First Look at Adrianne Palicki as WONDER WOMAN

     March 18, 2011


We now have our first look at Adrianne Palicki in costume for David E. Kelley’s upcoming Wonder Woman TV series.  The look?  None more pleathery.  While I assumed that the TV show would go with a more natural looking costume along the lines of Jim Lee’s recent redesign, it appears that the show will go with a more old-school/we-bought-this-off-the-rack-at-Party-City approach.  However, unlike the traditional Wonder Woman costume, this one will have pants.  They’re tight, clearly uncomfortable pants that probably squeak every time she moves, but it’s a step up from the granny panties of Lynda Carter’s costume of the 1970s TV series.  The costume for the new TV series also, ahem, “lifts and separates.”

Hit the jump to check out Palicki in costume.  The pilot, which also stars Elizabeth Hurley and Carey Elwes, is currently filming.

The pilot was written by Kelley, who also serves as executive producer with Bill D’Elia (Boston Legal, The Practice, Harry’s Law). Jeffrey Reiner (The Event) is directing. Based upon DC Comics characters, Wonder Woman is from David E. Kelley Productions and Warner Bros. Television. 2011 NBC/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. Photo Credit: Justin Lubin.

Click on the image to embiggen.


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  • Quake

    It’s not bad persay, but I think they to pull an anti-Brandon Routh and tone down the colors. (While Routh’s suit needed to be toned up).

    • Matt1

      I’d do her!

  • M&M

    Good grief… That poor girl looks like she’s going to burst out into tears…

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  • JT

    Yeah, “Party City” — you nailed it. Too shimmery, though the design is a nice compromise between the traditional costume and the “goth” look she sports currently in the comics. The actress to me doesn’t have the look for Wonder Woman — not intimidating in the least. When you see Alex Ross’ or Jim Lee’s renderings of the character she is FIERCE. This actress just looks like she’s posing in a high end Halloween costume. Also, she has no jawline to speak of.

  • Lame Duck

    Ummm….this is terrible. This is like some soccer mom wanted to get frisky one Halloween and bought a Wonder woman suit from Wal-Mart. Just cheap in every aspect. I don’t see why they just didn’t go the realistic approach like the newest version of Wonder woman’s outfit in the comics. I still have an inkling of hope for this show but honestly, this will be just another casualty that won’t make it past the pilot.

  • Michael

    And I thought The Cape’s costume was bad.

    This is unfortunate for the show. They need to tone it down, not make it so plastic-like and shiny. As others have said, it looks like a Halloween costume I can buy at a specialty store.

    I understand that TV shows have smaller budgets than feature films, but even granting them that, this costume seems to suffer more from a bad idea. They should have gone for more durable, cloth-like fabric. That could have helped tone down the colors and made her look more modern.

  • fucko

    Pants! Sacrilege!

  • TheTrickster

    Is Vivid producing it?

    • Brian

      GOT to be!

    • Your mom

      That would be the only thing to save this.

  • Jason Campbell

    I look forward to the article on this site interviewing the director who takes the next stab at this character and how that production quite easily assumes “there has been no other Wonder Woman TV show”.


  • Mello Mastikas

    SMH, I was hoping for the traditional costume. Her legs are too skinny for my taste. I wouldve gone with a darker blue or black for the pants.

  • LAME


    I mean.. Seriously?

  • The Dark Knight

    She kinda looks like a prostitute and not the expensive ones

  • Brian


  • Ahonold

    Hmm, she’s not what I pictured. Not keen on the outfit, and so many other actresses could have been better. Maybe if they do a movie, it will be different. This gal looks more like a Smallville character.

    The chick from “How I met your mother” would have been perfect.

    Also, I would have liked to have seen a bit of leg.

    • Ahonold’s Nemesis

      You mean Lily?
      Gee, I never thought about a red-headed wonder woman before, but she’s got a killer bod, so why not!

    • hitchnmygiddyup

      I don’t know….is it just me, or does this remind anyone of those “spy photos” of the new cars that’s shown in the car magazines?
      I think they otta ask Lynda Carter if they can borrow one of her old costumes.

  • Rene

    I’m not getting it: Why not just use the Kingdom Come costume? Pants are very 90s, the post-feminist movement has evolved into a reclamation of classic styles at the will of the individual.

  • junierizzle

    Geez peeps. Relax. This hot chick is going to be on a network show?? Count me in!!

  • who me?

    i don’t get why is she wearing pants and not the little blue undies:p okay maybe not that but what about the skirt,
    and i agree with everyone they should tone it down.

  • yeah this guy again

    i want to put my face inbetween the two of those….
    and go motor boat in there

  • S@n

    A little embarrassing! Is this final?

  • brockybalboa

    In defense for the costume, the look was from the newer Wonder Woman comics. Look it up yourself. It’s the same costume from the newer comics. I like it. It’s the way Wonder Woman is supposed to be.

  • The Train!

    did anyone read Rucka’s great run on the WW comic? i just remember how much dignity Diana had in that run. i love her sense of justice, which in many ways has more in common with the old testament than to our emphasis on mercy and rehabilitation, and how she clashed with both superman and batman because she wasn’t into mercy.

    and then i see this abomination and it just confirms the bad feelings i’ve had about this tv show all along. she’s cute but this looks like a disaster.

  • aromcath

    Now that we’ve seen the stripper side character, where’s the real girl?

  • Tim

    Why the freak are they making a wonder woman show, the costume looks so corny and something you would see at a Comic Con booth babe. The only way to make it look better is if they CG it Zac Snyder 300 style

  • complquer

    OMG! anyone? hollywood is getting really shitti…WW is definitely fucked. that woman looks like my grandma in da 80′s. if after watching the pilot(wich i know is gonna be WACK)it turns out a disaster, i will go to the set and make every single one them give me a BJ for the waste of my time.

  • Your mom

    This girl is beautiful, but the costume looks like it’s made of plastic and dog shit. Come on…seriously? Who the f*k designed this? A 5th grade girl? F*k You Kelley!

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  • Migz13

    aargghh!! Too shiny!! Eyes… MELTING!!!
    LOL. I think she’d do better with a grittier looking outfit. It should still have the trademark red, blue and gold colors but toned down considerably in my opinion. Obviously I’m more into the ‘shadier’ types of characters when it comes to superheroes like Batman, Wolverine, Spider-Man and Hellboy:P

  • dogg

    They should have ditched the costume all together. There’s no way to make that anything but exploitative. Nerds would’ve bitched, but at least the series would have a chance. Give her some cool Atlantis themed getup and hold off on the stars and stripes until the last scene of the final episode.

    • Your mom


  • sense 11


  • clonard

    Hot looking chick…Nice assets, but i’m dissappointed we didn’t get a bit of leg on show. I’m a leg man myself

  • brockybalboa

    “Hot looking chick…Nice assets, but i’m dissappointed we didn’t get a bit of leg on show. I’m a leg man myself”

    I’m assuming a lot of people haven’t read the Wonder Woman comics. The TV show is trying to get a feel from the newer comics. She had this look. Covered her legs and all. This is the way Wonder Woman is supposed to look like.

  • WW

    All I can say, ‘BED HAIR”!!!!!

    And RED lipstick.

  • Joey Boombatz

    This is going to sink like a stone if it miraculously manages to gain a full season order. I cite debacles such as The Cape and the remake of Bionic Woman as historical proof.

    The costume would be great, were it not for that annoying sheen on it. I guess whoever designed it took a nod from the hell that was the 90s when billions of chromium cover variants weren’t being used for TP.

  • Wonder WHY

    Well . . . I am a LEG Man as well however pants would be fine if they were MUCH darker along with the boots.

    The costume is KEY . . . how much care they take in “creating” [when they have SO many books to "draw" from] will show how long the show will last.

    I too am hoping this is a prototype photo – - like Nic Cage as Superman . . . and we know where that ended up . . . another one of Tim Burton’s NIGHTMARES gone horribly wrong.

    Give the lady a REAL chance in a REAL character’s image!

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  • jumpy

    I agree with most of you here that the custome does look cheap and plastic-like. Although I also have to say that I have been working in the entertainment industry for a 7 years now making movie posters and video game packaging and this seriously looks like a raw asset from the studio. Let’s just hope that post production will give it some “snyder” esque feel when it finally goes live. I’m still looking forward to it as I am a loyal DC fan, and we have been low on live action DC lately. So I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

  • Gayl

    Really?! They have to ruin this one like they did when they tried to bring back the Bionic Woman? Jeebus people!!!!

  • vishalkl

    looks like a model for those online costume stores

  • tarek

    Wonder Woman or Wonder Boobs ?

  • turd ferguson

    is there something wrong with her face?

  • Michael

    Ummm…No. Adrianne is beautiful, but the costume is too cheesy. Way too bright and shiny. Ditch the leather pants…go with flexible jeans (like the updated comic look). And I don’t like the head band or the lack of double “W”s on her chest….needs to adhere to the classic look (toys, comic books).

    The show and lead character need to be dealt with seriously…this costume makes the show off to a bad, incredibly silly start. The producers still have time to make changes and should do so.

    I’m looking forward to the new show.

  • battleangel

    yiiiiiikes… The costume is absolutely horrible. But the most woeful thing to me is the casting. Sure, nerds have a tendency of nitpicking beautiful women… and there’s no doubting that Adrianne Palicki is an attractive young woman… but uh… wonder woman quality? Not at all. Check out that round freaking head. She’s got no striking features whatsoever, a very strange chest (google image her, she’s got a weird rack) and looks like a permanent baby. This is the last person in the biz who should be playing wonder woman. Not at all my first choice, but here’s Rachel Bilson in a WW outfit:

    She already looks more suited to be wearing it – she’s actually a hot brunette with striking features, and if she were playing it deadly serious, she could really make it a transcendent role.

    It’s superficial nitpicking, but this is a character who is about hard justice – sharp lines in the sand, and you better be on her side. Having someone who is an oddly shaped round-o just doesn’t make sense. She’s not even a real brunette and looks TERRIBLE as one. With so many beautiful brunettes to choose from in this field, it’s just weird.

    Or if you are going to go for a blonde-turned-brunette, why, for the love of everything holy, could they not have checked out Tricia Helfer (aka Wonder Woman) for the role???

  • battleangel

    or here’s some girl in a cheesy outfit she made. She’s also got somewhat rounded features, but she doesn’t look like a baby. I’d much rather watch this chick.

  • Jenn

    Is this an April Fools joke?

    … wait too early for that.

    OH I GET IT, it’s a Halloween costume.

    Whew, close call.

  • Rockslide

    I think everyone here is well aware that this show will be dropped within a couple episodes. They may air the whole half season they filmed because of the expense, but it was already doomed when they cast Palicki in the lead and certainly once they decided to dress her as pictured above. It really does look like the previous comments about being a Halloween costume. I’m sure she’s a nice girl and all, but just wrong for the part.

    Hopefully they will return efforts to do a quality movie instead.

  • Michael

    I hope this costume is a joke, as it’s so bad and disrespectful to Wonder Woman. And where’s DC Comics? I thought Geoff Johns was supposed to be the watchdog (tv and movies) of sorts for DC to make sure its characters are dealt with correctly? Sadly, I have to agree that if the costume isn’t dealt with better, the show will be canceled.

  • hector

    she’s got the body, but the face, i don’t know. i don’t want to be mean, but they should of find a better looking,one..

  • hector

    if they couldn’t cast a lynda carter type of woman. shouldn’t be making this show. and to tell you the truth, there aren’t. the only woman in hollywood that i can think of is MEGAN FOX with the face and body.but for this show to make it, they have to find a lynda carter clone or somebody like her. and the costume is unpleasant. quit the show right now.

  • dippy dorkington

    I am willing to give the show a chance because i like the character so much. i was skeptical when it came to smallville at first because superman wasn’t a fave of mine, and lois and clark was just so bad all around, but i actually like the way smallville has been handled. yes i know most will disagree.

    wonder woman was always my fave and for that reason i own the original series, even though that show wasn’t that great either. it got to the point where i was just watching to see how many times lynda went twirly twirly in an episode, and how painfully obvious her stunt double was (it’s lynda with hair from this season, now it’s jeannie with the wig from the first season).

    adrianne looks like she should actually be cast as cassie sandsmark. i like the direction the costume idea is going, but ouch. tone down the colors and the sheen, and she looks so embarrassed and uncomfortable, and i agree with previous comments…she doesn’t look intimidating, she looks like she’s about to throw a tantrum.

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  • Jazzy Jace

    I think it’s mean to refer to Lynda Caret’s WW as granny pants (she had a great butt).

    This version will be shot with 1080p cameras and can you imagine the glare from the screen?? Ugh!!

    David Kelly, I like you man, but stay away from this and stop trying to be so PC, it’s embarrassing!

  • Jazzy Jace


  • anti

    It is not just the costume, she looks like a 18 year old, this is wounder woman, not wounder teenager!

    Wounder woman should be played by at least a 26 to 29 year old, hot looking with a look of having some brains too.

    And who cares about the censors, they where right about changing the lower half of the outfit, but wrong in how they did it.

    The lower half needed to be updated to at least a thong! Show more hip action lets see crack!

    I want a wounder woman that knows her way around a bedroom, you know a WOMAN with experience, not a kid that makes me feel like I am a borderline child molester just for watching the show!

    It is just all wrong!

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  • Sam

    BOO!!! to NBC for not picking this pilot up for their Fall 2011 lineup

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