First Look at Brad Pitt and Tons of Zombies in WORLD WAR Z Footage; Trailer Premieres on Thursday [Updated with Poster]

     November 5, 2012

world war z

Paramount faced a long, difficult road to adapt Max Brooks‘ book World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War.  It will be hard for a quality film to emerge from the endless rewrites and extensive reshoots (not to mention crazy run-ins with the law), but when Brad Pitt stars is in a zombie action movie, you have our attention.  The trailer for World War Z premieres on Thursday, and ET released a sneak preview of the footage.  The quick clip gets across the message that World War Z is B-I-G.  There are hordes—heck, literal piles at points—of zombies that attack in such great mass that they seem to overwhelm even our most powerful military weaponry.  If nothing else, I think we can all get behind a film that shows us large-scale zombie carnage on some level.

Anthony Mackie, Matthew Fox, Mireille Enos, and James Badge Dale co-star in the adaptation directed by Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace).  World War Z opens on June 21, 2013.  Watch the trailer preview after the jump. [Update: We added the first teaser poster after the jump.]

Embed via Ace Showbiz.  Check back on Thursday for the full trailer.


Took a few screencaps.  Hope you don’t mind—I skipped the kissing and family stuff and went straight for the destruction.

world war z zombies military et branded

world war z zombies et branded

world war z zombies et branded

world war z helicopter et branded

world war z destruction et branded

Poster via the film’s official Facebook page:


Official synopsis:

The story revolves around United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Pitt), who traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments and threatening to decimate humanity itself.  Enos plays Gerry’s wife Karen Lane; Kertesz is his comrade in arms, Segen.

  • twinzin

    TF… interesting. Enjoyed the book btw.

  • Matty

    Max Brooks iirc.

    Man I hate the running zombies.

    • Brendan Bettinger

      Yrc. Fixed.

  • Nicholas Reynolds

    uhhhhhhhh… This looks entertaining YES. But I just do not understand why the zombies are running on top of one another. Also they walked in the book, and it was told through flash backs from their victory so I guess im just confused.

    Looks good I guess. Ill probably enjoy it.

  • dogg

    Finally a credible zombie threat. You’d have to be an idiot to be taken out by a Walking Dead zombie once you had cars. You’d just mow down any area you’re interested in and police the perimeter with trucks for incoming walkers.

    • Vickthur

      28 Days Later. But that’s a “rage” virus. Zombies are meant to be slow. These don’t look like zombies. They just look like infected/mutant people.

    • agent_black

      Sorry dogg, but criticism of walkers in a real life scenario is such an ignorant concept and the reason that we now have a ‘tide’ of CGI totally unrealistic zombies moving at speeds that deny physical, medical science.

      Do you actually leave your house? I mean go out in the real world? next time you’re in a mall or at a concert, a game or a supermarket at a peak period, imagine there was some kind of outbreak… you would not grab the nearest weapon or vehicle and start mowing down random strangers thinking ‘oh goody, it’s the zombie apocalypse’ because you’re just fantasising. Life is not a video game.

      A real outbreak/apocalypse would probably be slow moving and drawn out physically but with a fast moving epidemic or virus. In a ‘real’ situation, the puss filled undead/infected would be terrifying. we’ve just seen so many movies now we get fantasy and reality confused to the point of absurdities… hence a tsunami of zombies in the clip above.

      What a load of bollocks.

      • GET OVER IT!

        well said…running zombies (and now wave zombies) are for kids from the michael bay fan club with an attention span shorter than the clips in this trailer.
        This film looks shameful, how dare it take the name of such a great book. This should have been called “Zombie Tidal Wave: The Movie”, utter shite!

    • GET OVER IT!

      “credible zombie threat”???? what, a cgi zombie wave????? piss off!!!!!

  • Bob

    Really, the zombie make-up looks like crap compared to the walking dead. I’m really tired of the pale makeup with a few little scratches. Come on… And running? Israel Defense Force?


    No need to see zionist slimes here.

    • DDDD

      Wow aren’t you cultured.

    • Anonymous

      You do realize the Israelis were in the original novel too right? It’s a movie, just leave your politics behind!!

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  • Cracker

    Luks interesting..i hope this wont be like that fucking boring muvi ‘war of the worlds’!! :)

    • enlush is haard

      Looks interesting. I hope this won’t be like that fucking boring movie “War of the Worlds”! :)

      • GunsOfNavarone

        I can’t believe he doesn’t know how to spell movie. FHL. Fuck his life.


    They said the trailer looks good, YES IT DOES.

  • Alex-mansy

    Well the parasite fungus that zombifies ants in real life enable them to run at normal speeds, so it’s not that farfetched human zombies could move that fast.

    • GET OVER IT!

      except it looks f**king stupid, zombie film for kids! will you be buying the action figures? ;)

    • Moosey

      Actually, yes, it still is. Ant’s don’t decompose the same way we do. If an actively decomposing human corpse were to take off at full speed, it’d be on the ground 3 seconds later when it’s leg came apart at the knee joint. Don’t get me wrong an actual rotting corpse isn’t gonna be moving at all, but if one were to somehow do such a thing, it would be shuffling from place to place, what with rigor mortis and a hundred other things. Even then, most of nature’s “zombies” that you hear about don’t actually kill the host, they just take over thier inds and bodies.

  • IncrediBrad

    This looks like ass!!

  • Doug

    Reminds me a lot of I Am Legend, which is not a good thing

    • bearmon2010

      You are negative.

  • MovieSellout

    You had one job! All you had to do was follow the book, The Walking Dead even laid the foundations.


    • James

      Funny that you criticize them for not following the book yet praise The Walking Dead when it is very, very loosely following its own graphic novel series.

      • GET OVER IT!

        whaaat? you don’t know what your talking about. The walking dead series is keeping in tone with the comic, keeping the ideas and atmosphere in the comic and follows it quite well considering, where as this is nothing like the WWZ book, AT ALL!. You clearly have not read either WWZ or the walking dead…to further add, the walking dead, wether it stays 100% to the comic or not, is a far greater horror/zombie production than this heap of a non atmospheric, michael bay style, cgi mess!

      • James

        I actually have read both World War Z and the Walking Dead series up to the point where they reach the Hilltop Community. While the TV series does keep the spirit of the graphic novels series, there is a lot that’s different.

        My point is people are criticizing this movie based on a one minute ET preview. Yes, the story takes place during the war rather than recapping it like the book, but the spirit of the novel may still be there. We won’t know for sure until we actually watch the movie.

    • GET OVER IT!

      some other people who speak sense on here, thank god, i nearly gave up on humanity

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  • Leo

    I have come to accept The Walking Dead as the definitve Zombie(it feels wrong calling them zombies, Walkers only Walkers when referencing The Walking dead).

    During season 2 I really came to accept that all though I love zombie fiction, no other zombies will ever quite be the same as they once were.

  • Roland Deschain

    “People turning into ‘undead flesheaters?’ I can see that.”

    “They move fast instead of slow? NO WAY MAN! I CALL BULLSHIT! FAIL!”


    • Louis

      Brilliant! I personally find running zombies much more frightening, those are the kind of zombies that give me nightmares.

      Unfortunately, the animation looks decent at best.

  • tarek

    Why zombies always running after us ? Why ?!

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  • Matty

    Remember how excited we all were at the news of a WWZ adaptation? Yeah, me neither.

  • Hola BackGrinder

    I think it will be a good movie, kind of wish they were following the book better though: World War Z

  • Hola BackGrinder

    I think it will be a good movie, kind of wish they were following the book better though: <a href=\"\">World War Z</a>

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  • Oskars

    I think that the walking dead has rightfully taken individual stories for itself, leaving World war Z the global action.
    The one thing i hope is that the zombies are a bit turbocharged in the WWZ trailer, and that the zombies in the movie will be just fast running, but not a fast blob of incoherent spaghetti mass.

  • Sam

    “Brad Pitt stars is in a zombie action movie, you have our attention” why in the hell would Pitt be a guarantee of anything? or anything to be expectant for? do you really consider him such a big deal? It’s a bit of a silly thing to say.

    • harry hartounian

      I can’t think of anything he’s done I haven’t appreciated. When someone achieves that level, that’s branding. After a period of time, if proven, you can learn to trust a brand. So yeah, I’d say that merely knowing that BP is in a movie is quite often enough to justify me going to it. He’s a good fuggin actor who chooses good projects, case closed. Watch Assassination of Jesse James if you need a reminder.

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  • Roel

    Finally .. A Zombie with huge count .. they are not running rather they roll ..

    Me – Mom is that a Zombie ??..
    Mom – It is just a man that will eat our brains

  • Zombie Lover

    Why are you people analyzing every bit and piece of this film? It’s Fantasy, It’s a no brainer. Who the hell you people think you are… Zombie Experts? Yeah…..ok. There are even idiots on this blog comparing it to Walking Dead…Really…Come on. It’s Apples to oranges. No comparison. You sit there watch the movie with some plausible explanations on some items not all (giving it some sense of realism) and other parts just to make the movie that more interesting. Just watch the movie. Either you are going to waste 2 hrs of your life and get dumber or 2hs enjoying pure entertainment. If you don’t like the trailer, don’t see the movie. It’s that simple. Why not shove the book up your ass and shut the hell up. Otherwise, go see a brainless 2hr movie and enjoy it!
    Or smoke some bath salts if you want to start your own Zombie apocalypse.

    Peace, Love and Chicken Grease.

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  • Pingback: First Look at Brad Pitt and Tons of Zombies in WORLD WAR Z Footage; Trailer Premieres on Thursday [Updated with Poster] |

  • Pingback: First Look at Brad Pitt and Tons of Zombies in WORLD WAR Z Footage; Trailer Premieres on Thursday [Updated with Poster] |