WonderCon 2012: Over 30 Cosplay Images Including GAME OF THRONES, SPIDER-MAN, BANE and More

     March 16, 2012


Every year at Comic-Con/WonderCon, half the fun is seeing all the people that Cosplay.  It’s actually one of the reasons the conventions are so much fun, as you can dress up like any superhero, anime character, or even a zombie Stormtrooper and get huge props from attendees.  While the percentage of people doing Cosplay at WonderCon is lower than Comic-Con in San Diego, I’m always impressed with the costumes and the attention to detail.  While the Con just started today and the masquerade ball isn’t until tomorrow night, I was able to snap a number of people in costume during my few hours walking the convention floor.  Hit the jump to see the pictures and look for a lot more WonderCon coverage all weekend.

Let me know which one was your favorite in the comments.  I think mine was the couple doing Game of Thrones.

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  • Rockslide

    I love seeing convention photos, as much for the failures as the successes. Nothing super original here, but the Batman Beyond and Jack Burton were great to see. Failure – Rhino? What? Am I missing some character, because I can’t accept that he was trying to be Spider-Man’s Rhino.

    • zac

      I think he was trying to be a rhino character from Elephantmen…

      • Rockslide

        Okay that makes more sense. I was unfamiliar with that title.

    • jayche

      the rhino is rocksteady from TMNT NOOBS

      • Jim

        I really hope that rhino head guy isn’t trying to be Rocksteady. That would be a total fail.

      • CycloneTrigger

        Not sure what’s so fail about the Rhino if it was Rocksteady. It had a moving mouth and all. Besides, I saw him at the Elephantmen booth and the ECSTATIC to see one of their works come to life. At the very least that made those creator’s days.

      • CycloneTrigger

        *edit: “the creators* were ECSTATIC”

  • kyle

    13th photo down. win.

    • hesan1gga

      her name is loren, i banged her. she’s kind of a prude….doesn’t give good head. ;[

      • ComicConMom

        Tacky – No class at all

      • Kevin

        So that’s how lying looks when you read it online. It’s more sad and pathetic than I thought.

  • sense 11


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  • ComicConMom

    Great photos – love Scarlet Witch and Dr. Doom.

  • Picture 13

    Girl in pic 13 is smoking hott. What is her costume from ?

    • Attache

      She was one of the booth girls for Time of the Faeries and her character is related to that project. They have a Facebook page.

  • Peter

    Please tell me there are more pictures of that harry potter lady somewhere! HOLY SHIT!

  • Kevin

    Yeah, we’re all dying to see more of slutty Harry Potter’s muffin top. Kahl Drogo needs to put on some mass unless he’s supposed to be Kahl IT Guy who got the Day Off From Work.

    • William

      LMFAO about slutty Whorewarts… call it like it is, man

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  • Keeleon

    Hey, I know that Predator! He doesn’t give good head either… ;[

    (It’s me…)