Simon Kinberg Talks the Origin of the X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Post Credits Scene, When It Was Filmed, and Its Connection to X-MEN: APOCALYPSE

     May 27, 2014


After a heavy amount of anticipation, X-Men: Days of Future Past is now finally out in theaters, and naturally everyone wants to know “what’s next?”  The sequel, X-Men: Apocalypse, is already dated for release on May 27, 2016, and director Bryan Singer plans to return to the director’s chair on the pic, which will follow the First Class cast of characters plus Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in the 1980s.  Obviously the title confirms that the comics supervillain Apocalypse will be the “Big Bad” in Apocalypse, but we don’t know much about how the character will be utilized in the follow-up.

We recently spoke with Days of Future Past and Apocalypse screenwriter Simon Kinberg about the DOFP post-credits scene and how it leads to the sequel, and the scribe revealed that the actor seen at the end of Days of Future Past won’t necessarily return for the follow-up and implied that X-Men: Apocalypse won’t be returning to the setting glimpsed in the post-credits scene.  Kinberg also discussed how they came up with the tease that became the post-credits tag.  Read on after the jump.  Obviously spoilers for the Days of Future Past tag follow.

x-men-apocalypseKinberg told us that he and the filmmaking team did not settle on the Apocalypse storyline for the Days of Future Past sequel until they were in the midst of production on DOFP, because they had previously been so focused on getting the first film off the ground.  Once they did start discussing Apocalypse, however, Kinberg reiterated their desire to delve into the disaster subgenre:

“During production, we all spent time talking about what the sequel would be, what we could do that could continue and deepen the character stories that we’ve been following through First Class and Days of Future Past, and in a way explore a different genre.  I think one of the things that my favorite superhero comic book movies do is they’re superhero comic book movies, but they also have their own subgenre.  With Days of Future Past, it’s a science-fiction time-travel movie, which is its own genre, and with Apocalypse it’s an opportunity to do a disaster movie juxtaposed with superheroes, and that’s something we haven’t really seen before.”

As for the post-credits sequence, Kinberg says they went through a number of variations before settling on the “Apocalypse builds the pyramids” scene:

“Once we sort of committed to [Apocalypse] being the sequel that we were going to pursue, we felt like the tag was an opportunity to start to set that up or just tease that for audiences.  We went through a lot of ideas for what that scene could be, and some of them were reported erroneously online, some of them were pretty close to the way people reported them online, but we landed on what the final version was toward the end of production.  So we didn’t have time in our initial round of photography to film it, we filmed it when we went back up to Montreal after principal photography, with obviously an entirely different cast, but with our crew.”

x-men-days-of-future-past-michael-fassbenderKinberg confirmed that the young actor who played Apocalypse in the post-credits tag “won’t necessarily” be the Apocalypse that we see in X-Men: Apocalypse, adding that the follow-up might not even return to the Ancient Egypt setting:

“The tag is a tease of Apocalypse’s origin backstory.  It’s not necessarily gonna be a part of the storytelling of the Apocalypse movie.  It was really just to sort of tease for the audience, ‘There’s this new guy out there and he’s coming.’”

I, for one, was really hoping to see the follow-up return to Ancient Egypt because I think it would be neat to see how history’s first mutant interacted with humans in that time period.  One imagines the focus of X-Men: Apocalypse will primarily deal with how the X-Men bring down the adult Apocalypse in a more modern setting, but hopefully they can at least give us a glimpse of the antagonist’s backstory.

Watch the portion of Steve’s interview with Kinberg regarding the Days of Future Past post-credits tag and X-Men: Apocalypse below.

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  • Colonel_Neville_Wraithchild

    if xmen apocalypse is going to be set in the 80′s it would be cool to see a younger storm sporting her trademark mohawk from that era. please kimberg, make that happen.

    • Leo Spaceman

      My question is would she be sporting her accent?

      • Faptain America

        I think we can forget about ever seeing 1. an authentic Storm, and 2. Cyclops as the leader of the X-Men.

        I, for one, am OK with that.

  • Colonel_Neville_Wraithchild

    if xmen apocalypse is going to be set in the 80′s it would be cool to see a younger storm sporting her trademark mohawk from that era. please kimberg, make that happen.

  • Person

    I’d also like to see them spend at least part of the movie in ancient Egypt. It’d be a nice change-of-pace and give them a chance to do something different from other superhero stuff. Plus, not really looking forward to seeing the X-Men showcase 80s fashion…. yikes (if ever there was a time period best suited for Wolverine’s yellow costume, it would be this).

    • aceshigh

      There are ways to hat-tip the style of the time without going over-the-top.

      American Hustle, for instance, did a brilliant job of showcasing ’70s style without making it look like a gaudy parody, which far too many films do. In fact, American Hustle made the ’70s look sexy, which is not easy to do.

  • aceshigh

    DofP was sooo great…can’t wait for Apocalypse.

    Only problem is I don’t want to say goodbye to the “old” cast, but this film really felt like the last time we would be seeing McKellen, Stewart, Janssen, Marsden, etc. in those roles.

    I love the “First Class” cast, but it’s hard not to get nostalgic seeing the old guard again.

    It’s going to really suck when Jackman decides to finally move on.

    • the king of comedy

      I wish they would do one last movie with the older cast in this new timeline, and do a proper Phoenix saga, I know it`s just a dream but it would be amazing if Jean started to develop her phoenix persona, wolverine warned the x men of the possible outcomes of such a powerful treat, since he already lived the events of last stand, then the movie could develop the relationshiop beetwen Jean and Scott, and let wolverine realize that Jean was never meant for him and finally let cyclop take a central role in the movie, I think the franchise owns that to cyclops, all while developing the phoenix saga in proper way.

      • PresidentObama

        @disqus_qfwA3j30b9:disqus, I couldn’t agree with you more, what ALL the X-men franchise was missing was the fact that if there were central characters to the team, it was not only Wolverine, professor X, Jean, Storm, Nightcrawler (depending on the era) but none other than the fucking team leader himself, Scott! I doubt they would do the Phoenix saga again (even if the first attempt was a collossal failure) due to repetiveness, but then again, CONTRARY to what Kinberg stated, I think ALL superhero comic book movie fans are sick and tired of watching DISATER settings, i.e. Avengers, MOS. Since DOFP’s timetravel worked so miraculously, why not make it cause even more ripples in the timeline and make most of the original (with some of the First Class guys) X-men led by Scott for once, go back in time to Egypt to destory Apocolypse in THAT ERA, and then with a Disater setting or not, it won’t feel repetetive like seeing another American city demolished. Of course, we have Wolverine 3 which will be shot back-to-back with Apocolypse to consider, but Apocolypse can function as a re-boot of a re-boot, and since Sly is still ripped at nearly 70, I’m sure Hugh Jackman would be more than happy and willing to play Logan for another 20 years!
        With DOFP, we X-men fans can finally get that aweful taste left in our mouths out by Brett “Uwe Boll” Ratter’s (where’s he now) X3 and there’s no other way but to go up from now! Here’s hoping to a positive FUTURE for the franchise that deserves much more recognition and credit than they presently have! Cheers!

      • the king of comedy

        I doubt they can pull off another time travel movie, I think they found a nice balance here with DOFP and even tough they created a different time line it works, I think more time travel movies would mess up that balance. I also think that it would feel fresh to see a dissaster movie involving the X-Men, let the world have a glimpe of the most powerful mutant yet and let the mutants save humanity as a whole in a way humans can actually see what they did (unlike DOFP and X2), in this movie they should definitelly bring young Scott, and let him play an important role assuming leadirship of the X-Men. I`m a little concerned of what happens after x-men apocalypse, I`m not sure where else this franchise could go, I guess one final battle beetwen the X-Men and Magneto could work but they should add something new and interesting from the comics I can`t think of anything now but I`m sure we can find something there, an Magneto origins movie was an idea I liked a lot but I guess we covered most of that in First Class, a solo movie for Deadpool would be almost guaranteed when we come to this and of course one last Wolverine movie is already in progress, I think the only place where the franchise could go besides these ideas is expand the universe with one last movie involving the older cast and make a proper phoenix saga.

      • Andrew Sanders

        Yeah,a big shame we won’t get the film treatment of the classic Phoenix/Dark Phoenix storyline it rightly deserves.The ending of X2 promised so much.Still,I was very pleased with how DOFP finished off the story by ‘correcting’ the ‘mistakes’ of Last Stand.
        As much as I I loved Janssen as Marvel Girl,…I do hope we eventually get a new Cyclops & Jean Grey joining the First Class team,…or would that be a bit awkward with Wolvie still having knowledge of the original time-line? Could be interesting I reckon.

      • the king of comedy

        I agree I think we need to see at least a young Scott joining the first class crew, maybe younger versions of storm and jean could work as well and we already know gambit will also be joining the movie wich is great. I don`t think it would be awkward to bring these X-Men with younger wolverine, since wolverine from the past doesn`t remember the things that he lived as an older wolverine in a different timeline, he was only able to remember these things when older logan`s conscience was send back in time but when the conection was lost wolverine from the past doesn`t even remember the things that he`s been doing and is all again wolverine that knows nothing (much like Jhon Snow), only future Logan and future professor X know about the future events of DOFP.

      • Aquartertoseven

        I’d love to see Singer does his take of the Phoenix juxtaposed against Apocalypse, with Magneto in the middle feeling kind of inadequate, that would make for an awesome film.

  • Strong Enough

    this guy’s smile haunts my dreams now

    • Brodon

      Is it really a smile though? He’s like the man Mona Lisa…

      • Strong Enough


  • PunyGod

    “With Days of Future Past, it’s a science-fiction time-travel movie, which is its own genre, and with Apocalypse it’s an opportunity to do a disaster movie juxtaposed ….. ”

    whoa .. i mean I loved DOFP a lot but I wouldn’t call it a ‘science fiction time travel’ movie. They sure know how to make a movie sound cool.

    • Anthony Michael

      Do they they travel in time from a dystopian future?
      Are there weird giant robots that use the DNA of a mutant to transform mid-fight?

      It’s science fiction time travel

  • Faptain America

    Apocalypse mind-controls Magneto and three others. Ultron mind-controls Hulk and maybe Tony Stark. Maybe Darkseid mind-controls Superman (oooof, good luck with that, JLA).
    Get ready for a lot more mind control in the summertime.

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  • Doodle

    So I guess everyone was so focused on Apoc they totally missed the 4 horsmen in the background

    • TrueDat

      Mads Mikkelson would make an awesome Mr. Sinister

    • TrueDat

      Mads Mikkelson would make an awesome Mr. Sinister

  • Aquartertoseven

    His writing was the weakest part of this film, it was so hammy sometimes and lacklustre. He needs to assume a Feige role, where he oversees without actually contributing. Keep Kinberg away from the script Fox!

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