Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, and Shawn Ashmore Returning for X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

     January 26, 2013


If it wasn’t clear before, it certainly is now: director Bryan Singer is making one incredibly ambitious film with the X-Men: First Class sequel X-Men: Days of Future Past.  In addition to First Class stars Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, and Jennifer Lawrence, we previously learned that X-Men actors Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart, and Hugh Jackman will be reprising their roles in the upcoming follow-up.  The story involves time travel and alternate realities, so the mixing of the younger actors and older actors fits well within the film’s complex plot.

It appears that Singer isn’t simply bringing a few stars from X-Men and X2 back for Days of Future Past, as he revealed on Twitter today that Anna Paquin (Rogue), Ellen Page (Kitty Pryde), and Shawn Ashmore (Iceman) will also be joining the cast of Days of Future Past.  Hit the jump for more.


x-men-days-of-future-past-shawn-ashmore-ellen-pageSo it appears that Singer is putting together one very large cast for the upcoming sequel.  The overall plot of the story essentially centers on the characters in the past being warned about and—trying to avoid—a very unappealing dystopian future.  In the comics arc, Kitty Pryde plays a major role as she communicates with the characters in the past to warn them of a major assassination that’s going to take place in her present.  In addition to the aforementioned actors/characters, the story also involves the character of Colossus, so we could possibly see Daniel Cudmore return or the role recast.

I spoke with January Jones at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival earlier this week and she told me that she hasn’t been contacted about appearing in the sequel yet, so she was unsure as to whether Emma Frost would be popping up.  Seeing as how Singer is filling out this cast with a hefty amount of characters from the previous films, I can understand how the story might not have room for an arc from Frost.

Hopefully we hear more soon as the film moves closer towards production.  X-Men: Days of Future Past opens on July 18, 2014.


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  • SP1234

    I’d love to see the Kitty plotline in this. Plus it would make sense for Page to have an expanded role, sine Last Stand she’s become a big star with Juno and Inception.

    • Roche

      All of these old familiars will be playing the concentration camp X-Men from DoFP and Fassbender and Lawrence will be playing the part of Mystique’s Brotherhood who attempts to assassinate Senator Kelly. I wish though they’d bring in younger versions of Storm, Cyclops and Jean Grey as the new first class alongside Banshee and Beast.

      Also, I honestly hope Singer takes a huge steamy dump all over Ratner’s X-Men “legacy” and makes this film a continuance of X-2 and not X-3. I suspect this is the case because Famke Jansen and Patrick Stewart will be returning but knowing how ludicrously bad FOX’s Marvel movies can get, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were portrayed as “Psychic Ghost” or something equally ridiculous…AMNESIA BULLETS!

  • amg907


    • Roche

      Can I get you pillow and a blankie, Bret Ratner?

  • Jack

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!! This movie is going to rock!

  • ed

    damn how big is the budget?

  • JW.

    I love the zinger towards Ratner

  • Michael Horne

    X:Men : Assemble.

  • Grayden

    This is either going to be one hell of a summer blockbuster, or an unmitigated disaster. There will be no middle ground.

  • Drake

    Heck yes! This is awesome news. The movie better be long enough to fit in all these characters. (I’m looking at you The Last Stand. Even though I didn’t mind that movie)

    • Jason

      I guess if you’re not a fan of the comics it’s awesome they’re making another movie. Would be nice if Fox and Singer would just STOP! They’ve proven from the very first movie they don’t have any respect for the source material. In fact, it’s more like they’re just ashamed of the comics and characters.

      • Drake

        Very true, I’m coming at this purely from a movie fan standpoint, as I’ve never read the comics.

      • Chad

        I’m a fan of the comics and they captured X-Men perfectly with the first 2 films. not sure what comics you read (or maybe you don’t know the HISTORY of the X-Men) but you’re 100% off base. Sorry.

      • tim

        Yup. Chad has it right. The first two were great and did no disservice to the comics, and X2 specifically was up there for best super hero movie ever for a while.

      • Um, Sure

        I never read the comics, so correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the comics have a tendency to play fast and loose with the source material? Changing details to fit a movie sensibility in no way shows disrespect. Rather, it shows an understanding of how different mediums require different approaches. Lovers of original source material tend to forget this.

  • Amina

    But what about Storm??

    • Matt C

      Halle Berry can remain in obscurity for all I care.

      • jamie f.

        Halle Berry had to have an acting coach for the first x-men movie…..enough said.

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  • Lee

    All these characters forced into one film is smelling an awful lot like X-Men Last Stand.
    I get that Singer regrets not making X-Men 3 but does he have to disregard Vaughn’s impressive fresh take on the franchise? I thought the point of X-Men First Class was to give fans a new starting point with a new group of heroes, seems like Singer wants to push the new kids out of the way to bring back his vision.

    • hg

      when will people learn x men is an ensemble piece it wouldn’t be x men if it had like 6 characters

      it should be huge they are a team

      • Lee

        I think “learned” that with X-Men Last Stand and how too many characters cause a film to lose its focus and turns to crap. Apparently when you have too many characters in a film powers get switched around too i.e. Calisto having Caliban’s power and Kid Omega Quill.

  • Jon

    I love x men but this will be crap bet on it nothing can live up to the avengers shoulda done this along time ago .avengers set the bar the highest it can go, and ALL the x men are crap ALL of them


  • LEM

    There are a helluva lot of characters in this movie so unless most are relegated to cameos or brought in for a giant final battle I can’t see this going well. Does anyone have any idea of what the story is? are there going to be two separate parallel stories going on in the past and future?

    • Dante

      If they do it the way it is in the comics it isn’t that many characters, most are younger and older versions of themselves, the storyline won’t consist of much of the future xmen either meaning if the movie is two hours they should only have 30 minutes of screen time tops because it is all about what the past xmen have to do to save the future. Hope that answers your question!

  • william powhida

    the only reason january jones got a part in “first class” is because she slept with the director and had his baby. thats why the original director didnt want to do the sequel. DUH!

  • Franklin

    Ellen Page was one of the best things about Last Stand (along with Vinnie Jones and Kelsey Grammer).

  • Ty

    I would like to see Kelsey grammar and Nicholas hiult in the film together, I would like to see more of the first class’s characters this idea is cool, I’d prefer it as a third film and not the first sequel to first class. Singers films were good, Vaughn’s was better ( to Bad it wasn’t a full reboot) so I’m not to thrilled to see so singer do a drama.

  • brNdon

    Great! We get Anna Paquin back as the lamest version of Rogue ever. I am so excited about this.
    God, she was so flipping useless in the X-Men movies.

    • Roche

      And yet she was so lame and useless that the current version of Rogue in the comics is based SQUARELY on this version. No more bouncing breasts and big hair flying through walls, winking and saying “aw schucks, ya’ll!” as she hurls an enemy into the air…FOR YOU!

    • Andrew

      You’re right on the money there,…Rogue should’ve been recast.
      I don’t really know why they’re bringing her back to be honest.If she’s the ‘future’ Rogue,then surely she’d be de-powered after taking the ‘cure’ in The Last Stand,…or are they just gonna ignore X3 entirely?(Maybe just as well!)

  • Kevin

    All I hope is that this “time travel” plot-line somehow manages to alter the timeline and bring back the characters who were so unjustifiably killed in that abomination, X-Men 3.
    I’ve been saying it for years, that Cyclops would be an easy fix, if they did an X-Men 4, because you dont actually see him die. Professor X could also be an easy fix, especially given the really crap second ending of X3, because you actually hear his voice talking to the nurse.

    So, with that said, seeing how time travel is being introduced in this film and virtually everyone is coming back….I’d say it’s a perfect opportunity to go back in time, stop certain events from happening and bring back our favorite heros, like Cyclops, Professor X and Jean Grey.

  • Jcruz

    Didn’t First Class contradict a lot of what was established in the other X-Men movies?

  • Franklin

    This is beginning to sound like X-Men: Movie 43

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