April 15, 2014


20th Century Fox has released a final X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer for director Bryan Singer’s superhero “inbetweenquel,” and man does it have everything you could ask for in a mutant-mashup movie.  We get way more setup – along with a look at just how extensive and vital a role Wolverine plays in the plot – with plenty of superpowers on display, promising an action-packed payoff.  The follow-up finds Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) having his consciousness sent back to 1973 in order to help Professor X (James McAvoy), Magneto (Michael Fassbender), and the rest of the X-Men: First Class crew stop Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) and the rise of the Sentinels, giant robots programmed to exterminate mutants.  The trailer does a great job at summing up the premise, which highlights the caper aspect of the plot.  Its only downside is the poor choice of music; even Quicksilver looks good here!

Hit the jump to watch the final X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer.  The film also stars Jennifer LawrenceNicholas Hoult, Patrick StewartIan McKellenEvan PetersEllen PageShawn AshmoreHalle BerryLucas TillOmar SyAdan CantoDaniel Cudmore, and Bingbing Fan.  X-Men: Days of Future Past opens in 2D and 3D.

Here’s the official synopsis for X-Men: Days of Future Past:

The ultimate X-Men ensemble fights a war for the survival of the species across two time periods in X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. The beloved characters from the original “X-Men” film trilogy join forces with their younger selves from “X-Men: First Class,” in an epic battle that must change the past – to save our future.


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  • Frank

    going to be AWESOME!

  • cloud720

    to me, this is the worst trailer for this movie. But I guess they should try to make it look more “fun” if that can get people to go out and see it.

    • Leo Spaceman

      I think each trailer gets more and more exciting. I think it gave away a bit too much, and I preferred the subtlety of the first trailer but this looked awesome.

      When Guardians of the Galaxy aired their first trailer, I said I think Marvel officially won the summer with it, but now it seems to be that its going to be neck and neck.

    • Sean Chandler

      As individual entities I totally agree with you, but as a collection of three trailers this was what they needed to do. The first two trailers established the tone and scope of the film. This trailer gave us a bit more of the plot and the action. With the three trailers I feel like I have a good feel for what this movie is going to be without feeling like I know every plot point and twist along the way.

      The music was my least favorite part of the trailer. I think with different music some of the skeptics would like it more.

      • Doug_101

        To be honest, what completely sold me on this movie was the “25 Moments” website. That thing is creepy as hell and I loved it.

      • McA

        Anything bug you about that viral website?

        I’m thinking specifically the Magneto photo in 1963. He’s in full bad guy costume as well as being on a boat. That’s not how it played out. In First Class anyway.

      • Doug_101

        Yeah, that’s an inconsistency, but the X-Men film universe is rampant with them – hoping this film fixes some of them actually. What really got me into the mood was the tone and vibe of the whole thing.

      • McA

        Inconsistency or something else?

        A lot of people forget and the fact that Magneto is still is prison 50 years after he supposedly killed Kennedy. That’s an alternate reality as Magneto in the original trilogy has a different timeline.!/full-article

        I reckon they’re going the multi-verse alternate reality direction. I know the X-Men movieverse is littered with mistakes and inconsistencies but given that First Class is a semi reboot, it wouldn’t make sense to make such a glaring error.

    • Batt Damon

      This is the only decent trailer they’ve put out. This one actually laid out the plot of the movie. The first one was just action scenes over dramatic music and the second felt more like a trailer for Star Trek: TNG. At least this one actually did a decent job of selling the movie.

  • Scullibundo

    I liked this second trailer a lot more, but I guess they needed to focus on the 70s timeline at some point. I think despite all the bullshit fanboy tears over comic differences, Quicksilver might end up as a fan favourite.

    • George

      Same, the last trailer was a lot better music and editing wise. This one, while having cool new footage, wasn’t very well done and the music choice didn’t fit it at all.

      • WAldenIV

        I understand using “Kashmir” for the music, but use the Zepplin version, not that crappy Diddy/Godzilla remake version of the song.

    • Batt Damon

      The 70′s timeline is going to be the crux of the film so yeah, they’re probably gonna have to show that in the trailer. They’re not doing a very good job at marketing this thing. It seems like they’re relying on the fact that basically every mutant is gonna show up while skirting around the fact that it’s mostly set in the 70′s with the cast of First Class. Basically, up until this trailer, anyone who isn’t already familiar with the DofP storyline isn’t really gonna have much of an idea of what’s actually going on in the movie.

  • ʝoe ßloggs

    Very good trailer and collectively these give a great feel for the tone and style of the film. Looking forward to it!

    BTW that poster looks like something out of Iron Man.

  • TigerFIST

    To be honest I liked the 2nd trailer more. It was darker.

    • Radikum

      Dude, read the comic!

  • Grayden

    Kashmir is an amazing song, but so, so wrong for this trailer.

    • Sean Chandler

      Totally agree. Specifically in light of the tone of the previous trailers.

    • WAldenIV

      It’s also not the Zeppelin version which is sacrilege.

  • Aaron

    I really hope they address why the younger version of Professor X is seen both walking and using a wheelchair in the trailer. Or why Wolverine is seen with adementium claws AND his natural claws. I’m not big on comics in general, so maybe I’m missing something here. I’m absolutely riveted to see this movie, though.

    • Abed

      They said that Xavier can walk with the help of beast, but it comes at a cost for him. Wolverine gets transported to his 70′s body, which is before Stryker gives him the adementium claws. As for how he has them in the future after they get torn off in the Wolverine, I don’t know.

      • Aaron

        Hmm. I suspect an alternate timeline element. Hopefully that can clear up the continuity issues from First Class and the first Wolverine. Those always bugged the hell out of me.

      • Aaron

        Hmm. I suspect an alternate timeline element. Hopefully that can clear up the continuity issues from First Class and the first Wolverine. Those always bugged the hell out of me.

  • Stan

    Also Fox just confirmed that Anna is in DoFP. A cameo but still.

  • Lewida Funji

    Man, this trailer gives me a cinematic boner.

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  • eternalozzie

    I was really worried integrating the 2 casts made me think this was going to be crap but they might just pull this off … I know everyone else thinks Quicksilver looks terrible but Evan Peters looks great in this trailer.

  • Isak

    I have a question: Why is past Xavier walking when, if I remember correctly, the events of First Class got him on a wheelchair?

    • McA

      They (Kinberg and Singer) have addressed it somewhat. Hank created something that allows Charles to walk but at a cost. What that cost is hasn’t been revealed yet. I dunno though. It would need to be a good reason… not terribly convinced myself.

      • Brambo

        It costs him his hair. Obviously.

      • WAldenIV

        That is hilarious but could also be the truth.

  • ronaldomoon

    I have the issue of one How is Xavier walking? Two, Has Beast managed to control his fury side and if so why can’t he do it in the future? Three, How the hell has Xavier got his own body? I think this is gonna spend half the film explaining all the bends and twists

    • Doug_101

      As far as the Beast thing goes, they may introduce the Image Inducer from the comic books. Nightcrawler used to use it all the time to walk around in public. The Xavier parts will definitely need explaining.

    • Abed

      1. Singer has said that Xavier can walk with the help of Beast, but at a cost. 2. I’m guessing he came up with something that could control his fury side, but as he grew older, he probably decided to stop feeling embarrassed about being a mutant. 3. I think it’s Xavier’s twin brother’s body if I remember correctly from X3 (that whole movie is a mess, so it’s hard to remember specifics).

    • 7992

      i think beast makes a serum with wolverine’s ability which is why in last stand he cant control his mutation as wolverine going back in time created a new reality where we can discount the first 3 x-men films as a future for the first class lot but it was still important as without it wolverine wouldn’t be with the first class lot

      • Roarke

        What the– What?! Hm, you have a mutant power for taking a logical thought, or sequence of events, and twisting it all out of recognition. Give this person a writer’s credit!

        This trailer looks campy. I wonder if they all end up taking the Love Boat to Fantasy Island where comical and moderately dramatic hijinks ensue!

      • 7992

        better than the power of being a dick

  • Roderick

    “uploader has not made the video available in your country” – so precious that YouTUBE thinks I’m in the same country as my VPN!

  • McA

    Excited about this… please don’t suck! I sort of get the complaints about the song choice but it is a 70s Led Zep song after all. I think it works overall… Not crazy about Fassbender changing the accent to something more McKellen-esque. I liked that he used his own accent in First Class. That sort of neutral Irish accent worked. Much like Connery’s neutral scottish accent worked in those classic Bond movies.

    A minor complaint though. Can’t wait for this. C’mon Singer, you can do it! (I hope)

  • Redjester

    This movie looks amazing. But then so did Man of Steel, judging by its trailer, so there’s that…

    Actually MoS was very nearly amazing. Had a lot going right for it with just enough wrong thrown in to spoil the greater whole.

    • McA

      Fair point. MoS had one of the best theatrical trailers I think I’ve ever seen…and it was a let down. A lot of cool interesting things in it but weighed down by a lot of bad choices.

      What worries me the most about it is the combination of the two casts. I was happy never to the see the old cast again to be honest.

      I think what excites me about it the most is where they may take Magneto. He certainly looks like he goes bad again by the end but the scene in First Class with the young Magneto and the Shabbat candles combined with what Charles said to him hints at a possible Magneto redemption story.

      What Fassbender does with Magneto is combine the badass villainy with that hint of vulnerability. Something I never got from McKellen. I hope he takes on a greater role in X-Men:Apocalypse.

      Plus that scene in the trailer where he raises the stadium looks to be on a par with the submarine scene in FC.

      • bidi

        i feel like for as long as Magneto has been a villain in the comics, they sure seem to team him up with the X-Men in the movies a lot. other than the first X-Men movie has there been one where they are just fighting Magneto? they should do that in the future… just a suggestion

      • McA

        He wasn’t with the X Men in The Last Stand and he was always more of a pantomime villain in those original movies anyway. Fassbender brought a depth that just wasn’t there before. Even in the comics, Magneto has always been more than a moustache-twirling villain.

        First Class did justice to Magneto’s complex character and I just hope DOFP continues with that.

    • XmenYo

      Man of Steel had a fantastic trailer but you could still tell it was poorly shot and the scenes looked bland. Singer actually knows how to film an action setpiece which we can CLEARLY see in this trailer.

      • DNAsplitter

        That’ll be fixed in the sequel as Snyder is teaming back up w Larry Fong as DP so it’ll have a look simliar to Watchmen – film that is visually amazing.

      • XmenYo

        Didn’t know this. Good news! It’s funny because I love Snyder’s visual sensibility in all his films EXCEPT Man of Steel.

    • Aquartertoseven

      MoS wasn’t nearly anything, it was a failure in every way; acting, direction, effect, dialogue, it all sucked. Whereas Singer is proven within this X-Men universe.

  • Redjester

    I must say that Singers interpretation of Quicksilver is growing on me. I expect Evan Peters to knock it out of the park!

    • plazmaorb

      I still like the looks of the other Quicksilver better.. the whole silver hair and coat is a bit much

      • bidi

        the Avengers Quicksilver also has silver hair. his is just a little shorter

      • Mandy

        I thought the first picture of Quicksilver that Fox released was a joke tbh. He just looked so…cheap. But I’m glad to see that he seems to look better in action here. I’m really interested to see how different the two studios (Fox/Marvel)’s takes on Quicksilver turn out.

  • DNAsplitter

    Song choice is a disapointment but the trailer looks amazing. The way they made Quicksilver move looks fantastic. DC take note for the Flash. Trailer leaves a lot of questions that I can’t wait for them to answer. Memorial Day can’t come soon enough!

  • Logan

    Wolverine vs. Sentinel? sold!!!!!!

  • The Destroyer

    That last line with Beast and Wolverine, man. Wolverine is fighting for his future friends that are all dead, which makes it even more personal for him. Did anyone else see the 25 moments leading to Days of Future Past? It mentions that Beast is dragged out of his house by anti-mutant protestors and beaten to death.

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  • Jason

    Walking comes at a cost? The cost of going bald. Heyo!

  • Oolie zool

    god damn, got my nipples hard!

  • mattinacan

    why is young xavier walking?

  • milo

    So a new character looks better in the movie trailer than a burger commercial? You don’t say.

  • DJRickyV

    Creative use of their powers in team battle tactics is what the X-men are all about. Can’t wait for this movie!

  • DJRickyV

    Creative use of their powers in team battle tactics is what the X-men are all about. Can’t wait for this movie!


  • Reina

    The second trailer was a lot darker and I liked that along with the editing and music. It seemed a lot more epic, though I did enjoy this final trailer, the early plot details were nice

  • lobtaylor

    This is a pretty good trailer, I was sold from the first trailer anyways.I loved the very first trailer and its heartbreaking spine tingling James McAvoy’s ‘I don’t want your suffering.I don’t want your future!’ speech. Epic

  • McA

    Oh o. Latest news doesn’t sound good. The timing of this…not good for Fox.

    Whatever the truth, the timing of this is deliberate.

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  • Aquartertoseven

    The performances were meh, no-one did anything. Cavill acted cold, Crowe acted stone faced and Shannon was his generically evil self.

    The action was second rate compared to what we’ve seen before and the effects were so clearly fake.

    If you liked MoS more than anything then you’re clearly delusional.

  • Arthur Dent

    Glad you’re so accepting of others’ opinions. /s

    What an ass…