Gal Gadot Comments on Playing Wonder Woman in BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN

     December 26, 2013


We’re over a year and a half away from seeing Batman vs. Superman on the big screen, but Gal Gadot (Fast & Furious 6) is already fielding questions about her role of Wonder Woman in the superhero sequel.  In a recent interview with Israel’s entertainment show, Good Evening with Guy Pines, Gadot talked about learning she had won the part, fan criticism about her physicality, and the training regimen she’s about to take on.

Also starring Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck and Amy Adams, Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman is due out July 15, 2015.  Hit the jump to see what Gadot had to say.

gal-gadotHere’s a sample of what Gadot said in a recent interview (via Batman-News), along with the video interview below, which is in Hebrew:

It’s been said that you’re too skinny for the part. Wonder Woman is large-breasted, is that going to change?

Hmm. I represent the Wonder Women of the new world. Breasts… anyone can buy for 9,000 shekels and everything is fine. By the way, Wonder Woman is amazonian, and historically accurate amazonian women actually had only one breast. So, if I’d really go “by the book”…it’d be problematic.

So you’re not going to gain a little weight and start eating carbs before filming begins?

It’s the physical preparations that I’m starting now. A very serious training regime – Kung Fu, kickboxing, swords, jujutsu, Brazilian…1,000 and 1 things…I’ll gain body mass.


  • Batfreak

    Wonder Woman doesn’t even belong in this movie. But what do I know? I’m only a well-informed fan of the DCU who has a billion brighter ideas of what to do with the characters than anything David Goyer seems to be able to cook up.

    • Person

      There’s no indication as to how big of a role Wonder Woman will have, so hopefully it’ll be minimal. They’ll probably say she was the one who got out of that opened pod in the Fortress of Solitude in Man of Steel, but hopefully her role in BvS won’t be major. If it is then we’re gonna have Spider-Man 3-type problems, but with too many good guys.

      • Batfreak

        It’s going to be like Green Lantern all over again. Too much story and too many characters crammed into 2 hours and it’s going to look like garbage.

      • TheMattedScreen

        No no…Green Lantern had no characters and no story at all and if Superman VS Batman was just animated stick art on post it notes, it’d still look better than Green Lantern.

      • doc

        Story, HA! If you count telling instead of showing then yes.

      • brNdon

        Why the FUCK would she be the one who was in the pod?! And quit with the goddamned Spider-Man 3 argument. Look at the Avengers… Moron

      • Roland

        Lol, Person, WW’s not Kryptonian! She couldn’t have come from that ship.
        But I do agree with your hopes of her role being minimal. People seem to think just because she’s training, she’ll play a big role in some big fight. I don’t think so. I think what’s gonna happen is that Batman will tell Superman that he is part of a much bigger universe of beings similar to himself (similar to Fury and Stark from Iron man 1) and to prove it, he’ll show him a glimpse of a silhouetted Wonder Woman fighting off multiple bad guys (or her fellow Amazons in sparring matches) before her face comes to light.
        Shoot, I don’t even think Batman’s gonna have too big a role (in terms of screen time, anyway) either. It’s the man of steel sequel, NOT Batman vs Superman, people. Get it right! This sequel is about Henry…err-Supes.
        To Cooper, I say this. Forget the skinny and breast issues, dude. That’s irrelevant. Her training, while mostly combat for now, is going to put some meat on her bones and her breasts aren’t something you need to be focusing on anyway. Besides, ever heard of a stuffed-bra? Or the fact that women who wear bras anyway are often shown to have cup-sizes larger than they actually are.
        This woman is gonna be a great WW and I hope she’ll get her own movie after MAN OF STEEL 2 or MAN OF STEEL: RISE OF THE KNIGHT as some of my friends keep saying.

      • White Rose Brian

        I myself expected some kind of stinger at the end teasing the appearance of another major hero–or heroine, in this case.

      • JasonV

        The sequel is going to be called “Batman vs Superman.” Batman will have a big role in it…cause his name is in the title!

      • Lance

        That’s not the official title, that’s just what the internet is calling it.

      • Anthony

        Yeah, man. Roland and Lance are right. This has been said over and over again to be the sequel to Man of Steel and NOT the direct precursor to the Justice League. Besides, don’t you think it would defeat the purpose of this movie being a follow up to Superman’s journey if a character who isn’t probably even going to be in the movie as long as you think has top-billing? Batman vs Superman? Pffft! Why would a new character’s name (no matter how famous) come before the main one’s? Seriously!

      • feloniousmax

        Why would this even be something you think they’d say, “They’ll probably say she was the one who got out of that opened pod in the Fortress of Solitude in Man of Steel”…Supergirl, yeah, Wonder Woman, hell no.

      • Ozzy

        The person in the pod was Kara El, It has already been established in the special prequel comic that came out a month before MoS

      • Henry

        What opened pod in Man of Steel?

      • doc

        It was a blink and you miss it moment when Clark found the scout ship.

    • YodaRocks

      I know, right? David Goyer should just pack his bag and go back to his momma’s place in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We, the true DC fans who have spent all our pocket-money then earnings voraciously reading all the DC comics should be the one to write a 100 hr long Superman vs Batman movie where they only brood.

    • Ozzy

      Exactly. This casting is simply about overseas markets- not about character. DC is famous for making failures by ignoring fan expectations.

      • Querk

        Yeah. Specially compared to Marvel, who are always faithful to their comics *sarcasm*

      • Sweet Pea

        That was really witty and hilarious *more sarcasm*

      • doc

        Even though she fits the part better than casting a white girl with huge plastic boobs and the acting range if an anteater.

    • Koolerjames

      That’s just it… you’re just a fan. If you think you have better ideas, maybe you should try and get a career in screenwriting and then go for it. But for now, shut your trap and let the professionals do it.

    • LEM

      So become a screen writer and start doing fan fiction and sell it on Amazon, make a name for yourself and get hired for the reboot.

    • GrimReaper07

      To be fair, Goyer sometimes has good ideas. Problem is he can’t write.

    • Slop_j30

      You know, I find snobs of all stripes annoying to variying degrees, but freaking COMIC BOOK snobs have to be the most gut-busting of all. “Ooh, look at me . . I’m a well-informed fan of the DCU who has not one, not two, but a BILLION super ideas for DC movies.” Well, OK, Hoss. The world is indeed an unfair place, but is especially cruel to the undiscovered geniuses who could bless humanity with a culture-changing version of BatSuperWonderWomanMan if the Philistines in Hollywood knew Art from George Clooney’s nipples. Thanks for the chuckle.

    • Slop_j30

      You know, I find snobs of all stripes annoying to variying degrees, but freaking COMIC BOOK snobs have to be the most gut-busting of all. “Ooh, look at me . . I’m a well-informed fan of the DCU who has not one, not two, but a BILLION super ideas for DC movies.” Well, OK, Hoss. The world is indeed an unfair place, but is especially cruel to the undiscovered geniuses who could bless humanity with a culture-changing version of BatSuperWonderWomanMan if the Philistines in Hollywood knew Art from George Clooney’s nipples. Thanks for the chuckle.

  • Cooper

    They gotta be kidding with casting this skeletor as Wonderwoman. In that bike pic her chest is so flat it caves inward! She doesn’t even have a cleavage … it’s just bones! She looks like death warmed over.

    • unhsiv2010

      I think that the sexualization of women in comic books is problematic. Cooper’s post just perpetuates that. Gal Gadot is beautiful and I think she could be really great as Wonder Women (regardless of whether or not the character should be in this movie). We’ll see how Snyder, Goyer and co. tie in the character, but they’ve casted someone who they feel is a good fit; time will tell if she is. Don’t criticize her for her body though. This interpretation of the character seems to fit her figure and talents (according to casting). Just because you want a large breasted, voluptuous women in the role doesn’t mean that’s the only way the character can be. We need to move past body-image shaming.

      • Katy

        This has nothing to do with sexualization. She’s a very attractive woman and many, many people seem to agree. The main point here is that at first glance she is far, FAR too skinny for the part of Wonder Woman. Though you may be right in hoping that they are going for a different interpretation of Wonder Woman, at this point all we have to go off of is Gal herself.

        What seems problematic to me is that this decision potentially comes off as casting an intensely skinny female model type in a role that could/should have been played by a woman who could have used her position of power to promote a more voluptuous body image. My concern is that Wonder Woman becoming skinnier will undermine this concept of female body-image empowerment. There’s a real shortage of voluptuous women in Hollywood productions on screen… especially in roles of power. This movie had a real chance to change all that… so it’s a shame they squandered it. She truly is beautiful, but her body doesn’t resemble Wonder Woman in the slightest… and Wonder Woman herself should embody the power of the classical female form.

      • Querk

        Sorry, I think you’re a woman and everything, but.. Are you stupid? She’s obviously going to train hard in order to gain muscle mass. I mean: It’s Hollywood, they always do that, and the peeps at DC aren’t that stupid. It’s obvious that she won the part because of her acting skills (she definitely can be a great WW).

      • Andy Genova

        Are YOU stupid? Even if she pushed her body to the limits, she doesn’t have the curves for Wonder Woman. She doesn’t have the face for it either. And as far as acting skills… have you seen FF6? She was terrible.

      • Strong Enough

        we are arguing over the size of a woman’s chest. all of you are retarded

      • RiddleThemThis

        There’s been lots of people saying things about how we’re allowed to reinterpret the characters for films. While I am not trying to bash Gadot, as it stands right now, she does not visually resemble the character of Wonder Woman. Personally, I would find it to be a bit striking at first to see her in the role but as time goes on, sure I may get used to it. However, that does not mean that she was a good choice, its just a bad one that I’ve come to accept. It would be like casting James Hong as Lex Luthor; he’s awesome and all, but its just awkward to see him in the role of a bald white male.

      • Ahmad Mujahid Huzaidi

        I guess you hated Lynda Carter too huh

    • tarek

      If I want to watch cleavage and boobs, I’ll go on

      Stop confining girls in this scheme: girl = big pair of boobs on legs.

      • Sweet Pea

        Wrong as usual tarek, you should’ve stayed on… People aren’t confining “girl”, they are talking Wonder Woman, who always does looks voluptuous. That’s just the facts, friend.

      • tarek

        Ok. I am wrong as yousual. And you are right as usual. Are you Mr. T ? ( for Truth)
        I don’t care about a pinup with a colored suit. Iam looking for a superhero. This WW worked before because the GI during the WW2 liked this yummy girl. Now we are in 2013. It’s something else. This wonder boobs is pathetically. Laughable.

      • Andy Genova

        Its not the boobs that make her a bad Wonder Woman. Its her overall look. She’s a mousey bobblehead. Some of peoples’ top choices for WW aren’t big chested. Look at Jaimie Alexander, she was a fan favorite and she’s not exactly chesty.

    • UdonNo


      • Andy Genova

        Zach Snyder is a devout Christian.

      • UdonNo

        fyi: there are christians in Israel

      • Andy Genova

        And Snyder is from Germany.

      • Man pippy

        She’s miss israel and a jew, hard to believe that didn’t play a factor in her being given the role. It certainly wasn’t for her looks, acting ability or fame. Snyder is ethnically jewish as well.

      • Andy Genova

        No he isn’t. He’s of German background and a practicing Christian.

      • MyPartyRightOrWrong

        I agree. Jews traditionally run Hollywood and it’s a fact I wish people would start rebelling against. Jews shouldn’t be running anything, except back to Israel.

      • Lex Walker

        That explains why he cast Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams and Michael Shannon. Israelites, every one of them. Wait…no.

      • UdonNo

        remember wonder woman originally fought nazis in WWll — what better message than to have a jewish wonderwoman kicking nazi ass!

    • Koolerjames

      Shuuuuuut up.

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  • Steven

    Introducing her at the end or in a small cameo in the middle of the film would be fine but they don’t need to have any other subplots/characters taking away from the Main Event that is Supes vs Bats.

  • Leo Spaceman

    What I really don’t like about super hero movies is the love interest. I really want a super hero movie where they don’t shoehorn a love interest into the plot just so there is a female lead. Man of Steel is the perfect example of a character not being needed. Just a pure action movie, maybe more of a revenge flick would be pretty awesome in my opinion.
    That said maybe a Wonder Woman movie will be the first time we don’t have a will they won’t they plot. I think Wonder Woman is hooking up with Batman or Superman (or both) in the comics, so maybe they wouldn’t have to bring some guy we don’t care about into the movie for Wonder Woman to finally kiss in the end when she saves the day.
    Of all the recent super hero movies, has the love interest ever really accomplished anything that the hero could have done?

    • Ryan Metzger

      I think it could be said that Rachel Dawes is the one love interest (regardless of whether you liked the choices of actresses or were bothered by the change between films) does. In Batman Begins her character is what most superhero films have, then her character deepens and has greater impact than any love interest of a superhero film in the Dark Knight. And finally, the impact of her character is felt into the final film of the trilogy.

  • Lisa

    Yes yes! Breasts much importants! Most even! *ape noises*
    Oh my GAWD who the fck opens their stupid mouths to have these opinions? HER BREASTS ARE TOO SMALL?!?

    • RiddleThemThis

      To be fair, people aren’t only complaining about the breasts. The girl is as thin as a toothpick and she is portraying someone who is not.

      • Sweet Pea

        Plus, her breasts ARE too small.

      • Strong Enough

        ever heard of training dimwit?

      • Andy Genova

        Yeah had they cast someone like Charlize Theron (for example), who’s a b-cup, I doubt anyone would complain.

  • TotesMcGotes

    Wait,people have a problem with the size of her breasts? That’s kind of silly to me. I do agree she looks too skinny to look like someone that could kick your ass,but she can (and she said she will) bulk up, so that’s not a problem. The real problem for me is that she doesn’t seem to belong in this movie in the first place. If it was just a cameo or something,I don’t think they would make the casting announcement so early. Let’s hope it’s something minor.

  • Blitz

    Faora would own her !

  • Phoneo Nemo

    Wonder Woman is featured for the first time in a shared DC universe, and all many fans care about is her body. At one time the fans complained that Hemsworth and Cavill were too small at the time they will cast.

    ironbatman 3 years ago
    That´s a ver bad choice in my humble opinion! He doesn´t have the Muscle Mass for the role as Thor (maybe if he takes a MEGA COCKTAIL OF “JUICES” he could be him), Thor is a Escandinavian guy. more like a Viking, so that role maybe be fit for Ralph Moeller or someone like him or at least Triple H!…But that guy!!…Definitely NOT!!”

    “wow, what’s with all the cardio geeks being cast as superhero’s these days. I know chicks in my gym with bigger guns than this guy, and he’s supposed to be a god? I think they really missed the boat on this. I hear they are trying to do a Conan remake, they are considering Sasha Baron Cohen for the lead… or maybe George Clooney, I heard his guns are beefed up to a whopping 14 inches. That clearly meets their criteria for physical presence of a superhero”

    The internet will be wrong yet again. Appearance wise, anyway.

    She’ll train and make sufficient gains, and it won’t be a big deal. And if anything looks too small, they’ll just slap armor over it. Jaimie Alexander isn’t much bigger, either, and I hear next to no body-shaming about her.

    • JonBIGbootay

      Yeah, but no one outside of a comic book shop ever heard of Sif before the movies. WW is iconic. I think you are right though, Gal will train and she comes across on camera so she’ll be fine.

  • sense11

    It would be cool if the next Collider person to interview her asks her if she screen tested next to Cavill and Affleck

    • Kpaqu1

      Expecting informative questions from Collider is not realistic.

      • Sweet Pea

        Truedat, but at least if Frosty interviews her we might find out what she collects and/or what her favourite karaoke song is… Love those questions, they’re so fun *even more sarcasm*

      • Lex Walker

        If it weren’t for those interviews, how would we know whether Frosty thinks a movie is “f*ckin AWESOME!” or “f*uckin incredible!”?

  • DNAsplitter

    Gotta love the haters already blasting her weight/size. To think that her appearance on film won’t look like the actual character is ridiculous as Snyder is a master at bulking up his cast. But it’s not her size that I’m worried about but her acting abilities and her role in the film. WB will screw their golden goose if they fuck this up. This is their chance to finally capitalize on the superhero genre and actually compete w Marvel Studios. Again, I’m glad they are not following Marvel’s blue print but coming up with their own creative way to put their heroes all together but it just needs to be done correctly and not feel forced. I hope her screen time is minimal w the focus on Superman and Batman. The best way to do it would be a Flash and WW solo film in 2016 leading up to a Justice League film in 2017. My thoughts on GL would be to include the craptacular 2011 film and have Ryan Reynolds character get killed at the start of the JL film giving way to Jon Stewart taking over and being the catalyst for the heroes assembling.

    • JonBIGbootay

      Or have everyone think Hal is dead, only to have him become the big bad he was in the comics. Too bad Idris Elba is Heimdall, he would be a great Jon Stewart.

  • Kara

    While I understand the outrage at so-called “sexist” examinations of her physique when compared to Wonder Woman, critiques on body types are certainly not limited to the female gender. Someone already pointed out that just about every male superhero casting choice has been criticized for lack of muscle or height. Chris Hemsworth got blasted during pre-production, and people expressed a similar lack of faith in Tom Hardy based on his short stature.

    As a form of female empowerment, Wonder Woman really should boast a definitively female form. Thus, I 100% understand the concern regarding Gadot’s figure. At this point in time (watch her bikini scene in Fast and Furious), she is outlandishly skinny for the part of Wonder Woman. I have no doubt she will bulk up, but she needs to gain some serious pounds to even remotely resemble her. Saying “her boobs are too small” comes off as vaguely objectifying, yet literally every superhero casting choice has been physically demeaned by the online community.

    In the end, she’s a grown up… and she doesn’t seem to be too offended by it. Criticizing someone’s cup size in high school might have been offensive, but I should hope Gal would be above that at this point. At the same time, people aren’t criticizing her just because her figure is too small, but because her figure is too small for the part of Wonder Woman. That is an extremely important distinction to make.

    • tarek

      hum… yeah.
      but the male superheroes need their muscles to fight evil.
      how a girl will use her boobs to fight villains ?

      • Kpaqu1


  • Whatchuptu

    Hollywood peer pressures like; ‘be skinny, be skinny’ Gal finally cracks an iconic role and the fans are like ‘be muscley, be muscley’….

    • Andy Genova

      That just shows the disconnect between Hollywood and the real world.

  • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

    This movie will make batman & robin look like citizen Kane in comparison

  • Cog

    I dont think she can beat an egg…she is a stick figure not the Amazon Wonder Women is.

    • Koolerjames

      She was in the Military. So she can still kick your ass. That’s fine by me.

      • Kpaqu1

        All Israelis serve in the military. That doesn’t mean that she was any good at fighting.

      • Murdoch

        Agreed . . . . people really have to stop bringing that up.

      • Cog

        Your a typical Mangina who’s tongue has always done the heavy lifting. Hell Israel’s military would be forced to take a fool like you,

  • Nathaniel Haywood

    I do think it’s poor casting, but boob size has nothing to do with it. Wonder Woman is supposed to be physically imposing, which calls for an actress who is not a stick. She is often portrayed as being over 6ft tall and sizable – she is a freakin amazon! In a society where we portray unhealthy body image for women all the time, it’s a real shame that the strongest female superhero – who is ALWAYS portrayed as being muscular and solidly built – has been slimmed down to runway model size. Not only will it look silly when she is punchin Superman, but it does a disservice to women. Just my personal opinion.

    • Nathaniel Haywood

      I will reply to myself and say reserve judgement until you see some pics from the movie. I have doubts, but you never know. She doesn’t have a good resume, but Hemsworth didn’t either and he was fine. I’m more curious to see how they build in this very mythology-based character into this realistic world. There’s no “current version” that ditches the typical amazon origin, so we will see if they abndon that…

    • JR

      Finally. A mature response to this bad casting choice

  • White Rose Brian

    How much is 9,000 shekels worth in US dollars?

    • Yakoshi

      From Google:
      9000 Israeli New Sheqel equals
      2575.84 US Dollar

  • UdonNo


    • Yakoshi

      Oof, so close. You started strong; you had a solid, believable argument that even made me overlook the use of all caps…then it kinda went full retard at the end there. What a shame. =/

      • UdonNo


    • Andy Genova

      The only thing worse than a bigot is an ignorant bigot. Zach Snyder is Episcopal. Snyder is a very German name, you ignorant moron. Facts are facts, right?

      • UdonNo


      • Andy Genova

        EXCEPT ZACH SNYDER ISN’T JEWISH. You assumed he is Jewish for some reason, and he isn’t. That makes you ignorant and bigoted. It’s a textbook definition.

    • blakeavon

      racist, uninformed, troll and CAPS talker, someone every drew the short straw on the gene-pool

  • MrMetFan69

    Oy Vey not her shekels!

  • Joe Win

    Why did they comment about her chest in such a backwards way? Have some manners… way to sound like typical dudes.

  • jk

    I don’t need a Wonder Woman with big boobs; but I do need one who stand toe-toe with Superman and Batman. Being Statuesque and athletic are a must.

  • The Flobbit

    Haha! She has really done her research. Yes, Amazonians only had one breast and they left it bare in a half-breastplate. They rode horses and carried spears draped in red.

  • hockablah

    should’ve gone with Gina Carano

  • Littertray

    Everyone is knocking her as the choice because of her body size, her nationality, the studio liked her etc. What I have seen her in has been fine and she has played the roles fine. My problem with her being Wonder Woman is this. All the parts she has played have been minor, minor, minor characters that have basically relyed on her being beautiful. Now W.W. is supposed to be a beautiful woman but Ms Gadot hasn’t shown, so far, any acting chops to show that she can act beyond being just a “beautiful” woman. I hope she proves me wrong, I really do, because everyone deserves the chance of proving people wrong. Please prove me and a lot of people wrong and you will have a fanbase for life.

  • Duder NME

    This is perfect casting for a Zack Snyder movie. Just let that bon mot sink in…

  • Christian Leroux

    The only major gripe that I have is her accent. Not to say that WW shouldn’t have one, but in her movies she talks slowly so we can understand her… I can imagine her talking and what comes out is “female Schwarzenegger”

    • watever

      Did you know, that Henry Cavill had brit accent too? She can learn american accent just like Cavill.

  • mike

    WW of the new world my Ass just what part of she is a Amazonian that they don’t understand

  • Just.a.Dude

    Say anything you want about the casting choice or even her lack of imposing physique but please stop talking about her breasts. It’s not just chauvinistic but idiotic, moronic, and makes me ashamed to be a member of male species.
    Yes, I’m a straight man and naturally I do appreciate women with big breasts but please do not make it the biggest asset a woman must have in real life or in fiction.
    In fact a WW with big breast would definitely be distracting in action sequences. If you disagree with any of my opinion, well… as usual say something nasty about me, my sexuality or my family as people are wont to say on internet.

  • jpdanzig

    I have to agree with others: Gadot is a lovely young lady, but she’s not physically right for the part of Wonder Woman. Someone like Kelly Brook would be a better choice, for two obvious reasons…

    • tarek

      I googled Kelly Brook, and all of a sudden I had a hard on.
      What happened to me ?

      • Cooper

        It’s called heterosexuality. Very common outside the internet; quite rare on internet message boards.

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  • SG999

    With the exception of Nicole Kidman,
    Uma Thurman and Charlize the list of actresses taller than Gal is basically zero. At least she will stand up in size to Cavill and Affleck once the uniform
    and heels are on. DC heroes have always been portrayed more Godlike. Once
    physically training is through the three will be some of the most physically
    imposing trio a legit Superhero film has ever seen.

    • sense11


  • poppincherry

    So, DC couldn’t make a stand alone WW. I wonder why. Hmmm! Maybe because Hollywood is full of goddamn chauvinistic pigs that can’t write a strong female lead.
    Anyway, this chick is only a side kick. She’ll be there to expand what I feel is going to be a weak ass plot.
    I went and saw pictures of her on the net. SMMFH! No ass, no tits and from what I took away from an interview she did the bitch ain’t got no flipping charisma. She’s also a bit cocky. This bullshit has Hollywood schmaltz written all over it.
    Fuck this movie and everybody associated with it!!!!!

  • Tom

    As good (or bad) as Gal Godot may be, the movie will take a complete nose dive once Ben Affleck drives up in the batmobile, then gets out in a Batman costume.
    It’s all downhill from there.
    Sorry, can’t take this film seriously anymore.
    Unless they are doing it just for laughs.

    • tarek

      I must confess that I have also a hard time to imagine Batman with Affleck’s chin.

    • Andy Genova

      Yeah I agree. Gal Gadot is terrible casting. But when she isn’t the worst cast person in the film…. ouch.

  • Colin Christian

    I’m all for boobs,but I never regarded WW in those terms.I’m presuming she can bulk up and put some muscle on her frame and that would be fine by me. Was she not in the Iraeli army? That means she already has the ability to kick ass more than anyone here. My concern lies with Snyder’s direction of females,like Lucas before him,not a strong point.

  • Cooper

    She’s built more like a teenage boy than a woman. She has the sorriest, most pitiful chest I’ve ever seen.

  • eternalozzie

    wow … the knuckle draggers came out in full force for this article’s comment section.

  • Gentle Robot

    What horrible, sexist questions to ask

  • milo

    Obviously any discussion of build must be sexist. Because the announcement of Tom Cruise cast as six foot five, 240 pound Jack Reacher was warmly received by everyone who read the books.

  • daniel

    i’m happy she isn’t an american actress.she’s quite exotic and that is exactly what WW needs.

  • daniel

    i’m happy she isn’t an american actress.she’s quite exotic and that is exactly what WW needs.

  • sabretruthtiger

    Let me make a prediction. True to the globalist new world order, feminist, social engineering wonder woman will appear to kick Superman’s ass in the movie despite Superman being a lot stronger.
    It seems the only way they can portray a strong woman now is to have her physically kick the ass of men much bigger and stronger, realism be damned.

    • Polarboy

      Superman may be stronger but given that she is a highly trained warrior and all her weapons are magically enchanted, and therefore can kill him, it evens it out if they were to actually fight for real. That’s not to say that Supes isn’t trained in hand to hand because he is, by Batman no less, and he also taught himself some Krytonian martial arts but it would still most likely pale in comparison to Wonder Woman’s training.

      Plus on an initial meeting Supes would likely both underestimate and go easy on her so it may look like he is getting his ass handed to him without him actually taking much damage if it were a fist fight. In summation it isn’t out of the realms of possibility for Wonder Woman to beat Superman in a fight especially her current incarnation that gets crazy strong if she takes off her braclets. But I suppose you don’t want to hear this given that you were on a Misogynistic rant.

  • doc

    What kinds of questions were those? It read like a comment troll.

  • Diana L Casto

    I grew up with Wonder Woman, and have been waiting for them to make a movie FOR HER, NOT WITH HER. Gal Gadot, is not right for this part. First of all she is an Amazon. The size of her breast don’t matter, but her physical stature does. Amazon women do everything for themselves and Diana was a warrior. She needs to be muscular. I thought that either Jennifer Lawrence, Gina Carano or Jaimie Alexander. My big thing is that Diana is suppose to have big blue beautiful eyes. I don’t think WW should be in this movie. She should start out with her own, and then do a Justice League later. I think if you have the right MUSE to play Diana, the writing will be great!

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  • Cog

    So A Jew bested you for your girl and your job and you are still butt hurt. Get over it

  • joeyF

    LOL I know, right!

  • Cog

    The Jew train..Its called prosperity and am sure that camp is a University.
    Poor low rent misanthropic bigots. Go and listen to your Nazi propaganda on 8 track and leave us humans to are days work.

  • Cog

    Your just a lackey of hate like Himmler…a sidekick for a loser, Great expectation indeed.