Fox Planning Back-to-Back INDEPENDENCE DAY Sequels With or Without Will Smith

     October 27, 2011


Director Roland Emmerich’s relatively small drama Anonymous opens in theaters this weekend, but it appears that the 2012 director doesn’t plan to make small-scale films a habit as he may be returning to Independence Day sooner rather than later. Last March, we reported that back-to-back sequels to the 1996 alien invasion smash hit were in development, with both Emmerich and star Will Smith expected to return. However, disputes over budgets and salaries lead to everyone deciding to slow down a bit and take some time to actually write the scripts first. Now the sequels are written, and Fox is ready to move on Indepenence Day 2 and 3. The only question is, will Smith be returning? Hit the jump for all the details.

independence-day-movie-image-2Apparently Smith, a bona fide movie star if there ever was one, is demanding a salary of $50 million to star in both sequels. Add that to Emmerich’s own hefty price tag, and you can see why Fox is a bit nervous. Apparently Smith has a few other demands as well, as Vulture reports that he wants to shoot the films close to home in order to be close to his family, and there’s even talk of him wanting to include wife Jada and daughter Willow in the movie too. Look, I’m all for spending quality time with family, but it’s a little ridiculous to ask that your family members be included in most of your projects just because you’re one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars.

independence-day-movie-imageAs far as the story of ID 2 and 3 go, plot details are under wraps. However, the pics are said to be much more in the vein of Back to the Future II and III as opposed to the last two Harry Potter films in that they can each work as standalone films bridged by a cliffhanger. They’ll tell one overarching story, but it won’t be as if one big movie has been cut in half. Smith hasn’t committed to the films just yet, and Fox says that if necessary they’ll make the films without him, but the actor is keen on shooting two movies back-to-back.

The only other film Smith is attached to at the moment is M. Night Shyamalan’s One Thousand A.E., which Sony is said to be taking their sweet time on. Apparently they’re wanting to cross all their T’s and dot their I’s in pre-production in order to avoid another “we don’t have a script but we’re still shooting” fiasco like Men in Black III. The scripts for ID 2 and 3 are expected to be delivered by mid-December, so we should know more at that time. With Fox ready to make the films with or without Smith, it begs the question as to whether they would recast his role or commission a new draft of the screenplays with a new character.

  • Lance

    Really? I dunno. I never loved this movie as much as others seemed to. It’s such a Nineties piece of fluff. Was anyone really craving more?

    The only thing that was entertaining the first go around was watching all those buildings get blown up. And now post-9/11 I don’t know if it’ll be that much fun seeing monuments get destroyed again.

  • Reggie

    Aww Hell Nawww!!!

  • batmanrules

    Will Smith is a greedy motherfucka! But..if there’s no Will Smith in the sequels..I dont see a reason in making them because both will suck badly!

  • Jake

    Don’t get me wrong, i love Will Smith on screen, he has bags of charisma, but Jesus he is a greedy selfish twat!

  • joe kerr

    i would offer the part to a different actor and give the director chair to neill blomkamp.

  • Tarek

    The Day before the End of the Independence Day.

  • Kristina

    I wish that Will Smith would do more movies but not prequels or sequels to his earlier films. When Men in Black III comes out in 2012, it will be his first major starring role in four years even though he has 38 other projects in various stages of development.

  • Stephens

    I love Will Smith as an actor but damn man, can’t you be in any other movie besides a sequel? I mean you spend 2 1/2 years since your last movie and the first movie you come back with is MIB 3? And now this shit? I agree with the first poster above, Independence Day was solid back in the 90′s but the concept of the alien invasion has been done so many times over and in such better fashion since then (District 9).

    I was highly disappointed when Smith didn’t take the lead in Django(sp?) Unchained. You’re one of the best actors in Hollywood, take some risks rather than going for the quick paycheck. Aren’t you and your wife one of the richest couples on the planet?

  • sense 11

    Why exactly does this movie deserve 2 sequels?
    apart from the people that hope to profit off them. who is waiting for them?

    No One, Maybe Will Smith so he can become relevant again, not going to work will, maybe put your kids in it.

  • ccraw13

    I have a very fond place in my heart for the first film. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. But still a quotable and memorable film for me.
    I do not, however, know who would want a sequel. It would ruin the magic of the first movie.
    Plus, it is not like Harry Connick Jr. can resurrect and spout off some more cinema gold like, “It’s time to kick the tires and light the fires, big daddy!”

  • Daniel

    You know what makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with some of you?
    Evrybody loves Johnny depp and he pocketed more than 65 million for Pirates 4, and When will Smith wants 50 for TWO movies, you say he is greedy?


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  • Cody

    WAS one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars. ID was what, two decades ago? There are a lot fresher princes in Bel Air nowadays than this one.

    • excpired

      Cody apparently doesn’t remember Will Smith bringing in 20 mill on Hancock. Will Smith still sells tickets, that’s what makes him bankable. Just like Johnny Depp, you put them in your movie and your movie will sell simply because they are in it.

      Name me another black actor that sells more tickets than Will Smith. The only one who comes anywhere close is Morgan Freeman.

  • Twistednic

    Maybe the aliens are back with a battle plan to beat the Macbook Pro?

    I’m pretty sure the pact between Smith and Satan will be up soon, and this country will forget its bizarre love affair with him. I’m guilty myself, but its just that… a guilty pleasure. When you really think about it, what is it about his terrible movies that you actually enjoy? I really can not find a single reason that hes even a guilty pleasure… Yet am compelled to give him money. Damn Satanic tampering.

  • ipisking

    Drop Smith and drive ON!!!!!

  • excpired

    I’m curious why everyone is so angry at Will Smith. 25 Mill a movie isn’t a rip-off, considering how much Depp got paid for his last film, and considering Tom Hanks made 50 million off Angels & Demons (a piece of crap film if there ever was one).

    Maybe consider that Smith will only do it if hes getting paid a boatload of cash and can be with his family because he has a good idea that the movies will be bad anyways, so why bother unless hes getting paid a lot of money to put in the effort?

  • jazzyjace

    Smith’s apparent demands are making him my number one douchebag. Is he really trying to kid us that his acting family are really all that???

  • Luckystrike

    Who freaking cares if he’s in it or not, or if that character is even in the story. I just want to see more alien invasion! Or even better, maybe show us a glimpse of their home world.


    The Only reason they want to give Will Smith that Low Housing Salary is
    because he is from the South. If Tom Cruise who we all Love was asked
    to do ID 2-3 SONY would easily pay him $89,000,000.00 million in a blink.

    Kevin R. Jennings

  • lester reynolds

    My best friend’s mom makes $77 an hour on the computer.She has been out of job for 9 months but last month her check was $7487 just working on the computer for a few hours. Read about it here NuttyRichdotcom

  • Tjones

    Fox should consider using that $50m on Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum instead of Smith! They might also want to consider bringing Randy Quaid back to life just to be safe.

  • Oliver

    $50 million, plus pay-cheques for Jada and Willow, and shooting in his own back yard. That’s outrageous. There’s no wonder he and Tarantino couldn’t find a compromise!

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  • Ted

    I don’t really care how much Will wants to get paid. I certainly don’t blame him for wanting to be close to his family.. I don’t care if he’s not even in the movie.
    As for roles for his family members in the movie. They should audition for a role like everyone else.

    I remember when I watched independence day on the big screen and you saw all the alien space craft crash landing, and people cheering. All I was able to think about is, did any aliens aboard those ships survived? How many where on board those city sized ships? I was sure that within five years their would of been a sequel or a TV series of Humans fighting the surviving aliens.

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  • Italo Rabelo

    Who cares about Will Smith? His part on the first film wasnt essential as were the others two protagonists…Besides, he’s not the half actor as the genious Jeff Goldblum and the spetacular Bill Pullman, that we’re dying to see them again. Thanks god exited the least important actor and totally replaceable.

    ID will be a high sucess again, one of the best films of the decade again, and Smith, with another crap like ‘after earth’, will need to get jobs on tv commercials.