Wolverine to Appear in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE; Will Likely Shoot Back-to-Back with Next WOLVERINE Movie

     May 9, 2014


With X-Men: Days of Future Past only a couple weeks away (so excited!), the X-Men franchise is showing no signs of slowing down.  X-Men: Apocalypse is set for May 27, 2016, and the third Wolverine movie hits theaters on March 3, 2017.  That’s a pretty tight window, but we assumed that it wouldn’t be too much of a crunch since the two productions could function independently and could even run concurrently.  We previously reported that Apocalypse would focus more on the First Class crew, and James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, and Nicholas Hoult were the only actors confirmed to return.

Except now it looks like Hugh Jackman will be in Apocalypse as well, and the plan is to film back-to-back with Wolverine 3.  Hit the jump for more.

x-men-apocalypse-wolverine-3-hugh-jackmanDuring the recent press day for X-Men: Days of Future Past, Steve spoke with Jackman as well as producers Lauren Shuler Donner and Hutch Parker.  Steve was working under the assumption that Jackman would return for Apocalypse, and neither party did anything to contradict that notion.  If anything, they acted as if it were common knowledge as well.

Speaking to Jackman, Steve asked about trying to do Apocalypse and Wolverine 3 back-to-back because it would be easier for the actor to maintain his superhero physique:

One of the things people don’t realize is that you went from shooting The Wolverine to this…

HUGH JACKMAN: I did Prisoners in between.

But it was pretty close.

JACKMAN: Pretty close.  It was about four months in between.

Is that something you’d want to do in the future, let’s say for X-Men: Apocalypse and another Wolverine sequel?  Or is that something where you think that’s too much?

JACKMAN: No, in a weird way that has crossed my mind if that’s the way things play out, because physically, even though I was complaining about it because I found out about [X-Men: Days of Future Past] a month before I finished The Wolverine, so I was already planning on my cheat meals.  It’s much easier because it’s tough to get there, physically, but once you’re there, it’s easier to maintain it.

x-men-apocalypse-wolverine-3-hugh-jackmanSo while Jackman didn’t specifically confirm that Wolverine was in Apocalypse, he seemed at ease with the idea of doing that movie back-to-back with the third Wolverine.

The notion of shooting the films back-to-back became even clearer as Donner and Hutch talked about Apocalypse and the next Wolverine movie:

It seemed what [Jackman] was saying to me was that in an ideal world, X-Men: Apocalypse and another Wolverine solo movie would be, in an ideal world, filmed very close together to keep his physique.  So are you guys planning to film them that way?



DONNER: We’re absolutely trying, yes.

Is there any target for when you’re going to film Apocalypse or the next Wolverine?

DONNER: Well, we announced Apocalypse to come out in 2016, so that means we have to shoot next summer.  And then we’d have to shoot our new Wolverine movie either before or after that.  I think after because it will come out after.

PARKER: And as much as you have an ambition for these things, it is, as you said about Hugh, getting a script that everybody feels is ready and right.  Because that is the foundation on which everything is built.  So I think the goal will be Apocalypse for 2016, which means at the latest [filming begins] in summer 2015, and then the same thing with Wolverine, either before or after, but based on the script.

For me, the fact that back-to-back filming is a goal, and that they would need that goal, is confirmation that Jackman is on board for Apocalypse, although we obviously don’t know the size of his role.

I’m also a little surprised he’s coming back for Apocalypse, although I will note that I haven’t seen Days of Future Past yet, so perhaps the story naturally leads him to be in the next movie.  I just assumed that the franchise would return to the First Class model.  But as we can see from these interviews, sometimes assumptions inadvertently lead to answers.

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  • http://www.collider.com/ DNAsplitter

    Fox just better make sure to send his character off in a proper fashion before rebooting it with a younger actor (it’s inevitable). I’ve stated it before but I want to see a Man Without a Name type of revenge flick w Wolverine tracking down Sabertooth and finally giving us the bloody fight that we’ve been wanting to see. No world wide domination type of plot just a small, self contained, story w very few mutants. And for godsake please no giant Iron Samurai’s thrown in the 3rd act. Give us a gritty western by the director who made 3:10 to Yuma!

    • Merlin235

      Old Man Logan.

      • Michael Salt Thompkins

        Enemy of the State

      • MellyDanielsisf321

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      • Matt Hardwick

        Piss off spambot!

  • effingreat

    bottom photo dude is freakin ripped

  • Doug_101

    And my theory about the end of DOFP maintains if this story pans out the right way: Logan’s consciousness will get stuck in the past and he will help form the X-Men with Xavier. Keep in mind, I haven’t seen DOFP or anything yet – mere speculation at this point, but it makes sense.

    • Leo Spaceman

      My guess is there won’t be a future for his consciousness to return to. He has a whole new future to live towards and he will be the only person to ever remember the horrors of the path that the X-men once followed. The horrors that is X-men III, the Last stand.

      • Doug_101


    • Davis

      He’s going to be one of the horseman of the Apocalypse

      • Doug_101

        That’s an interesting way to go. Maybe that’s how he’ll get his adamantium back in the past – Apocalypse will give it to him. But will Fox be daring enough to make Wolverine one of the villains in that movie like the comics did in “The Twelve?”

      • Davis

        Hopefully i like hugh as wolverine but theres no edge to the character in the film series

      • Davis

        Hopefully i like hugh as wolverine but theres no edge to the character in the film series

    • Batzombie

      This actually gets all the ducks in a row- they delete X-Men: The Last Stand from continuity (along with the first two movies and Origins, incidentally), they get to keep Wolverine, and they essentially reboot the series with the First Class cast. Problem is, will they get them to stick around after Apocalypse?

      • 80sRobot

        What I wonder is how and where will the third Wolverine movie fit? What time period (or timeline) will it be set in?

      • Doug_101

        Maybe it stays in the 80s and they do the Japan saga again – without the robot samurai and bastardized Viper.

  • Drake

    Yeah, but will Singer stay on as director for Apocalypse? If something isn’t resolved quickly, there’s no way they can let him continue on this massive franchise.

  • Merlin235

    The only reason Jackson has to maintain that shape is because it appears they’re intent on filming the entire movie with his shirt off. If they’d be content to film him more often fully clothed, he could relax a bit. No reason I have to see the muscle fibers in your abs, man.

    • bidi

      dude has to be roided up. i know it’s his job to look like that, but he’s 45. and he looks better than his action figure. he has to be using

      • aceshigh

        Maybe he is, but really…so what?

        There are hundreds of millions (if not billions) of dollars at stake in these movies…it would not surprise me in the slightest if guys like Evans, Hemsworth, Jackman, the Rock, Vin Diesel, Mark Wahlberg, even Brad Pitt back in the day, etc. were using to get in shape for their roles.

        If athletes are willing to do it, why not movie stars? There’s no testing in Hollywood…it just wouldn’t shock or bother me that much. It’s their bodies, and their risk.

      • Kamille

        45 is still young. The average lifespan of a human being it’s like 80 years and hughman is still halfway through it.

  • WarrenWII

    Please NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Just when it all seemed like we would get a x-men movie where Cyclops, Jean, Storm, Kurt and Gambit would shine… Wolverine will appear again to steal screentime?? seriously??
    Hopefully this doesnt get confirmed, or more original actors are involved, but this would be a big let down, just when most of us are so excited for Dofp and Apocalypse

    • Don Strutz

      Could not agree more. The X-Men were around long before Wolverine showed up.

      • WarrenWII

        thats the thing. This is disgusting. Its really looks like Fox doesnt believe in the other x-men, even if they could sign hot and talented young actors to become the new stars of the franchise.
        This studio is so close minded, damm, like more than I ever thought

    • Arthur Dent

      What the hell are you talking about? Those characters were never going to be in X-Men Apocalypse anyway. It’s the First Class crew.

      • cetrata

        The thing is that it was said to focus on the first class crew only. Wolverine is the screenhogger of the original crew.

      • WarrenWII

        clearly you have no idea about it, Singer and writer have already said they want to introduce the young versions of Nightcrawler, Gambit, and recently confirmed Cyclops, Jean and Storm too. So it will have a pretty iconic team

      • Josh B

        Agree with you, some people overlook things in articles like these. I’m Actually really excited for Apocalypse because the X-men they will have in this movie is pretty much the exact team they had in the 90s TV Show X-Men. The only two they are missing is Rogue (which obiviously wont be in it) & Jubilee which they could still introduce because her character in Xmen 1 & 2 were only Cameos

  • bidi

    i’m really excited for DOFP and everything, but i wouldn’t mind seeing Singer step away from the franchise. i really loved First Class and the tone and the world they built, and i really wanted Matthew Vaughn to come back, as that was probably the closest we’d get to seeing the X-Men in their comics/cartoon costumes. i’m still holding out hope that Fox stops making these movies so dark and puts everyone in their classic suits

    • yrulaughing418

      I’m guessing Singer won’t return for the next installment because of all the pedo rapist controversy. Fox will most likely fire him or otherwise keep him away from the project

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  • Don Strutz

    Please God kill Wolverine already!!! This one trick pony has left the stall TOO many times.

    • The Flobbit

      I award you no points for that immature outburst. Go jump off something tall.

      • http://www.JustPressPlay.net Lex Walker

        I’m confused: would jumping off something tall get him the points his comment failed to yield?

      • The Flobbit

        Yes, a sort of commenter hara-kiri. In death, his points are regiven.

      • http://www.JustPressPlay.net Lex Walker

        The laws of the internet are harsh but just.

      • The Flobbit

        And so it is, my friend. And so it is.

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  • ItsAnt

    Wolverine shouldn’t be in Apocalypse.

  • aceshigh

    They just can’t resist utilizing Wolverine’s character as much as possible.

    I understand it…Jackman is FANTASTIC in the role and brings people to the theaters, but it’s also unfortunate that none of the “First Class” characters are getting the same iconic recognition.

    Jackman doesn’t want to be Wolverine forever, so they’d better have a plan for sending his character off in a fitting fashion, and also getting the fans to latch onto the new breed of X-Men.

  • TheDarkNut

    Really? Everyone is going to rip on Jackman/Wolverine being in Apocalypse when a) DoFP hasn’t premiered yet so nobody knows how one movie leads to the next and b) Wolverine as played by Jackman is the ONLY character and actor to have been in or can be in every X verse film so far. Why would you think otherwise?

    • aceshigh

      I’m not ripping on it, but it just feels like Fox doesn’t have enough faith in the franchise to not utilize Jackman.

      I understand it…they want the big star in as many films as possible, but it’d be nice if they had a post-Jackman plan for their universe. It doesn’t feel like they do.

      • cetrata

        Fox should keep wolverine film rights while selling the rest of x men back to marvel.

    • yrulaughing418

      People might at some point “think otherwise” because Jackman is 45 and can’t realistically keep playing Wolverine forever

  • the king of comedy

    Am I the only one who thinks these are great news, the fact that he`ll be filmining both movies back to back shows that X-Men Apocalypse won`t be a wolverine centered movie, wich was the main problem with previous x-men movies, Huge Jackman is a great actor and I`m glad we`ll see one last x-men movie of him in his iconic role, before we get to see his last stand alone film as wolverine.

  • MJ

    God I am getting sick of Wolverine.

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  • Faptain America

    Of COURSE he’s in it. Because he’s GOOD!
    Stop staring at his date of birth. If he plays the character right (check), and looks the part (check) I don’t care if he plays it until he’s 80.

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  • Chris

    You know what I loved about X-Men: First Class? Wolverine wasn’t the main character. We have way too much of him in this series, while many other mutants are cast to the side.

    • cetrata

      I was looking forward to Apocalypse since I thought it would focus only on the first class mutants.

    • RedMercury

      You don’t read much for comic books, do you?

      For awhile, Wolverine was in everything.

      • Chris

        I do actually. And just because comics have already done it doesn’t mean they cannot change it up. I love Wolverine, but I’m also interested in learning about other mutants.

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  • ʝoe ßloggs

    We have had enough Wolvie to last 3 lifetimes.

  • Nicholas Blair

    Oh, he’ll do a little more than appear in Apocalypse. It’s kind of what he does… with this franchise.

    • cetrata

      He won’t just appear in apocalypse. He will hog 80% of the film’s runtime again.

      Sad thing is that I was looking forward to that film because I thought it had no wolverine.

      Wolverine himself is great but he’s being overused. They should do x men films without wolverine and let hugh jackman develop an acting career outside of wolverine.

      • http://sketchee.com Sketchee

        Yes, just like he hogged all of the time in First Class. His part in DofP wasn’t even that huge. It is important to the plot, but he serves as the surrogate for the audience which is why he makes these movies accessible to nonfans. He finds his world ridiculous which helps the audience find it believable.

  • Nathaniel Haywood

    It only makes sense for Wolverine to be in X-Men: Apocalypse…once the first class crew meets him and he helps them save the world, why would they suddenly start pretending they don’t know him? The only way I could see it happening would be if Wolvie’s consciousness got sent “back to the future” (hehe) after they win, and the first class crew decides to keep things normal by not contacting young Wolvie. The problem with that is there’s no Kitty Pryde in the past to send his consciousness forward in time. Plus, the future will be changed anyway – that’s the whole point. So Wolvie may get to be the only one who remembers every timeline (like the R2D2 of X-Men films).

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  • MJ

    Time to reboot Wolverine. Jackson is nearly 50 now. He’s just not that convincing anymore in this role.

    • Strong Enough

      x-men apocalypse will probably be the last.

    • Strong Enough

      x-men apocalypse will probably be the last.

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