See Just a Few Seconds of the WONDER WOMAN Pilot

     June 10, 2011


Personally, I’m one of those who wasn’t all that disappointed when NBC decided not to pick up David E. Kelley’s new pilot for Wonder Woman, especially after seeing that ridiculous suit that Adrianne Palicki was supposed to wear as the superhero (even after the changes to the wardrobe). However, for those desperate to see anything from the now archived pilot for the series, we have literally just a few seconds of Palicki looking somewhat intimidating, but mostly just kind of sexy, from the one and only episode shot for the potential series. It’s nothing to get too excited about, but if you really must see Wonder Woman in motion, here’s your chance.  Hit the jump to check out the incredibly brief clip.

Here’s the video courtesy of Bleeding Cool:



  • nate

    o god..

  • Come on Son!!!

    Well nerds you have something new to jack off to since your blow up dolls have probably have had enough….kill urself!!!

    • Ryan

      I was gonna take your advice but I just couldn’t think of how to do it properly. Perhaps you could lead by example.

    • Guns Of Navarone

      ‘have probably have had enough’ ?

      One too many “have’s” there chief.

    • Zab

      I wanna be cool like you. Hope my next blow-up doll looks like your Mom too, then she’ll get a rest and actually be able to be a parent to you – something you seem to be lacking.

    • smirnoff

      come on son? what are you some NEW YORK kid! let’s face you cyber dildos! dont want any superhero shows period! so go back to watchin that mundane crap on BET! an while your at it…. do us a favor and do a good old jigaboo shuffle like mammie used too!

  • Hugo

    It looks laughable and awkward, looks like something from the early 90′s. No wonder it was never picked up.

  • Hugo

    “looking somewhat intimidating” more like embarrassingly failing at pulling an intimidating attitude face.

  • tim

    “That looks good. That looks really good.” – Zach Galifianakis

  • shaunx

    looks lie a big tit pornstar !!!

    • gem

      trashy. i wont waste money on this.

      • smirnoff

        you sound like another menstal bitch! i dont think the whole lot of you cyber jack offs want anything to do with superheros on tv! too much of that fake reality tv shit for to gulp down eh? it’s okay pinky, it’ll be like what you do on saturday nights with that dildo!

  • ana beatriz

    muito chato !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bakernator

    Looks like an actress trying to be mean and sexy… where has the soul gone in characters… a super hero should make you freeze when they look in your eyes… here we have a woman about to step on to stage and strip with anger

    something about the 70s and 80s, women were women

    owe Beyonce… a role model, or stirring up a generation of uptight World Running women…. cmon, get real

  • Bakernator

    Here is the perfect example of how to cast a woman for the role of a woman :)

    PS I still appreciate the actress in this clip, she’s doing her best, we should be blaming the producers & director for letting it get this far…. now we really do have to WONDER… Woman!

  • vikas

    she is fuking hot llike jenna presley and I want to squeeze this auntys boobs and lick her pussy

  • Jeff

    I feel like we all missed out on some awesome unintentional comedy. Which I’m actually weirdly disappointed about…

    I know most agree the costume looks like it was bought at Party City, but am I the only who thinks this chick is just not that hot?

    And while I’m on the topic, this is a seven-second clip, and I still thought the acting was terrible. And there was no dialogue!

    Oh, what could have been…

  • Gordon

    I really don’t get the people who argue that the success or failure of this entire television program was contingent upon her costume. The author of this article literally said so: that he was pretty much glad the series failed because of the costume. Uh-huh. So, plot, writing, acting, direction, etc., might have been good, might have been bad, but were irrelevant, basically. But the pants are a deal-breaker.

    By the way, has anyone actually attempted to sit through an entire episode of the 1970s Lynda Carter Wonder Woman? I know it’s iconic, etc., but has anyone actually tried to WATCH an episode in the past ten years? “This week, Wonder Woman runs after men wearing leisure suits. Coming up next week, she wrestles a man in a gorilla costume.” It’s unwatchably bad – but it was the era of the Love Boat and Galactica 1980, after all.