SWAT Team Raided and Seized Weapons from WORLD WAR Z Set

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Now here’s something that doesn’t happen every day: a SWAT team raided the Budapest set of Marc Forster’s big-budget zombie pic World War Z earlier today and seized a number of weapons that were being used in the film. Police confiscated 85 fully-functional weapons (read: not prop guns) from a warehouse that was being used by the production. Most of the weapons were of the automatic, military-style assault variety which is a very big no-no to transport internationally without authorization. Hit the jump for the full story, including star Brad Pitt’s reaction.

Apparently the paperwork for the guns claimed that they were non-fuctional, when in fact they were very much real. The fault lies with the production company’s employees who transported the weapons without approval from Hungary’s Anti-Terrorism Unit.

Sources tell Us Weekly (via Vulture) that Pitt is “furious.” The film is reportedly already over budget and over schedule, and this snafu has thrown quite a wrench into the production (guns are highly necessary when fighting a zombie army). In addition to starring, Pitt is also a producer on the film so one assumes this is causing a bit of a headache. Witnesses are currently being interrogated and an investigation is underway.

The film centers on a United Nations employee who travels the world in a race against time to stop the zombie pandemic from becoming all-emcompassing. In addition to Pitt, the adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel stars Anthony Mackie, Matthew Fox, Mireille Enos, James Badge Dale, and Bryan Cranston. World War Z opens December 21st, 2012.


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  • shane

    The Goverment are the ones smuggling guns and drugs around the world and supplying dealers everywhere, so they go and raid a movie set to look like there doing there job now you know where you tax money goes sad!!!!!!!!!

  • Smartgunner

    Boy I wouldn’t want to be the guy that filed the paperwork….

  • fgfg

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  • BobaFett

    Usually the guy that files the paperwork is NOT the guy that knows what the non-functional guns are, and if they are functional or not. This could also easily be a mistake in determining what “functional means”.

    Removing firing pins and strikers could be easily be construed as making the weapons non-functional.

    But if I were a eastern european country, I would want blocked bores and removed sears and trigger groups to prove nonfunctionality.

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