Will Smith in Talks for INDEPENDENCE DAY Sequel; 2016 Release Date Likely; Director Roland Emmerich Also Talks STARGATE Franchise Reboot

     September 5, 2013


Although Independence Day director Roland Emmerich previously stated that star Will Smith wouldn’t be involved in the film’s sequel, in part for fear of him overshadowing the cast, it now looks as if the two are at least entering into talks.  Perhaps the lackluster performances of some of Smith’s recent efforts have spurred him into dipping into the well of previous films, especially since he’s rumored to be involved in sequels to Hancock, Bad Boys and I, Robot.  What’s one more?

Whether Smith is involved in the planned Independence Day sequel or not, Emmerich isn’t sure that the film will hit Fox’s target release date of summer 2015, saying it’s likely to open in summer of 2016.  For those of you who like measuring your own time on this Earth relative to movie releases, that’s 20 years since the original debuted.  Hit the jump for more, including a video with Emmerich himself and a bit about progress on the Stargate franchise reboot.

See what Emmerich had to say about Independence Day 2, Will Smith and even a Stargate sequel/franchise reboot in this interview with Digital Spy:


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  • pinkincide

    Nothing wrong with Smith that a good script and the absence of his son won’t fix.

  • http://www.collider.com/ DNAsplitter

    Damnit Will Smith! Quit fucking around and make Bad Boys 3 already. No one wants to see I, Robot part Doo or Hancock: Age of Crappiness.

  • jack

    Well there’s no challenge in the part and probably a nice fat paycheck so it’s right up his alley

  • Futur3Fo3

    One of the worst movies ever made. I wonder if a sequel for 2012 will ever be made, too?


      when was the last time you learned to have fun at the movies? One of the worst movies ever? lighten up pal.

      • rundmc1981

        Certainly not the worst movie ever made, but definitely one of the more needless movies getting a sequel. Like giving 2 sequels to Pitch Black…let’s move on to another story already.

      • Guest

        “Leaned to have fun,”…sums it up.

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  • eternalozzie

    I think I would enjoy this movie more without will smith

  • Calubra

    The real reason why they’re back tracking on Will Smith is because he has a fan base in China. Will Smith increases the chances of it being shown in China and thus big box office there.

  • tertiaryintervention

    Ha! You lose the studios a quarter of a billion dollars and you stop being so picky about what roles you go back to, next week the Fresh King of Bel Air.


    The first was one of my favorite movies growing up. Looking back on it now, I can see the cheesiness of it, but IMO its still the best popcorn alien invasion flick ever, so yes, I would love to see a sequel and hopefully a bit less cheese. Cant wait!

  • Raptor Jesus

    People are sick to death of Will Smith and his gigantic ego. They will flock to avoid seeing this if he is in it.

    And ignoring 17 years of Stargate on tv? RIDICULOUS.

    • Old Soldier

      Ignoring just for the sake of controversy “worked” with Galactica.

  • Dobby

    …so I guess Willi needs a hit now that he’s Mister Floppy…. funny how he wasn’t interested before after earth dried…

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