Will Smith Talks I AM LEGEND 2, MEN IN BLACK 4, More Sequels and Passing on DJANGO UNCHAINED

     June 13, 2012


It’s a bit ironic that Men in Black 3 star, Will Smith, was recently quoted as saying, “I don’t want to be the sequel guy,” especially when there are a number of potential franchise sequels with him in the works.  Including a possible Men in Black 4, there are also Independence Day 2, Hancock 2, Bad Boys 3, I, Robot 2 and, of course, I Am Legend 2.  While some of you may be confused by Smith’s possible return in that last one, I’ll point you to the alternate ending of the original 2007 blockbuster.  Hit the jump for a few snippets on sequel work from Smith and an anecdote about why he passed up the title role in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

While I wasn’t awill-smith-men-in-black-4 fan of the 2007 sci-fi flick I Am Legend (being more a fan of the source story), I can understand the studio appeal of a sequel.  We recently reported that I Am Legend 2 screenwriter, Arash Amel, was making progress on the script before moving on to another project.  Smith was also reported to be a producer on I Am Legend 2 in that post, however, as Smith says to BBC News (via Eurweb):

“Producers are working on it.  I’m not actually working on it. If it’s great, I’m into it.”

When asked if he’d reconsider, Smith confessed:

“Probably not.”

He wentwill-smith-i-am-legend-2-sequel on to talk about the aforementioned sequels, saying:

“I don’t want to be the sequel guy.  I figure I’ve got about six or seven more years where I can run and jump a little bit and then I’m going butt and gut for the rest of my career. Butt and gut.”

However, Smith noted that if fans drummed up a groundswell of support for Men in Black 4, he’d consider the project.

In an unrelated article over at Empire (via The Playlist),Smith talked about turning down the role of the freed slave in Tarantino’s upcoming Django Unchained, and it maydjango-unchained-jamie-foxx not have been for the reasons we all thought (like keeping his squeaky-clean, box office-friendly image):

“I came really close, it was one of the most amazing screenplays I had ever ever seen. I was in the middle of ‘Men In Black 3‘ and [Tarantino] was ready to go, and I just couldn’t sit with him and get through the issues, so I didn’t want to hold him up. That thing’s going to be ridiculous. It is a genius screenplay.”

This is how star Jamie Foxx described it:

“When this movie’s done, there’s gonna be some hot button issues but, given my background, I think I’ll be able to get some points across. The one thing that stuck out to me in the script was that Django was married. Back then, to be married was taboo. This is a love story. He’s not trying to stop slavery. He’s not trying to do anything but find the love of his life – which is like trying to find a needle in a world of haystacks.”

As for whether or not Smith is done with sequels, we’ll have to wait and see how his new project, After Earth, with director M. Night Shyamalan works out.


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  • steve

    the first half of I am legend was good, the second not. If they would have just followed the book they would have had a great movie. And no CG bad guys next time.

  • junierizzle

    Such a shame he couldn’t do Django because of MIB3, wow. Ive always liked Smith. In my opinion hes never been in a really great movie. Django could have been it.

    Hopefully M. Night redeems himself.

  • paul tracy

    smith has always been married to popular consent. to determine one’s career to an evolving sentiment (one that is always changing, and almost never accurate) is a bit sad. at the end of his career, he can’t say that he did anything outside what was expected from the most conservative fan. a bit sad, really. that makes him expendable. just someone else’s expectations, never his own.

    • Dave

      Yeah, so sad. He makes hundreds of millions of dollars while entertaining billions of people worldwide. So very very sad.

      • paul tracy

        the same could be said for kim kardashiam, you twat.

        ~ pp

  • Daniel

    I am Legend is such a terrible adaptation of the book it hardly merits a sequel. It also has disadvantage of trying to *SPOILERS* somehow resurrect Neville.

    • Daniel

      *The sequel would have the disadvantage of trying to* (You know, it’d be nice if you would actually allow us to edit our comments, Collider).

      • AlexHeyNa

        And/or delete them.

  • robber

    Smith didn’t have the balls to do django.. Nice effort trying to do a pr spin job tho…

  • Robert M

    Why do you believe what he said about Django? Actors lie all the time in interviews, especially to protect their image or that of any other person they may want to work with in the future, or not.

    You guys are way too gullible.

    • Pocketses

      Why do you doubt what he said about Django? Actors don’t normally lie when there is no reason to, such as explaining why he passed on a film that he was offered.

      You are way too cynical.

    • Pocketses

      Why do you doubt what he said about Django? Actors sometimes tell the truth when explaining why they pass on a role. Especially when they’re stating good things about the film they’re not involved in.

      You are way too cynical.

    • Mike

      What would he gain from lying? His career wouldn’t be hurt by saying he didn’t want to be in a Tarantino movie because it’s not family friendly. His audience would still be massive.

      It sounds like he’s bummed he couldn’t do it. No reason to be actively cynical in the face of a non-issue

    • B

      I thought Will Smith didn’t do it because he was made Wienstein distributing The Master.


    Its “I, Robot 2″ not “I Am Robot 2″

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  • jarvis

    smith missed a diamond chain by saying no to django unchained

  • Herb White

    I’ve always liked Will Smith, but he strikes me as an entertainer as opposed to an actor. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but his career trajectory speaks volumes about how he’d rather entertain and be in a sure thing as opposed to taking risks and really swinging for the fences.

    ‘Django’ really looks like it’s swinging, and if Tarantino’s maturation as a filmmaker continues, this thing is going to be special. Will Smith may have missed a chance at real immortality here, as opposed to just being a box office king. I can’t say for certain without actually seeing the film, of course, but this film could really be one for the ages, something that is dissected and discussed for years to come. You can’t say that about ANYTHING Will Smith has ever been in. Shame.

    • Chuck

      We’re actually doing Independence Day for college level Intro to Mythology. We’re comparing it to destruction myths like Ragnarok, Noah’s Ark, and Gilgamesh.

    • KoB

      To be honest django sucked i feel asleep twice tring to watch that horrible flim… im glad will turned it down

  • EM2012

    I am Legend is actually an extended short story. The movie expanded upon it and made the lead compelling. Reality stars are more entertainers. Actors transform lines on a page and bring a character to life. It is not an easy thing to do.

  • socal_scully

    What about BAD BOYS 3? That’s the only sequel I want to see from Will Smith.

  • Chanel

    First, I love Will Smith. He’s my favorite actor. Second, I Am Legend 2, hope it will be better than the first. The rest of the seaquals bring’em!

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  • JustAnotherLoveChild

    First of all , DJANGO was a freaking horrible movie. One of the worst I’ve seen in some time. They could have used literally ANY NOBODY actor , and it would have been the same quality garbage flick. But because of Jamie’s dumbass comments , I wont be spending a single penny on him ever again.

    • Guess What

      DJANGO was an amazing movie. What the frick are you going at? And learn to write/type better. What the hell is ANY NOBODY mean?

      • KoB

        You must be a freaking retard… django is probably the worst movie ive seen in ten years

  • Gökhan

    2. serisi için sabır sızlanıyorum teske bende boyle filimde oynaya bilseydim fragmanını ızledim simdi bekliyorum yıl 2013 dedıler ertelemeyin :)))

  • Gökhan

    2. I wish I had known I can not wait to play a series of such films I watched the trailer year 2013 said the delay in waiting for now

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  • Daniel

    I loved I am legend and want Neville to be resurrected , I woul reall like tow see a part 2 to that for sure

    • Daniel

      Would and really lol

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