Will The Other Weitz Direct The Third Film In The TWILIGHT Saga?

     March 10, 2009

Written by Nicole Pedersen

Score one for the boys club! Last month we reported that Drew Barrymore was in the running to direct the third installment in Summit’s Twilight Saga, “Eclipse”. This move would have put a female director back in charge after Catherine Hardwicke was famously replaced on “New Moon” for wanting more pre-production time – Oh, those foolish women and their crazy insistence on doing things well!

Now according to Twilighters.org (that’s right, they’re an “org”) Drew Barrymore will not be behind the lens after all. Who will be? The “Twilight” fans claim it will be Paul Weitz, the brother of Chris Weitz, the man who is directing “New Moon”.

Here’s the quote:

“There have been rumors circulating that Drew Barrymore will be directing the third installment of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series. These rumors are false. Due to the ‘New Moon’ post-production schedule for director Chris Weitz, his brother and co-owner of “Depth of Field Productions” — Paul Weitz — will be directing ‘Eclipse’.”

So, this actually makes a bit of sense to me. The Weitz boys have previously directed “American Pie” and “About a Boy” together. Because we all know how keen Summit is on getting their “Twilight Saga” out to its adoring public fast-like, hiring a director who is completely in-synch with his predecessor seems pretty smart. I would have preferred Drew Barrymore for her news value alone but… I can’t argue with the choice of another Weitz.

Of course, I should point out that this is only a rumor at this point…

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