Bryan Singer Comments on X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Trailer with Image Captions

     October 29, 2013


We could sit here and pick apart the newly released X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer, but we’ll let director Bryan Singer do the job for us.  Singer recently took time out of his busy schedule to comment on some screengrabs from the trailer and provide behind-the-scenes info for their captions.

The film stars Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Ian McKellan, Patrick StewartPeter Dinklage, Anna Paquin, Ellen PageShawn AshmoreOmar Sy, and Halle Berry.  X-Men: Days of Future Past opens in 3D May 23, 2014.  Hit the jump to see what Singer had to say.

Here’s a sample of images and captions from Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past.  Be sure to head over to Empire for many more:


“The grey in the hair is something I took from X-Men Days Of Future Past, it’s a look in the comic,” says Singer. “I liked it, even though he hasn’t really aged physically it’s something that shows how tough things have gotten in the future, and brought that out in him and given him a little more world-weariness.”


“She’s one of the last surviving X-Men in this post-apocalyptic world,” explains Singer of Storm’s place in the movie. “She’s part of that with Wolverine and Charles and Magneto, they’re some of the last folk standing from the original X-Men. They’re at the spearhead of this mission, this last chance at saving the world. This is their only hope, their mission into time. Can you actually go back and affect time? Can you go back and change things or will time correct itself? Will history fight you back and is your destiny pre-determined or can you change it?”


Now this is a big one. Logan, in the 1970s, takes out some dude. You can just about see them in this grab, but Wolverine’s claws aren’t adamantium. Instead, they’re all bone, baby. All bone.

“He doesn’t have his metal yet in 1973,” confirms Singer, which places this movie before the events of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Wolverine’s first meeting with a man by the name of William Stryker, head of the Weapon X programme. Here, Stryker (previously played by Brian Cox in X2 and Danny Huston in Origins) is played by Josh Helman. And we’re intrigued to see how Magneto and Wolverine get on now that the former can’t make the latter behave like a puppet on a string…

  • axalon

    This is great! I’m so glad Singer did this. Huge fan of directors going in depth and explaining what they were going for in a scene, shot, or movie.

  • Matt Sallusti

    One of the greatest stories of all time – let’s hope it delivers

    • Mekt_Ranzz

      DOFP is definitely one of the greatest; however, there are other equally grand and epic time-travel stories to be found in comic books. “Flashpoint” by DC comics is one of them. The animated feature adaptation “Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox” is also great.

    • Strong Enough

      jeez. overboard man

  • Dale

    ‘X-Men – Days Of Future Past’ looks so awesome!

  • JBug

    I love how open Singer is. He’s a fan just like us and it really shows.

  • Sayed

    Not sure how I feel about the bone claws. I never liked the bone claws! It’s all about adamantium!!!… BUT… I’m glad Singer is gonna keep up with the timeline and continuity. So I guess I can try to let it slide. Especially if the movie is amazing.

  • The Flobbit

    God damn you. Stealing from Empire again! I really don’t understand why! Oh and good stuff by the way.

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  • Arnold


    • canns

      you mean trek 11 right? no one counts the two pathetic remakes by the hack jj abrams. A fifth TNG film would be awesome.

      • Jim

        There may be a bunch of fringe Trek fanboy message boards that would echo this for you, but really, that’s a minority opinion. Just an FYI

      • DNAsplitter

        Right because 5 out of the original 10 films were so craptacular that we should just continue making them? Abrams made Star Trek watchable again. After First Contact the series derailed and the films that came before it were spotty at best (2,3,4,6,8 were the only good films of the series).

      • no longer a trek or wars fan

        I would like another TNG film, or in other words the REAL Star Trek 11, but it is never going to happen. Paramount fucked up with star trek. Never thought they would mess up so bad as to have a hack director make two abysmal remakes. Pathetic. No longer a star trek or star wars fan because of the colossal awfulness that is the shit head jj abrams.

  • Sal

    I just wish we had more Xmen. Where is cyclops, they should have Jean as well. Maybe she didn’t kill him maybe she took his powers and he was somewhere around living like a human and then BOOM the powers return. and because Last stand fucked up it doesn’t mean that The phoenix can die.

    • Grayden

      Maybe because she’s dead the future turns out the way it did. The single most powerful mutant on the planet isn’t there to effectively protect the rest, or eliminate the threat to mutants in general.

    • Mekt_Ranzz

      I said this under the comments section of another DOFP article, but based on the early 80s X-Men comic books, the time-travel in this story may not be that at all, and could leave room for “deceased” X-Men characters. You’ll have to read the comics yourself to know what I mean.

  • McA

    Wait a sec, the Wolverine Origins is in continuity? Xavier is walking in that! Why didn’t they just drop that one entirely. Wolverine without the adamantium, though it may seem minor, just isn’t the same Wolverine. I had a a little bit of faith in Singer going into this but I’m not as optimistic now. Start a new damn timeline already and give Wolvie his damn adamantium!

    • Grayden

      you do realize that Wolverine doesn’t get his Adamantium until the 80s, right? That’s canon. So, if this film takes place in the 70s, regardless of Origins being counted in this continuity or not, he still shouldn’t have his adamantium. I understand his adamantium is boss and makes him nigh indestructible, but it’s also a crutch. One they can easily lean on.

      • McA

        Canon in the comics or the movies? It’s just that he won’t have his adamantium in the future either as The Wolverine is also apparently in the same continuity. It would be too weird not to have them feature at all, no?

        I’m utterly baffled to be honest, First Class seemed to solve the messed up continuity and mostly reboot the whole thing. I think everyone was mostly cool with that. Now DOFP seems to indicate that all that stuff in the previous movies is in play. Am I wrong? The only thing I’m thinking is that they could do a whole bait and switch and the twist ends up being that the original timeline was an alternate one all along and Wolverine somehow got send back into, what is for him, an alternate 1973. Still, I really do hope they jettison the Wolvie Origins movie – way too many continuity screw ups.

      • Grayden

        But it isn’t an alternate 73′ for him. Your past will not be different just by you showing up in it. It’s the same past that would have happened after First Class. As for comics vs film canon, Origins followed the comic canon in regard to when Wolverine got his adamantium. It would make no sense for them to deviate from that just because some people want it. I am curious to see how Singer explains why the sentinel threat was overlooked or went unseen by Erik and Charles over all these years.

      • McA

        I don’t follow that logic. It can’t be the same past though for everyone else – specifically Charles and Eric. First Class rewrote the established timeline and as you mentioned, the sentinels have been around since the 70s… unless of course someone has been purposely screwing around with the timeline. Maybe Apocalypse?

        Still I don’t see why they can’t deviate from the comics regarding the adamantium bonding process that happened. I mean, a lot of stuff gets changed in the translation process from comic to movie.

      • Roderick

        Which Moira MacTaggart is the real one, now that they’ve merged the two series: the 60′s fed or the 2000′s scientist?

  • gph-artist

    I think some folks are missing the point of doing this storyline. The X-Men franchise derailed after X2, but rather than pretend that X3 and Origins didn’t happen (considering we have the same actors and the same universe), DoFP will use that backdrop for why everything went wrong and needs to be reset. The Wolverine movie started down that path, referencing the events of X3. This is just the next step, and First Class created the means to get there.
    The trailer has me excited and hopeful.

    • McJ

      I think you’re probably right… well I hope you’re right! I did enjoy the trailer though. Very moody looking – that being said, I hope the freshness and vibrancy that First Class brought to the franchise is retained. Also Fassbender needs to have another ‘submarine out of the water’ moment in DOFP. That was bad-ass. Singer needs a hit and I hope DOFP is that hit.

    • mike_thoms

      Singer has all but said they’re trying to erase X3 from the timeline. I’m most interested to see how Professor X is back before the timeline gets reset though.

      • Nerdgasm

        He never used the word ERASE but he has said FIX which means X3 will be referenced and it will be apart of the movie but by movie end most likely will have never existed to the characters but is still apart of the series.

  • DNAsplitter

    It’s a shame that they coudln’t get Danny Huston to reprise his role as Stryker. At least it would feel like a continuation since they seem to be including Origins as part of the timeline. It just goes to show how great of a writer Simon Kinberg is at finding ways to take all of the past films and streamline them into one without stepping on too many toes or retcon any of the past events. This movie looks epic! Cannot wait.

    • MITIOR

      I think they needed a much younger actor than Huston because of the timeline.


    Feels soo good to be excited for an X-men movie!

  • Chris

    The trailer isn’t working for me. I don’t see much from the comic story here. Let’s wait and see.

    • mike_thoms

      I don’t think you will see much from the comic story, other than the basic concept of sending someone’s consciousness back in time to help prevent this dystopian future overrun with Sentinels.

  • Strong Enough

    man i ain’t reading all that shit