Paul Feig Recently Pitched a WONDER WOMAN Action-Comedy Where She Kept Hitting the Glass Ceiling

     October 11, 2013


Earlier this week, Warner Bros. reiterated its pledge to make a Wonder Woman movie.  Arguably the most famous female superhero, the Amazonian princess still hasn’t gotten a feature film, and I doubt it will happen any time soon if Warners is still waffling between telling her story in movies or on TV.  But they have fielded pitches from creative folk, and last night at an event for the Blu-ray/DVD release of The Heat, director Paul Feig revealed he recently gave the studio his idea for what a Wonder Woman movie should be.

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According to IGN, Feig’s movie would have been a light action-comedy where Diana “keeps hitting the glass ceiling” of the superhero world, and has to contend with “jerks” like Batman and Superman, who are less than sympathetic to her dilemma.  Feig compared his Wonder Woman to suffragist Cicely Hamilton, who wrote the 1908 “feminist” play, Diana of Dobson’s.  When asked about the tone of his movie, Feig compared it to Iron Man.

Having Wonder Woman fight the glass ceiling is a wry, funny concept, but it’s also a bit puzzling that even in her own movie, she would be contrasted against more famous superheroes.  Then again, if we do see Wonder Woman on the big screen, I’m willing to bet it will be in Justice League rather than an individual picture unless someone comes along with an absolutely killer pitch.

Feig says he thinks his concept didn’t fly because “the fans can be quite protective of their characters and any changes that are made to them”.  I would say that studios are quite protective of putting Superman and Batman in movies not starring Superman and Batman.  Imagine trying to cast them again even if they’re only in supporting roles, and then think about how their portrayal would be contrasted against the “real” Superman and Batman.



  • Liderc


  • Alex McCracken

    Love it. But the fan base would have a contract on Feig’s head before he could say “action.”

    Has this happened in the comics before? I ask because it could work if there was a fan approved luminary behind it or something.

  • HeyZeusKreesto

    I’d rather see a badass Wonder Woman origin, coming to America and showing everyone how it’s done. Maybe throw some Ares or Hades in there. One thing I would want to change from the character is the magic lasso, or at least the part of it that makes people tell the truth. It’s a little too convenient to have in a live action movie.

    • ya

      how about a magic dildo?

    • The JLC

      I think the lasso of truth should not make people instantly tell the truth but instead be used as a sort of torturing device to whip the truth out of people!!

    • MainFragger

      Easy enough to just make it so that she has to put some will power behind it (show her concentrating) and verbally push the person as well..

  • Matt Dinning

    Going from the New 52 to this is such a step backwards for her character. She’s the God of War.

  • 80sRobot

    God what a bad idea. Why can’t we just have WW come out of the gate already as a bad-ass who does superhero stuff?

  • DNAsplitter

    From a comedic stand point I think it would be funny on like an SNL skit but as a live action feature that is to be part of the DC cannon that falls in line with MOS and its sequal I am glad that they did not allow this to happen. WW is probably the hardest of all of the heroes to bring to the modern stage as she really hasn’t aged well since she was first introduced. That has always been DC’s issue with most of their heroes is that they have been hard to incorporate to relatable characters that fit todays standards (exception is Batman, Flash, Green Arrow and a few others) and that is because those are mortal men from earth who have things happen to them. People like WW, Superman, Aqua Man, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern and others is that they posses almost god like powers and are hard to find relatable items to address. I think MOS did about the best of job you could to really try and find a balance to make us feel for this outsider but even then it’s hard knowing that he can stop bullets and fly faster than the speed of sound. Hoping WB can find a smart and creative way to bring her to the big screen.

  • Lance

    Feig’s idea is terrible.

    Look, I’m not one to say men can’t write strong women well. But so far, none of these guys who have stepped up have delivered. Whedon, Feig, Kelly… all bad, bad, bad.

    Why not let a woman take a crack at this? Melissa Rosenberg, somebody who’s handled big franchises before?

  • tarek

    Less boobs and more emphasis on the character will probably help.
    Don’t give us a sexual bomb, but a woman with a strong character like Ripley.

    • Action Movie Fanatix

      … and boobs.

  • Jonboy

    Great another Sandra Bullock rom-com idea. Maybe that’s a good reason to cast Ben Affleck. heh heh.

  • JZ

    the old series was very camp and silly. They cant do that kind of thing anymore and TV shows are far more serious. This is where Wonder woman comes unstuck coz her powers are kinda lame. They would need to really remodel her and make her seriously badass. I think it could work as Underworld and Resident evil have kickass female stars. The recent TV pilot that was canned wasnt actually all that bad besides the costume itself. But it was a bit dull.

  • just.a.dude

    The Following is my response I posted on another site regarding Wonder Woman on big screen.
    ‘Let me be honest here about one of the main issues in bringing wonder woman to screen – the costume. Look, I’m a man and I appreciate a woman in a sexy costume. But, if they want to bring Wonder Woman to big screen, she needs to be less sexy and more rugged warrior and that need to reflect in the kind of outfit she puts on. The Present costume may work in comic format, but if she swings into action on big screen in the skimpy dress, it’s going to be very distracting. Once again, let me emphasize, I’m being very honest here as a fan and a man. To be a little more crude, filmmakers shouldn’t make a movie about this wonderful warrior woman to be all about ‘tits & long legs’ (Halle Berry’s Cat Woman). I’m sorry about that crude remark, but that’s just my fear. Her costume should be altered a little a la Thor in the recent Marvel movies. Not too much, just a little that still retains essence of her Amazon warrior outfit. I’m definitely not a puritan, but a big fan who has a bit of an understanding of what would work on big screen action movies. If executives still want WW to show some skin, let them have a shower scene or sex scene.
    Also, When it comes to story, I think they should make at-least a small portion of the movie take place in the mythical world of Amazon, once again a la Thor. If some of you disagree with my views please tell me why I’m, if at all, wrong. I’ll accept your opinions.’

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