Director Marc Forster Out for WORLD WAR Z Sequel

     October 3, 2013


Although it went on to be a worldwide hit raking in over half-a-billion dollars, World War Z saw a heavy dose of skepticism and internal creative strife during its production.  While the successful box office helped pave the way for a sequel, director Marc Forster will not be involved with the film.  Star Brad Pitt, who produced the film through his Plan B Entertainment company, is moving forward with production on the sequel, although it’s still in early planning stages.  There was no explicit reason given for Forster’s departure, but perhaps the director did not want a repeat of the behind-the-scenes tribulations he experienced during the first film.  Hit the jump for more.

world-war-z-blu-rayIn THR’s extensive look at the drama and uncertainty leading up to the release of World War Z and how that affected another of Pitt and Plan B’s films, 12 Years a Slave, a few lines of text were dedicated to the news that Forster would not be returning to helm the sequel to the apocalyptic genre film.  As for the progress on the sequel, here’s what Pitt had to say:

“We are talking about it … We are going to investigate a script. We have a lot of ideas we will cull from. Nobody is writing just yet, but we are compiling our ideas.”

The original film was loosely based on the Max Brooks novel by the same name.  During production, the picture suffered bad press from reports of an over-inflated budget, rewrites, reshoots and the general feeling that the film’s producers didn’t have a clue what they were doing.  Half-a-billion dollars later, World War Z is now another example of how a film should only be judged on its final version.  An old adage says that laws and sausage are two things you don’t want to see being made; movies, especially blockbuster genre films, should be added to the list.

  • bretthickman

    There’s no reason to hire someone who did, at best, a serviceable job. It’s obvious that, no matter how good the relationship is between he and Forster, Pitt most likely didn’t think he could handle the job once knee deep in it. Considering the stiffness to this and Quantum of Solace, Forster should stick to smaller scale films.

    • Sophia Jendrock


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  • LEM

    It’s amazing that it’s the worst and most successful zombie movie.

    • DavidisALLright

      I don’t know about worst when you have the Resident Evil movies. Sure they’re hamfisted and ‘fun’ but the later ones were just contrived, outdate, and bad.

      • LEM

        They weren’t great but I’d still rather watch them again then WWZ.

      • Ridge

        In my opinion, WWZ is 1000 times better in all ways than all RE movies together, just my opinion.

      • LEM

        All? come on. WWZ was barely a zombie movie and had more in common with Outbreak than any Zombie film.

      • Charles Seals

        im guessing you never read the book…this movie should have a different name as it has nothing at all from the book other than a wall in Israel…the movie has really nothing at all from the book is is not even close to it…i could write a movie off the book have it be 3 parts and follow the book story by story and be amazing everything you need is right there in the book…and also fast zombies that’s dumb dead things move slow other wise there ankles would snap


    This movie only made money because of zombies and Brad Pitt. Thinking that Forster was an integral piece to the puzzle is laughable.

  • jack

    In other news from the “no shit” department…

  • Alejandro

    And the quest for a new director begins!!! Hopefully they´ll bring someone good who can top the sequel.

  • Eric09

    So are they blaming Marc for Bard Pitt surviving a plane crash without a scratch?

    • Zodiakk

      He was actually seriously injured in the plane crash, and was out for some time… I guess you don’t remember that.


  • Rabblerouser

    I liked WWZ; I liked the nonstop action almost from the very beginning, I liked the set pieces, and I liked Pitt. The problems it had, however–the massive reshoots, the reconceptualizing of the ending, the virtual disappearance of a supposedly important character played by Matthew Fox–in the end, it’s hard to see any of that as the fault of anyone but the director. Here’s hoping they do get a better, or more experienced, director for the sequel.

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