New Images and Reaction to the WONDER WOMAN Pilot Not Picked Up by NBC

     May 30, 2011


David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman pilot has been the subject of public scrutiny pretty much ever since its inception. After considering the completed pilot, NBC decided to pass on picking up the show, and from the looks of it humanity was saved from yet another very bad TV series. All that being said, almost everyone wants to actually see this pilot in order to assess just how terrible it is. Well, it’s apparently been making the rounds, and some stills from the pilot as well as a review have popped up. Hit the jump to check out the images, as well as some excerpts from the review. Wonder Woman starred Adrianne Palacki, Elizabeth Hurley and Cary Elwes.

wonder-woman-imageSomeone at iFanboy (via our partners at Omelete) got their hands on the pilot and wrote up a full review. Apparently the actual pilot differed immensely from Kelley’s original script that made the rounds earlier this year, at least by way of dialogue/details. Although it sounds like the overall plot stayed the same (Wonder Woman’s been reimagined as a corporate executive). Here’s a rundown of what the pilot entailed:

“The basic structure is the same from the script. We open and close with a big action sequence that showcases Wonder Woman’s superheroics, and in-between we are introduced to her world populated up of her co-workers, allies, arch enemy, and ex-boyfriend.”

The reviewer actually liked the pilot quite a bit, describing his enthusiasm thusly:

“The Wonder Woman on this show is a badass who is not above choking dudes with her lasso (her favorite move) or throwing a piece of pipe through your throat if you won’t stop shooting at her. For a weekly television show, the action scenes were fairly well executed and at times quite thrilling. The whole final sequence where she storms Veronica Cale’s compound and decimates her ‘roided out super-soldier army is really fun to watch.”

wonder-woman-image-5While the reviewer noted that Elwes’ performance was a bit over-the-top, and the use of television talking heads discussing Wonder Woman’s influence on society came off as corny, he was quite satisfied with the pilot overall, especially after the script changes.

“She is a badass fighter with a bit of an unhinged edge that gives her just a hint of “if she got out of control she’d be scary”. She’s also vulnerable and relatable as a person which is crucial for a television series lead. Was she exactly the Wonder Woman from the comics? No. Of course not. But she’s also not so far off as to be foreign. Ultimately, had this series been picked up I think we would have had an interesting new version of Wonder Woman, and a series that would have been a lot of fun.”

However, TVLine’s Michael Ausiello had a different opinion after viewing the pilot recently. Here’s what he tweeted immediately after watching the pilot:

“WW Pilot Post Mortem: So bad it was… awful. Dull. Humorless. Confusing. NBC was right to euthanize it. Adrianne Palicki deserved better.”

Hopefully someday, we’ll get the version of Wonder Woman fans have been waiting for. Until then, we can sleep well knowing that David E. Kelley’s hands are off the property permanently.






  • A.

    I find it kinda surprising that this show wasn’t picked up….there are worst things on tv right now…at least we finally got to see her in the classic outfit. Is there any possibility of this pilot being released?

  • Edward Lee

    This smells of a bad idea from the start. David Kelley’s take on WONDER WOMAN? I’d put that right up there with Woody Allen’s take on SUPERMAN.

    • Old Soldier

      Just be thankful it’s not Ronald Moore and David Eick’s take.

  • Michael

    In that picture where she has her hands on her hips, she doesn’t look too bad as Wonder Woman — she actually looks pretty good — but I’m not as impressed with the other photos of her. It’s no coincidence that in that one photo I praised, she doesn’t look like herself.

  • Victor

    Now that’s how its done!

  • junierizzle

    I don’t think anyone will ever take a movie/tv show seriously with that outfit. Yeah I said it.

    • Old Soldier

      If you think this costume is bad, take a look at the 1972(?) movie version starring Cathy Lee Crosby. I don’t want to give it away, just look.

    • erjino

      What’s wrong with the outfit? I’d love for my girlfriend to lapdance me in an outfit like that…

  • Liza F

    I agree. The suit. You just can’t have the suit. Go the way of X-Men, Batman, etc.

    • junierizzle

      Didn’t they reinvent her in the comics a while back? I think that costume design was cool and that one might work in a flick.

  • spongefist

    She looks almost identical to this girl I could have knobbed a few years back but decided to go with a blond instead. Massive mistake, I could have had my way with a wonder woman t.v show C grade starlet lookalike…
    Man, she was hot…. just thought I’d share that.

  • sense 11

    She looks like the greatest stripper in the world, or a lunatic. Not a superhero.

  • tarek

    She looks like a super Cheerleader

  • Liana

    Not surprised by this at all. Adrianne Palicki may be a pretty girl, but she was a terrible choice. She doesn’t have enough talent to hold up a series on her own at this point.

  • Strong Enough

    It was the fake boobs

  • Come On Son!!!

    I creamed in my shorts…..

  • Jazzy Jace

    Joss Whedon should’ve been allowed to do this (but that’s why we know more than dumbass TV execs!)

  • The Train!

    it doesn’t sound like we know for sure that this was all that bad, so i’m not sure why we should be happy that david kelley’s hands are off the project.

    if wonder woman were a man we’d already have a movie and a sequel by now. i speculate that the reason why no one can do WW is because they’re trying to make her appeal to what they imagine girls/women 18-30 want to see.

  • shaunx

    looks like a 80s pornstar !!!

  • JR

    Unlike others, I think the classic outfit is’s just that Ms. Palecki does not look like an Amazon in it.,

  • kaka

    Nice boobs!!

  • Dogg

    She just can’t pull off that costume. ‘Cept maybe for me.

  • Angelus

    I think it would be a long long wait before we see an acceptable version of wonder woman. Actually, scratch that. I think there never will be an acceptable version of wonder woman. For one, that outfit cannot be made acceptable for modern TV or films, except in maybe an ensemble cast. It screams campy and today’s comic book based live action movies are on the grittier side of things. Also, warfare and weapons today have evolved to a great extent and these weapons would have a lot to target at a superhero that shows such a lot of skin. I think WW’s era is bygone. There are better superheroes out there that today’s audience can relate to.

    • Tallulah

      Buh…it’s just… that outfit!! In a corporate setting, in a serious (I think??) show?? How can anyone take that seriously? Just gratuitous bullshit.

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  • Migz13

    I think it’s just that the character is pretty tricky to present via live action in today’s times unlike other superheroes. You can’t just make a grittier version of her and call it that. People need a nice balance between what’s modern and what made her iconic in the first place.

  • LP

    I would have tuned in every week just to see her in that outfit.

  • abby

    give it a chance mybe syfy will pick it up its probably better than crap corman is slinging at us sorry roger but damn dude you might the audience to suggest some flics for ya!!

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  • guestspeaker

    she looks mean, as in nasty mean-girls mean instead of a tough, taking care of business woman

    not my representation of wonder woman

    the boobs are not nice … looks lopsided

    i’m glad they pulled it…

  • chris

    Wonder woman is a stupid character to bring to the screen whether it’s TV or the movie screen. The comic doesn’t translate well to real life and is really just an excuse for geeks to see cleavage.

    • Tarek

      I am afraid it was the only reason they did this WonderBra Woman. ^^

  • SV7

    It’s amazing how marketing get it so wrong. Release a few photos of her in those crappy pants and the damage is done.

    If they’d released photos of her in the original outfit above, there would have been a bit more anticipation. At least nostalgia would have been high. She looks great in it. No one can touch how hot Lynda Carter is but Palicki looks good and she comes across as a nice person in interviews.

    As for whether the pilot was any good… I’m eager to watch it and find out. My hopes were not high but my fingers were crossed.

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  • Bob

    This costume looks as good as any live action Wonder woman costume can look.
    Wonder Woman will be almost impossible to bring to a live action format. It is almost untranslatable.
    Most people, myself included, and everyone who does not currently read comics will expect the classic costume. But it will look ridiculous to people and it will be impossible to explain why an Amazon is wearing star spangled panties. Lose those for a gritty, black and blue leather outfit and people will have no idea who it is.
    Good try guys.

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  • RJ

    The WB / CW should pick up this new Wonder Woman show now that Smallville is done.

  • Tim

    Watchmen did a straight-up version of Silk Specter’s outfit and it looked fine.

    Just take the classic Wonder Woman costume design, and create it using materials the Amazons would have on a tropical island setting, with a few ancient Greek stylings. Boom. Done.

  • captian fanboy

    So needless to say I’m a huge comic book fan. Now that that’s out of the way, WHY ALL THE HATERS??? They FINALY Got The Costume Right! Almost EVERY comic related movie and TV show misses that Target by miles…(Xmen anyone?) Now don’t get me wrong, I loved the first two xmen movies. Why Hollywood? For the love of odin, Why do you constantly have to “Fix” things and “Modernize” every superhero you get your grubby little hands on? Do 40+ years (for some characters) of on-going monthly/weekly sales mean nothing to you? Isn’t that the reason these movies are being made in the first place? When will you people realize that the more you change about a beloved character, the more we fans (90% of your target audience) feel raped. These Characters Belong to us. We are the ones that have kept them alive for the better part of the last 40+ years.

  • captian fanboy


  • Big Boy

    I don’t get the hate for the outfit, she looks damn hot in that!

    • Tarek

      It’s a superhero movie, not a peep show movie. ^^

      • Tim

        She’s in the damn outfit because she is supposed to be a turn on. Wonder Woman was created as an almost S&M fetish comic in the 1940s. Go do some research on it & see that the character is rooted in sexuality.

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  • ken

    Do you know what the difference is between male superhero movies and female ones? If male ones “disappoint,” they keep getting remade (excuse me, reboot) until audiences are forced to throw their hands in the air and say “OK! We’ll watch it!”

    Female superhero movies are tried once, flop, and left as failures without any second chance.

    Tell me Hollywood isn’t sexist.

    • Tarek

      The day they will present a female superhero without highlighting her boobs, I’ll watch it as a superhero movie and raise my hands in the air (instead of…) ^^

      For me, there is only one “serious” super female hero: Helen Ripley.

      • JR

        I think you mean Ellen

      • tarek

        Correct Jr. Ellen Ripley.


  • JR

    And don’t forget that Weaver’s assets WERE highlighted at the end of ALIEN…particlarly her butt!

  • Alex

    I like how she looks in the role, and there were a few bits and pieces that sounded promising. Until reviewers started to reference the scene where she kills the guy with the pipe in cold blood (and by all accounts I’ve read, it was cold-blooded murder, not self defence, not some cool “badass moment” – unequivocal murder. Nikita shtick, not superheroics. It revealed a fundamental lack of understanding about the character that suggests the Kelly regime had no business doing the character. (I had the same issue with the people DC hired to do the animated Wonder Woman a couple years ago in which she also acted as if she had a licence to kill rather than the character’s mandate of making peace). It may have been just one instance, and it might not have even made it to air, but the fact they even put it in there suggests they had no idea what they were doing. Time to let someone else try.

  • Jeff Portlance

    FYI, reviewers are a dime a dozen and lets face it, their tastes are not that keen. If A Jersey Shore can make it, this too can make it on some network or cable channel. Believe me, plenty of 13-18 yr olds alone will tune in each week.

  • jonny rocket

    i go jaack off now.

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  • Anonymous

    I love wonder woman lots

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