Olga Kurylenko, Gal Gadot & Elodie Yung in Auditions for BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN Lead; Will It be Wonder Woman, Bruce Wayne’s Love Interest or Both?

     November 7, 2013


Earlier today, we reported that Olga Kurylenko (Oblivion) was rumored to have screen-tested for the role of Wonder Woman.  Now, we’re getting some additional reports that say the same, but also include Gal Gadot (Fast & Furious 6) and Elodie Yung (G.I. Joe: Retaliation) in the mix.  It’s important to note that this trio has or will test for the female lead in Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman.  While some are quick to jump to the conclusion that the role is that of Diana Prince / Wonder Woman, it’s equally possible that it will end up being the love interest for Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), not that those two characters must be mutually exclusive.  Hit the jump for more.

Variety is jaimie-alexanderreporting that Kurylenko, Gadot and Yung are vying for the female lead of Batman vs. Superman.  The casting description of “tall, brunette, athletic and exotic” certainly fits the image of each of the hopefuls, as well as the Amazonian princess, but it could also just be billionaire Wayne’s particular taste in women.  Complicating matters is another news source citing slightly different information:

Since the cat seems to out of the bag…here’s what I heard: Wonder Woman will not be in Supes vs Batman. But a certain Diana may show up.
And I’m pretty confident these tests are not for WW, who will have a minor minor role. This is Supes vs Bats. Not Supes vs Bats vs WW.
There was an additional rumor that had Jaimie Alexander (Thor: The Dark World) meeting with Warner Bros. for the Wonder Woman role.  This particular route should qualify as the longest shot as Alexander is already signed on to star in Marvel films, making the switch over to a DC property rather unlikely, yet not impossible.  We’ll be sure to bring you confirmation of both the role and the woman who eventually lands it, but until then keep in mind that these are still rumors and an unknown or unreported talent could still swoop in.
  • LEM

    Not one of them looks the part.

    • Phil

      No woman in the world looks the part

      • Joe

        Jaimie Alexander
        Gemma Arterton
        Bridget Regan
        Lynn Collins
        Taylor Cole
        Alexandra Daddario

      • LockIce

        It’s funny you put Jaimie Alexander at the top. Firstly she would never. She could never, Marvel probably has a contract on her soul. Secondly I remember when she first came up on Kyle XY, lady you looked like a crazy person, like the cat lady from The Simpsons. It got better. I’m happy she found her little place on Thor 1. And it seems she got some more “goth” make up for Thor 2 and a bigger part. Of course the nerds need some senorita to watch. But it’s still funny. You but Alexander. So much time went between Kyle XY and Thor 1. I must say I liked her in Thor 1 and hopefully will on saturday when I see Thor 2.

      • Joe

        It was not a ranked list. Merely a listing of women who would look the part to answer the commenter that “No woman in the world looks the part”.

        As for Jaimie, she was underutilised in both Thor films – more so in TDW than the first. I doubt her contract says anything about playing other female superheroes from other companies. The limiter would be filming schedules.


        Marvel only have a contract on her to do Marvel films. They don’t have a contract on her life, especially if she’ll more than likely only appear as a secondary character in THOR films, of which there will probably be only one more.

        She all ready said on AMC’s youtube channel she’s taken meetings with Warner about the next Superman film (and knows the storyline) which obviously means contracts aren’t a problem.

      • da

        gemma arterton.. look good on the role
        megan fox too..sadly she is not interested

      • da

        gemma arterton.. look good on the role
        megan fox too..sadly she is not interested

      • LEM

        Damn it Phil! you win this time.

  • NephewOfAnarchy

    So they’re auditioning three actresses who have all played very physical roles in recent action blockbusters…and the part is NOT Wonder Woman? Doesn’t sound right.

    • Zoidbert

      Batgirl? A gender-different Robin (a la Carrie from Miller’s Dark Knight Returns)?

    • Querk

      Lana Lang

  • sense11

    All of these actresses are beautiful but way too skinny to play wonder woman, this is a Zack Snyder movie we are talking about, this casting is for Bruce Wayne’s love interest, Cat Woman or fingers crossed Harley Quinn

  • Joe

    None of these are WW material. However all three are possible Kara Zoe-El (Supergirl) candidates.
    Given the empty space pod in MoS, I’m guessing that Kara has to come into the picture sooner rather than later.

    • Joe

      edit: Kara Zor-El

    • Jamesy

      Good thinking, if this casting is for WW not one of them fit the bill. WW needs to be beautiful and have brawn they all look like supermodels.

    • sense11

      I always thought Amber Heard would make a perfect Supergirl

  • The Flobbit

    Wonder Woman should be mentioned in passing, given a cameo, a cliffhanger, and set up for the next movie – Justice League. Not a big mention. I like Kurylenko, but Gadot is too petite – she’d be better as Catwoman, Harley Quinn, or Poison Ivy.

    • Joe

      If I’m right and they are screen testing for Kara Zor-El with these three actresses, Wonder Woman (or more in the guise of Diana) will appear near the end to take Kara away – to be nurtured and trained by the Amazons.

      This sets up a potential standalone WW movie showcasing Themyscira and possible godlike threats to that world.

    • LockIce

      I know you get it. Don’t be naive. They are doing their own version of Iron Man 2. Setting up the franchise for the big team movie. Zack will probably pull a Favreu and get mad that the studio interfere to much with the story just to put cameos and stuff.

  • Mario Vega

    ….they look more like Thalia Al Ghul

    • Landfill

      You’re right, they do fit that description as well but i doubt Warner Bros. would go that route so quickly. Who knows, they are rebooting Batman after all…

      • Mario Vega

        Yeah who knows :S

    • Jamesy

      They do, but it could be a bit soon to introduce her again. Saying that if they can do a new take on Batman this quickly then who knows. It would be cool if they introduce a character who hasn’t been seen on film yet, Harley Quinn or even Vicki Vale again.

      • Mario Vega

        There’s no word for “soon” in Hollywoodhraki.

  • God’s Diamond

    It’s a superman sequel yet they’re more focused on batman characters. Sounds legit

    • LockIce

      IT’S A SUPERMAN MOVIE RIGHT. Zack keeps loosing the fight. I think WB is pushing too hard for the Justice League movie. But a fucking tank or satellite like last time.

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  • LockIce

    I wanted to say this when I read this on the phone but could not. So, none of these three girls fit the part. But if, and if some of these three had to be in it, let the woman from Fast and Furious movies be in it (the middle one). But do not, DO NOT, choose Olga. I am sorry if your read this Olga. But just because you was a Bond chick doesn’t mean you can fuck up Superman vs. Batman like you did Oblivion or Magic City. I don’t care. And the one on the right. Is that the woman from GI Joe. Oh my God. Who is in charge of the casting at WB.

  • Geo

    Jamie Alexander would make a good WW.
    Cobie Smulders would be great though!
    All other auditions I’m pretty sure are romantic interests.

  • Cooper

    All these chicks look way too boney. If you’re not gonna have big tits and ass like depicted in the comics, at least have some toned muscle.

  • Cog

    Hello…..Queen of the Amazons. She needs to be a tall and have some damn muscle tone.

    • Gr8Schizoid

      hello ! she can go 2 the gym, work out and put on some “damn muscle tone” the way anne hathaway did for TDKR – and the way henry cavill did 4 MOS u moron!

      • Cog

        Wish we could hope the same for your intellectual lackings and ape like civility. Then why dont they. Seen better muscle tone on girl scouts. Ann Hathaway looked to weak to stir coco. You must be puny as hell if you thought she was buff.

      • Cog

        Wish we could hope the same for your intellectual lackings and ape like civility. Then why dont they. Seen better muscle tone on girl scouts. Ann Hathaway looked to weak to stir coco. You must be puny as hell if you thought she was buff.

  • Cog

    Hollywood loses more fans by miscasting characters.

  • Person

    What happened to the actress from Haywire/FF6 (can’t remember her name at the moment)? She seemed like the best fit back when her name was being thrown around as a potential for the Refn film…

    But of the three they’re currently considering, Kurylenko seems like the best from the physical, talent, and star-power standpoints. Gadot can kick ass but is way too skinny. Don’t have any familiarity with Yung so I can’t comment. Alexander would be great but I can’t imagine Marvel will let her cross properties, she prolly has something in her contract forbidding it.

    • Gr8Schizoid

      they r all gr8 but i like Olga the best. WW is not korean (like Elodie) or from the middle-east like Gal – sorry 2 say it

  • Nomis1700

    I would like Jaimie as Diana. Maybe Bruce’ love-interest is Sasha Bordeaux?

  • Oliver Queen

    I don’t mind any of these women playing Batfleck’s love interests, but Jaimie Alexander for WW please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    all i need to say….. Paula Patton As WONDER WOMAN!!!!

    • Jamesy

      Such a wooden actress, worse than Halle Berry.

  • Faptain America

    No matter who is cast, it seems clearer by the day that they’ll only tease Diana in the movie. Then maybe a solo WW movie down the line, one that intros GL or Flash or Aquaman. THEN, we might get a Justice League.

  • Strong Enough

    when will you people realize that you know nothing about casting? that is why you’re on the internet and work at a shitty job instead of casting blockbusters.

  • Bronson

    Gemma Arterton for WW. Make it so WB.

    • Gr8Schizoid

      she would be gr8 for WW, and she is also good with accents

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