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One of the greatest films ever made is coming back to theaters later this year in a big way.  Warner Bros. is releasing The Wizard of Oz in IMAX 3D for the film’s 75th Anniversary, and the first trailer for the re-release has landed online.  The trailer does a nice job of teasing the film’s iconic moments and marketing the re-release as an event not to be missed.  While I don’t really think classic films need to be converted to 3D, it’s going to be pretty hard to pass up the opportunity to see The Wizard of Oz back in theaters on a giant IMAX screen.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The Wizard of Oz returns to theaters exclusively in IMAX 3D for one week starting September 20th, followed by the release of a five-disc Blu-ray set on October 1st.

Via Yahoo! Movies.

the wizard of oz poster

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  • Matt

    If they were showing it in IMAX 2D I would be in.

  • Scott550

    What…did they find more pixels to expose? What a TERRIBLE idea this is.

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  • Ozweego

    I suspect if this does well in theatres we can expect The Sound of Music and Gone with the Wind getting the same 3D overlay. Really too bad IMO, these classics are best enjoyed in how they were presented upon release.

    • muchrockness

      Why do you care so much? If you don’t like 3D, watch the 2D Blu-rays that are already released for these movies, as they look phenomenal. I will never understand the mindset of “It’s too bad people have the choice of 2D vs 3D.”

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