X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Coming May 27, 2016

     December 5, 2013


While you were distracted by a certain web-slinger dropping a new trailer this morning, another X-Men movie was creeping up on you all along.  Director Bryan Singer tweeted earlier today that X-Men: Apocalypse would be coming, with a follow-up tweet from another account saying that the X-Men: Days of Future Past sequel would be opening on May 27, 2016.  That’s all the details we have at the moment, but there is so much possibility in that one word.  Hit the jump for more.

apocalypse-x-menHere are the tweets in question:

Bryan Singer ‏@BryanSinger

#Xmen #Apocalypse 2016!

Exhibitor Relations ‏@ERCboxoffice
No stopping the X-Men franchise. Fox’s X-MEN: APOCALYPSE will drop May 27, 2016.

While the above is certainly not an official confirmation that X-Men: Apocalypse will be the theatrical sequel to next year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, let’s just assume that it is for the moment.  For those of you who aren’t fans of the comic (or even the 90s series that made the all-powerful villain a household name), Apocalypse is one name of an immortal mutant, perhaps the first ever, who has his roots in ancient Egypt.  He possesses superhuman strength and mental powers, the ability to teleport and control energy, and a genius-level intellect, in addition to his use of alien technology and armor.

Apocalypse has clashed with the X-Men in a number of storylines across a variety of timelines.  In one, Apocalypse studies and recruits powerful mutants as his Four Horsemen.  In another named “Age of Apocalypse”, Apocalypse has already conquered most of the world.  He’s most often featured in stories where time travel is prevalent, and has run across the time-jumping mutants Cable and Bishop on numerous occasions.

Since X-Men: Days of Future Past is already introducing a parallel/alternate timeline into the movie universe (along with Bishop, played by Omar Sy), it’s conceivable that the events of the next film might cause a ripple in time that leads to the events of X-Men: Apocalypse.  Time will tell, but for now, this is certainly an exciting announcement!

Here’s a bit of Apocalypse from the 90s series, X-Men:

  • Peter

    well that was unexpected

  • RecoveR

    Guessing Days Of Future Past doesn’t end too well haha

    • ʝoe ßloggs

      No it doesn’t. It happens when you disrupt the past to create a future which is worse than the one they were trying to prevent.

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  • Steven

    I can’t even be arsed to get excited for 2015 because it seems so far away. This is great but too far away.

    • BrutalDEEJAY

      MCU has planned for the year 2020, and has released confirmed dates for up to 2017

      Here are some movies 2016-2018 (not just Marvel)
      Doctor Strange, Star Trek 3, The Amazing Spider-Man 3, Army of Darkness 2, The Flash, Avatar 2 & Alice in Wonderland 2 are set for 2016.
      Justice League & Avatar 3 are 2017.
      Avatar 4 & The Amazing Spider-Man 4 are 2018.
      This isn’t that far away :/

      • Steven

        haha Oh dear. Will anyone remember the first Avatar by the time the second film is made ??

      • Liderc

        If James Cameron’s brainwashing is still in effect most likely they will. Never understand how he does it, but the guy makes money.

      • Norrtron

        Marvel hasn’t confirmed any release dates past Ant-Man, most of the movies you listed will probably come out some day, but their releases aren’t set like you are implying.

      • BrutalDEEJAY

        They have confirmed dates for 2016, they just haven’t released the titles of the projects, so they’re labelled as “untitled”. (Titles get announced 2014)

  • Daniel Ronczkowski

    Are they in a rush to get as many movies out as possible? I smell a turd.

  • Bryan

    2016? This is a bit rushed especially for such a big villain in Apocalypse.

  • Bryan

    2016? This is a bit rushed especially for such a big villain in Apocalypse.

    • http://thenonessentials.blogspot.com/ Sean Chandler

      Depends on when they started working on it. If they’ve been planning this for awhile and they studio just wanted to make sure they loved what they were seeing from Days of Future past, it’s not really rushed at all.

      • Bryan

        Maybe I guess I just don’t want them to f this up as it’s Apocalypse.


      no it’s not……..

    • Hamish

      It’s not rushed at all. May 2016 is two and a half years away. PLENTY of time for a quality tentpole/blockbuster.

    • Stanley

      The first x-men was released in 2000. This movie planned will be in 2016. Plus that would be the 8th film at least, so no i dont think anyone thinks thats a rush

    • Andrew Hegele

      they already have a title, most of the casting done (assuming they come back), a terrific villain and great material for the story… that’s more than they probably have for Episode 7 and that comes out 6 months earlier ;)

  • Let The Wookie Win

    They gotta do this fast, Jackman is going to be sick or working out soon

    • GunzOfNavarone

      He’s got another Wolverine planned too.

    • ʝoe ßloggs

      I don’t know how long Jackman can remain jacked up. Pardon the pun!
      His fitness routine, for his age is extremely tough.

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  • http://www.collider.com/ DNAsplitter

    Fucking Tits! Hopefully Deadpool they can fit in between.

  • McA

    Who is directing I wonder? And is it safe to assume that Apocalypse is the big bag behind the scenes causing all that timeline mayhem in DOFP? And also will the Fantastic Four reboot (which will share the same universe) link into it? Also isn’t X- Force supposed to be opening in 2016?

    Personally, I do hope Vaughn gets a chance to finish the trilogy although if Singer does a good job with DOFP, I’m down for him to return.

    • Bryan

      Obviously Singer is doing this even if X-Men: Days is a letdown but I have a feeling it wont be so don’t worry.

      • McA

        Yep, probably a safe bet that he is. I have a good feeling about DOFP too – especially after seeing the detail that went into thebentbullet viral site – but Jack The Giant Slayer and Superman Returns still leave a slight niggle for me.

        Also, what cast go forward in the sequel. Apart from Jackman, I’d love to see them all recast. New Jean Grey, new Cyclops etc… And can they finally do some justice to Cyclops ffs!? He’s the leader of the X-Men!

      • Bryan

        Well I don’t think Singer was right for Supes or Jack The Giant Slayer but he does X-Men well and he was a writer on First Class so some of the stuff in the film were probably his ideas so I have faith in Bryan to ressurect himself with the fans.

      • McA

        Setting it in the real world 60s was Singer’s idea and it was by far the best thing that happened to the X Men franchise. None of this ‘the not too distant future’ nonsense, I like that they grounded it with something that actually happened when they did First Class. Setting the reveal for mutants during the Cuban Missile Crisis was genius i thought.

      • doctor_robot

        i think he did a better job with super-man than snyder did.

      • Lex Walker

        That he did.

      • McA

        The older actors from the original trilogy recast that is. Got nuthin but love for Fassbender, McAvoy and J-Law. Just think it’s time some fresh, new actors got a chance to play Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Rogue etc.

      • McA

        Kinberg has just inked a new deal at Fox so at least he seems to be the ‘Whedon’ guy at Fox. Good news I think. I rate Kinberg pretty highly and he seems to have a good grip on the X-Men universe.




  • James

    I don’t think it’s rushed simply because Bryan Singer has been wanting to do a storyline about Apocalypse for years. He even said on an interview that if he would have stayed and did the 3rd X-Men movie instead of leaving for Superman, then that movie would have been about Apocalypse.

    • Nerdgasm

      Would have lead to Apocalypse. Not would have BEEN, they followed his thoughts of having the third movie being the Phoenix which was his plan all the time. He said that if they would have continued after three then they would have started talking Apocolypse cause he brought up the fact that he loves Angel and wanted him in teh third movie to lead to him becoming Arch Angel down the line which would have brought in Apocalypse.

      • JBug

        Raise your hand if you’re willing to forget Fox ever screwed up the Phoenix. I really hope they find a way to do it right. As far as X-Men stories go, Phoenix is number one for me, with Apocalypse coming in a close second.

      • Lex Walker

        When you have a movie where characters mess with the timeline, you pretty much get free reign to revive dead characters. It might seem cheap, but it would at least make complete sense in context, especially if Cable is going to appear (kinda need Cyclops for that).

  • sense11

    Its a good time to be alive

  • Angel of Death

    Andre Braugher for Motion Capture Apocalypse!

    • Nerdgasm

      A lot of people say dumbshit on this site like Bryan Cranston for Lex Luther but that is such an amazing idea.

    • ʝoe ßloggs

      NIce! Or Arnold Vosloo – seeing how Egyptian villains are up his street.

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  • Bryan

    Apocalypse, Justice League and Sinister Six all in the next 2 to 3 years. Which one of these 3 will fail hard or will all 3 be a success. The Avenger’s is a success so that’s crossed out as it was the first and paved the way despite that fact we haven’t seen Thanos in action but it’s Joss Whedon.

    • Stanley

      Everyone is gonna be super excited to see ultron and then when we actually see the movie and it leads up to seeing ultron in action he is going to act like bender from futurama

      • Bryan

        Yeah as if Joss is really going to pull that card since the first card pulled [Mandarin] was universally hated by fans and I actually really like Iron Man 3 but the twist was utter crap but unlike most I can overlook things and enjoy good storytelling other than the Mandarin twist which I’ll give people that as Shane Black shouldn’t have gone there especially in an Iron Man film.

      • doctor_robot

        i loved the mandarin twist. and i thought IM3 was pretty awesome.

      • paul h

        Yep, most of the hate seems to come from die hard Marvel comics fans so…

  • Iron Man 3 Is a Mess

    I’ve been waiting for this movie to happen for decades, but I have zero hope for it as long as Singer is attached.

    • Johnson

      That would be your problem and nobody cares.

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  • TigerFIST

    I guess it will never happen but I just want the rights to go back to Marvel/Disney or the two studios of Fox and Marvel/Disney work together. Maybe in the next life.

    • Lex Walker

      It’s not entirely out of the question. There have been people high up in the studio cooperation conversation who’ve mentioned that an Amazing Spider-man and Avengers crossover almost happened but it was brought up too late in the post-production process to be implemented. Disney knows at this point they’re not going to see Spidey ever again unless Sony’s movie division gets shuttered (which has been close to happening a couple of times), and the same is true of Fox’s Marvel properties unless they have a big stream of bombs and the rights lapse due to inactivity. Consequently, Disney/Marvel knows if they ever want to grant that huge Nerd wish, a profit-split plan with Sony and Fox would be necessary. The question then becomes do they go even split or what? /geexplanation

      • paul h

        IIRC it wasn’t much of a cross-over, it was gonna be having the Stark tower in the NYC skyline for ASM or something like that (Oz Corp tower in Avengers? I forget which way round it was), but by the time the lawyers had finished hashing out the deal they’d already finished their virtual skyline.

  • Sal

    Isn’t Jean Grey part of that saga too? At least in some version of it?
    I really missed her and I know only She is an Omega Mutan like Apocalypse. She could save the day no?

    • ʝoe ßloggs

      Apoc is not an Omega level mutant.

      • Nerdgasm

        True Apocalypse is not an Omega but he has battled Omega’s and won. The only reason why he is not considered one is cause it’s his celestial tech and not mutant power that makes him so strong. Without his tech he’s basically Wolverine.

  • Alboone

    Wow! This is gonna be good.

  • Dmula

    Wow Im super pumped he was always one of my favorite characters in all of comics,I really hope they nail it onscreen

  • Thomas K.

    This news is fantastic for SO many reasons.
    You think they are going to keep First Class cast with the new XMen they are introducing or go back to the Original.
    (Sure we’ll have to see how Days Of Future Past plays out to find out.)
    I’m down with either, kind of prefer the First Class cast members though, keep it fresher and Younger, but of course keep Wolverine.


    • Lex Walker

      With Cable and Bishop in the picture, they could have members of both the original and new cast.

  • The Flobbit

    Good, good. I see FOX is getting their shit together, and Sony has it’s plans stacked too. DC; FOLLOW SUIT!

    • paul h

      Yeah, kinda embarrassing for them that 10+ years into the superhero craze and they *still* haven’t got their shit together.

  • Strong Enough

    no more bryan singer

    • ʝoe ßloggs

      Huh? Why? X-Men is the only good thing this guy does.

      • Strong Enough

        he does nothing right

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  • Josh B

    if this is true, Fox has some huge balls. To even use Apocalypse they should at least make it a two part movie. 1st movie with the origin then the 2nd where it ties with Days of Future Past. as much as i been waiting for an Apocalypse movie ever since i seen the first X-Men movie back in 2000 i still think they should wait before they tackle a huge character like that. I mean FOX doesnt even want to introduce or even mention Gambit to the team but they want to tackle Apocalypse?

  • Greyson

    Yay hopefully this means the events of Xmen3 are erased by the end of DOFP! :)

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  • http://mattedscreen.blogspot.com/ TheMattedScreen

    I love that people are clamoring for the original costumes in these movies, if you want an idea of how bad that could look – find yourself a bootleg of the Justice League TV pilot… all fairly accurate to the comics and look terrible in real life!

  • Jay

    yeah well, lets hope universal doesn’t hold the rights FOREVER…I’d like to see what Marvel would do with the X-Men….

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  • ʝoe ßloggs

    Mismatch. Thanos wins easily (even without infinity gems).

  • Liderc

    You realize how long movies take to make right? Gravity took 6 years to make. Most big movies take at least 18 months, if not longer in post production – especially in a CGI filled film.

  • Jason Richards

    What’s your point? They could easily film this for 6 months in 2015 and do post up until release date. Gravity took 6 years because they were literally building new technology to make that film. most films take 3 to 6 months to shoot and about the same to do post.

  • saffsan

    but yea, Thanos will win

  • ʝoe ßloggs


    You say that as if it were a bad thing. :)

  • ʝoe ßloggs

    Simple…they are in different leagues.
    Thanos is a cosmic being.
    Apocalypse is only a powerful human mutant.

    A proper Thanos’ matchup would be against Darkseid.
    Apoc’s physicality is no threat to Thanos who is extremely durable. The only reason why the fight would go on is for Thanos’ own amusement – until Thanos gets bored and breaks Apoc in half.

    Having said that, I think the true nature of power between Apoc, Thanos and Darkseid is MANIPULATION. Staying as the power behind the curtain pulling the strings – until the final reveal as the antagonist.

    As for this new movie it makes sense because the events of Days of Future Past – prevention of certain things leading to the Sentinel extermination of mutants – creates an alternate future – The Age of Apocalypse.

  • ʝoe ßloggs

    Hulk – Thanos wins without breaking sweat as Thanos has beaten Thor easily (and Thor is stronger than Hulk)

    Silver Surfer – Thanos wins easily (it has been done)

    Galactus – different league. Thanos loses. Length of battle is dependent on Galactus’ hunger state at the time and whether Thanos is well prepared.