NBC Changes WONDER WOMAN Costume After Fan Outcry

     March 30, 2011


When NBC released the first official image of Adrianne Palicki in costume for David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman, the response to the costume was scorn and derision.  But NBC was listening and the costume has been partially re-designed.  The top-half still looks plastic and shiny, but the pants have been changed to resemble actual pants and a nifty pattern of gold stars runs up the sides.  The color of the boots has also been changed from blue to the traditional red.

Hit the jump to check out the improved costume.  I still think the show will be a disaster, but that’s only because I think Kelley is absolutely the wrong person to be working on this show (or really any show).

Images via SFX.



Obviously the woman in the second image is Palicki’s stunt double.

The Wonder Woman pilot also stars Elizabeth Hurley and Cary Elwes.  The pilot was written by Kelley, who also serves as executive producer with Bill D’Elia (Boston Legal, The Practice, Harry’s Law). Jeffrey Reiner (The Event) is directing.  Keep in mind that this is only the pilot and NBC hasn’t decided whether or not to order it into a series.

  • Brian

    Nope…still not digging it. And I agree, Kelley is the absolute worst choice to try and make this work.

  • Jay

    Matt, as per usual your opinion is included and totally baseless in practical terms. Ally McBeal – Success. The Practice – Success. Picket Fences – Success. Stick to the facts Matt, you opinion is in the minority! How did you manage to even get a job with Collider??

    • Nick Hart

      it’s his opinion dude, it doesn’t matter if you don’t share it. and obviously he is not the minority, if you read the comments on this page or anywhere else on the internet, most people are not really excited for this show. personally i agree with him that kelley is a horrible choice for the show and that it looks awful in general.

    • Jazzy Jace

      Disagree with Jay about their gushing over Ally McMeal (no, not a typo), The Practice, blah-blah! This costume sucks anyway (are executives in TV Land really that worried there will be an outcry if Wonder Woman wears a skimpier outfit? Yvonne Strahovski in Chuck sheds more clothes per episode!) Back in the late 90s, Charisma Carpenter would’ve been the numero uno choice and if Joss Whedon had his way, Eliza Dushku would have been good too.

      I watched the original WW pilot yesterday and while dated with the special effects (but oh-so charming) Lynda Carter is the definitive Amazonian warrior and boy, she is buxom to the hilt!

  • Ryan

    The prospect of a possible Wonder Woman flick sounded tough to pull off back then.

    That series is just gonna leave such a bad taste that they will have to wait another ten years for the audience to forget about it so the studio can start producing the actual movie.

    And hell, why not use the actual Wonder Woman costume, the leather jacket version, that looks better and is actually functional?

  • [A]

    Is it so hard to jump on a car..?

  • Ryan

    FYI, I’m not the Ryan who commented above.

    Ok, now Jay, just because he Kelly is successful doesn’t mean that people want his style on Wonder Woman. The Practice was ok. Ally McBeal, Boston Legal, and Picket Fences were hit and miss. they were all VERY offbeat. And I’m a Northern Exposure fan. But still those shows were hard to watch. He writes well. H’s good at dialogue and character interaction. But he goes kind of silly. I’m not sure that fits Wonder Woman who is already a bit tongue in cheek

  • Lame Duck

    Better…but still not feelin’ it. I think NBC wanted to test the waters by leaking out a prototype on purpose to see what improvements they can make which is smart. The only bad thing is…it’s only a minor improvement. But to be fair, I didn’t like the bat suit in TDK and look how that movie turned out.

  • H

    Hmm…after seeing this version – I have to say the first was better. This looks dowdy and dated. We want the current comic version of costume! It’s got a more goth tone to it. The first try was too plastic, I agree – but this is just UGLY.

  • Perihar

    This is just awful……truly a disaster of epic proportions….

  • Lame Duck

    …And tone down the red bustier top, throw on a blue leather jacket, pick some brazillian model and now we’re talking.

  • Jen

    I don’t understand why they just wont put her in some wonder woman briefs like the TV show or stick her in a skirt like 1940′s wonder woman had, and why make it all shiney & sex shop like, Lycra doesn’t have to be shiney and theres always leather. She is ment to be a warrior, the actress playing her just looks like some normal skinny woman not Tall & Amazon like at all, I’m sure the Actress is a nice girl but thats just it she’s a girl Wonder Woman should be a woman, it’s a poor casting choice, poor costume design and because of these poor choices already made I don’t hold out much hope for the TV show and this has nothing to do with it’s cheese factor, the original TV show was cheesy and good and this just seems bad so I’ll stick to my comics were wonder woman is the Amazon she should be.

    • Brian


  • JLC

    Is her stunt double Katy Perry?

  • CylonRyder

    Wow, that girl is way too skinny. She can’t even fill those pants. I’ve seen better Cosplayers than this. There’s nothing “wonder” about this Wonder Woman. Not bothering with this.

  • Stinky

    Sure, it’s less ‘Party City’ ad, still cheesy though.

    Smellville- er, Smallville got away with Clark Kent sans Superman tights for what seems like 50 years. Should have built up to the horrible costume. Like getting into a really cold pool. Feet first. Then ease in. Once you are junk-high, it’s smooth sailing. The show should have waited until the audience was junk-high.

  • MarsHottentot

    It’s a LOT better. Thank you. I still prefer the original old school costume, but at least she doesn’t look like she’s about to strip-o-gram here.

  • DFT

    The line of gold stars up the sides are on the first costume too. That’s not a change.

  • cuteview

    Use leather…not that hard….

  • muahaha

    LMFAO!! This is even worst! Now the bottom doesn’t match the top.

  • gfhfghdf

    no one wants to watch a fully clothed stripper running around in latex.

    this is what he should have looked like if they were smart.


    • Rockslide

      Wow, that fan-photoshop actually looks a lot better and more like what I would expect. Even the model looks more like WW.

      This new “redesign” they are trying to sell now is like going from Party City’s standard model to the deluxe model. Still looks like a cheap costume. If this WW really is a billionaire business woman in the series, you think she’d be able to afford a real tailor and costume designer.

    • Tara

      I love your design! That is what they should be after. They should be thinking back to Red Sonja or Zena Warrior Princess (Lucy Lawless). A female who can be an a$$ kicker and a femme fatale. Not what they have given us so far. I would pass on watching this from what I’ve seen so far. Nothing against this actress but she’s no WW!! I mean are they getting Rita Perlmen to play her mother.

      I have the same thoughts about this pick as I do about Anne Hathaway playing Catwoman…….Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

  • Edward Lee

    Why (oh why oh why) would you change such an iconic costume in the first place? It defies logic. I can understand some modest adjustments made to it b/c largely only fanboys wanna see a beautiful dame running around fighting crime in her bathing suit. No problem. But to adopt such militant garb (as, sadly, the comics have done) almost smacks of deliberately trying to dupe fans to believe “your Wonder Woman is now street smart.” I don’t care for a “street smart Wonder Woman.” I care about the classic Wonder Woman. Give her back to us … even though I’m still holding out hope that maybe we can at least get some decent TV storytelling once again.

  • JT

    Now she looks like PARTY CITY meets RODEO GIRL (and no, that’s not Rodeo as in Rodeo Drive. That’s RODEO as in let’s go lasso some calves with my spiffy new cowpoke pants)!!!!

    The tiara still sucks. She does not look athletic in the LEAST.


  • JO

    She looks skinny super skinny to be Wonder Woman…I thought they’d at least get a fit woman who would have some muscles (not just bones)…besides she looks like she’s about to drop dead from exhaustion in that picture where she’s on top of the car…

    I’m just not sure about this…I’m doubtful about this, but I’ll give it one episode to prove me wrong…

  • battleangel

    Agreed with JT, she couldn’t look less athletic. This is really one of those “just how the hell does someone with this little taste get to make tv?” moments. No one is saying this actress is chunky or fat or anything like that – clearly she’s a very pretty girl. But the camera does not love her at all, and “a very pretty girl” is NOT Wonder Woman. She’s supposed to be a freaking Goddess. This girl is like, the 2nd or 3rd prettiest girl from high school at best.

  • Jenn

    Seriously…. WHY IS THIS SO HARD? You have millions of fans saying the quality of it looks cheap, and that moving away from the shorts is a bad idea. It’s like having a free survey to your audience base who you want to watch your show. Seriously. Design team fail.

  • Tara

    And what’s with the faces??? WW’s acts are supposed to look effortless.

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  • jesse

    While I’m all for reinterpretations of characters/shows/song etc. This is not a good idea. This honestly reminds me of something Family Guy would use for a funny cut away “This was like that time where Wonder Woman tried to keep her life in order”

  • Fred

    she looks like a crazy bitch running late to her marriage with a batman costumed guy at comic con…

  • Chris

    Is this supposed to be a comedy? Because the costume still looks like a joke. The top would not be too bad if she was wearing a jacket, a leather jacket maybe. But she’s still wearing those bright blue pants? It’s 2011, some skinny dark blue jeans or black leather pants would make more sense. This isn’t rocket science.

    Smallville made it work for 10 years. Christopher Nolan showed how comic book characters can be grounded in reality. I just hope this is costume 1.0 for the pilot then she gets some style help and dresses for 2011 in version 2.0.

    And why is she running, does she not know she can fly? Or this is pre 1960′s WW?

  • sense 11

    I don’t know about this, looks like crap. shes very attractive but it still looks like crap.

  • AlexG

    Stunt double looks better than Palicki

  • Bridgette

    I do believe that the head band needs to be thicker and more polished pointed up please. Bigger hair also.

  • wonderLETdown

    I’m am as sick as can be by the direction NBC & Warner Bros has taken this thing titled “Wonder Woman”. Batman or Superman would never endure this much disrespect. NBC acts like they have done us a favor with the tweaks to a HORRID mess of a costume. This will NEVER be a Wonder Woman I watch or accept. Thankfully Hollywood cannot take Lynda Carter or the original version of Wonder Woman from one’s childhood. Check out Wonder Woman in the comics from 1941-2010 and tell me how ANY part of this is right in a sain persons mind. It’s a cruel joke and I really hope the ones responsible burn in Hell for it. Hollywood has spit all over Wonder Woman and the american flag she has always so proudly wore. You need to do more then tweak and start over! Adrianne does not have to look like Lynda Carter but she should at least look like the original Wonder Woman and not a Wonder Joke. This outfit looks like a clown costume or pair of pajama’s in slipper socks or something. There are no words for how awful the costume looks and the script sounds. Your all evil for doing this to Wonder Woman. Rott!!! Give her back her other iconic costume before the comic book and this show wrecked her.

  • Leelou

    I cant fault someone for trying to make a Wonder Woman series again but thats a difficult task in any sense. It’s just not an easy story to pass onto tv. The original series was tough and I did like it but it was cheesy. That was ok too but to me this series is trying to hard to be taken seriously and with that, you sometimes fail. Smallville worked maybe cause they based it on Superman’s early life, before he became legend. It worked cause there wasnt costumes all the time (which, lets face it, isnt easy to move from comic pages to real life and not look stupid) and kinda more reality I guess. I will give the pilot a shot but it just looks like they are doing everything in their power to make this just a bad show. I just believe Wonder Woman would fair a lot better in movie format. There’s more money to work with, better graphics, more qualified actors to play the part and a better chance at telling a good story. We have seen it happen with previous comic movies. RARELY do comic live action tv series work these days. It just hasnt been perfected yet. Most of us love WW and would adore a great series but I just think its in the cards just now.

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  • carlos

    all i’m going to say is i HATE!!!! the costume, she’s suppost to be an Amazon and a dominatrix.. and she fights for the RED, WHITE and BLUE. she represents Freedom and the American Flag where are the white stars in this costume?

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  • David

    Pants? Why doesn’t wonder woman wear a skirt? This is the first time i have seen her depicted in trousers . This is so wrong.

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