smith’s fine. Not an actor that gets me excited, but he’s proven himself a good actor. He was the only good thing about ‘I Am Legend’ (if only he could have resisted that Shrek impression).

    • Wolstenholme

      oh god I totally forgot about that scene but I know what you mean

  • Grand Simon

    I really don’t get all the hate for Will Smith. He’s certainly not a terrible actor, and if anything he has his own unique charm and charisma. The main criticism I’ve heard time and time again is “Will Smith always plays Will Smith in all his movies.” In his defence, this is nothing new in Hollywood! A lot of celebrated actors have a certain ‘persona’ that is pretty much consistent with nearly every character they play– just off the top of my head are iconic actors like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood; these guys are often accused of doing the same thing i.e. playing the same character, even if only just in spirit more or less across a lot of films over the span of their careers. That’s how ‘the man’ becomes ‘the icon’– by becoming this consistent persona.

    Now I am not even beginning to insinuate that Will Smith as achieved the same iconic status as John Wayne or Clint Eastwood in his career, maybe because he has not worked in as many ‘classic’ and critically acclaimed films, but the “Will Smith persona,” in my opinion at least has worked really well for him. Feel free to disagree with me on this, but I think he’s great in most of the films he’s in, with just a couple of stinkers here and there. That’s my two cents. Sorry, I don’t mean to ramble, but I just felt I had to add my own thoughts when I saw some of the critical comments about his career. I think he’d be GREAT in a Tarantino flick! We’re all entitled to our opinions, so this is just mine. Let’s just agree to disagree. ;-)

    • DamnBASTERD

      You make good points. I think most people are afraid that Smith’s trademark Fresh Prince act will be a mismatch for a spaghetti-’southern’ film. But I just want to reiterate that in recent years Smith has shown greater ability as an actor and broken away from his usual style. He’s very good in something like ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’; he just doesn’t get as much recognition because that wasn’t a particularly good film.

      • Grand Simon

        Thanks. I totally agree about Smith’s more recent roles. I think he has proven he can do drama just as well as he can do his trademark ‘Fresh Prince’ routine. He’s definitely got the range and the acting chops, so that’s why I’m particularly excited to see how he would fit in a Quentin Tarantino movie. I think they might turn out to have great chemistry and I think their styles could meld into something interesting, if not unforgettable. :-)

  • Jay

    tarantino , sam jackson, will smith. IM ALL IN!!!!

  • junierizzle

    I would love to see Will Smith in a Tarantino movie. It worked great with another big movie star, Brad Pitt.

    I don’t get the hate on Will Smith either. Besides mainstream America and the world don’t hate him. His movies always make money, except for maybe 7 pounds. So it is a no-brainer for Tarantino to cast him. This would already make money just with QT and Smith attached. Smith has proved that he is more than just a movie star. He had great moments in I AM LEGEND and PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS as others have stated.

    I think Smith should do it. Yes his movies make money but his movies aren’t exactly becoming classics. ID4(maybe a classic as ajoke) but I AM LEGEND,WILD WILD WEST, MEN IN BLACK,HANCOCK,HITCH, I ROBOT, BAD BOYS 1 and 2. All money makers but there isn’t a great flick in the bunch. It’s time he uses his Movie star status and make something memorable.

  • christophercantos

    Pursuit of Happyness is a given as one of his best acting performance, but his performance in I AM LEGEND is really the one that caught my attention. it’s one of those moments when an Will Smith the actor(not the “star”) is elevating the genre that he is in.

    sad to see Leo Dicaprio passed on QT. QT originally wanted him in Inglourious Basterds as HANS LANDA, but QT changed his mind at the last minutes and wanted to cast a german. hearing that Tarantino has written a part with Dicaprio in mind shows how much QT wants to work with the guy. it’s sad that The Great Gatsby is already in the works. :(

    anyways, Christoph Waltz coming in isn’t a bad thing. Tarantino re-writes the character for the actor. remember when Warren Beatty passed on Bill, he rewrote it for David Carradine and we all know how it turned out.

    I can’t wait for this movie! but i won’t be reading that screenplay that’s circling around the internet(Nolan has taught me well). it’d be nice to hear in the coming weeks if Robert Richardson will shoot this(probably unlikely since he’s shooting the World war Z project, and directing a TV series pilot). also, who do you think will QT choose as an editor? very unlikely but his best bud PTA would be a dream team!.

  • christophercantos

    they should lose Sam Jackson(love the guy, but i prefer a “new” actor) and get Denzel Washington!

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  • LEM

    I used to really like Smith but over the years I’ve just gotten sick of him and he really doesn’t seem to be the type of casting that would fit in a Tarantino film. I would much rather see some underrated actor get a shot, which is what we’ve come to expect from Tarantino.

    • ringbearer1420


  • Sara

    C’mon guys,… when there is a will smith film in the cinemas u guys all go to watch.

    i will love will smith in this… Tarantino knows what he is doing

  • ringbearer1420

    And I thought he was going to let Michael Jai White finally get the starring role he deserves… that desperate for a Oscar QT that you don’t care about what you used to care about, reviving and shining lights on the careers Hollywood missed out on?
    Michael Jai White can dance around Will Smith’s acting any day, and he can write and do his own stunts.

  • Ben

    All I can say is, The Wild Wild West, He was a bad as in that movie.

  • Pete

    so dicaprio and pitt skipped the flick? pretty weird.

  • sharrow

    share with you a very good website


  • sense 11

    As long as his kids aren’t in it. That would be way too distracting. I don’t think Tarantino would do that to his movie.

    • ringbearer1420

      Oh no, unlike kill bill, QT can make sequels to this with the stars actual kids. It can be QT’s spykids! Doesn’t it make your mouth water?
      (but on a non sarcastic note, Will Smith as Django is already the exact same thing as his son replacing Ralph Machico in Karate Kid)

  • jaykay101

    Will be very interesting to see Smith do something like this

    Very glad that Pitt turned it down as he was the weakest actor and most unconvincing character in Inglorious Basterds, whereas Waltz was absolutely superb

    Looking forward to this, but I wish QT would do something more original rather than rehashing bits and pieces of classic genre movies

    Would love to see him return to the type of form that resulted in Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown

  • pete bhola

    TO THE GUY THAT SAYS PUT WILL SMITH & HIS KIDS IN CHAINS. I LOVE GUYS LIKE U BECAUSE U MUST HATE SEEING A BLACK MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE, THE OLD DAYS WE WOULD COME DOWN AND BEAT U, BUT NOW WE JUST EDUCATE OURSELVES AND BE IN THE PLACES U DONT WANT US TO BE. please will smith do the film and send this guy an invitation to the premier because its guys like that who will keep you getting further and further in your ambitions.

  • Noel

    Should cast Chiwetel Ejiofor instead, Will Smith bad choice for Tarantino

  • Fitz

    Please, Smith take this role.

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