‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Director Bryan Singer Defends the Look, Sound of His Titular Villain

     May 2, 2016


X-Men: Apocalypse director Bryan Singer heard your jokes about how his eponymous villain looks like Ivan Ooze from Power Rangers, but he has an explanation. Whether or not it’ll quell any fan concerns is another thing.

During an interview with IGN, Singer pulled a Zack Snyder and explained his choices regarding Oscar Isaac’s Apocalypse. First things first, here’s what he said regarding the latter:

There was an image released on Entertainment Weekly, where the effect hadn’t been put in yet, so everyone was — the effect has a pink light on it, and everyone got lit up pink, so people thought Apocalypse was going to be pink. I was like, ‘No, no, they’re all pink. Take a look. Everyone in the picture is pink. It’s a pink picture.’ They maybe just should have taken the pink out of the picture — I should have taken the pink out of the picture. I’m going to take some blame for that. My fault, not Entertainment Weekly’s. That’s the picture I gave them.


Image via 20th Century Fox

Since then, all posters and imagery including the character featured his true blue hue. In terms of the character’s voice, which was criticized after the release of the first trailer, Singer said in part:

[The first trailer] was simply Oscar using his normal voice — which is wonderful; his performance is fantastic — but that was never the intention. We just needed those words to govern the first teaser. So people thought, ‘Oh, wait, is that going to be his voice during the whole movie?’ It’s like, no, but to tell the story of the first teaser, we needed the voice, and I hadn’t recreated the voice yet.

Singer and his team have been working out the kinks in the VFX all throughout the marketing campaign. The latest trailer was their opportunity to finally flaunt them. The director continued to explain that Apocalypse doesn’t have on single voice but rather “ebbs and flows and moves through the movie.”

And, lastly, Singer addressed fan criticism regarding Isaac’s less than monolithic stature.

So then people were like, ‘He’s small.’ I’m like, ‘Okay, I got the same s*** when I cast a six-foot-three actor to play five-foot-four Wolverine. I got the same s*** when Quicksilver’s very sweet, 1970s costume was released on an Empire Magazine cover.’ You know, every time. I could have made him a giant through the whole movie, or some muscle-bound guy who can’t act — I could always do that. But the reality is, among his many powers — and you will see him change size — but among his many powers is his power of persuasion, and it was very important that he’d be able to connect with his horsemen, at their level, and that he’d be played by a guy who can actually act like Oscar, who’s a fantastic actor.

X-Men: Apocalypse will hit theaters on May 27, so take all that for what it’s worth.


Image via 20th Century Fox


Image via 20th Century Fox


Image via 20th Century Fox


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