Bryan Singer Talks X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, the Possibility of a Cross-Over from Previous Films and His Future Directing Career

     August 1, 2012


Bryan Singer, the director of X-Men and X2 and producer of the upcoming sequel to X-Men: First Class, has confirmed the title of the follow-up film.  Singer said in a recent interview that the title would be X-Men: Days of Future Past, a nod toward a storyline in the comics that ran in the early 80s.  It would certainly fit in with Singer’s claim that the sequel’s story is bold and ambitious, as the comics involve alternate timelines and a dystopian future in addition to meaty social conflicts like internment camps and assassinations.  Much more from Singer follows after the jump.

bryan-singer-x-men-days-of-future-pastBefore we get into Singer’s comments, be sure to take a look at our Comic-Con interview with sequel writer Simon Kinberg and a recent talk with make-up supervisor, Dave Elsey.  Now, here’s a look at some of the juicier quotes from Singer during an interview with IGN:

Question: You mentioned X-Men, and I just had to ask you because I’m a huge X-Men fan, what can you say about the new film coming out?

Bryan Singer:  I can say it’s being written right now and it will start shooting in a few months.  It’s going to be very ambitious.  It’s called Days of Future Past and it deals with aspects of that comic but also some very new things.   I just don’t want to give any of it away.  Matthew Vaughn will be directing and I’m totally excited about it. 

Singer also commented on the interesting notion that, since the storyline involves two X-Men timelines blending together, the sequel might actually involve a cross-over from Singer’s previous films.  Take a look:

Knowing the “Days of Future Past” story from the comics, that is a bold direction even if it’s a different version of it.  I know Simon [Kinberg] said at Comic-Con that it can touch upon the entire X-Men film franchise or respect the entire X-Men film franchise, so is there room for some sort of cross-overs?  More than we might have seen in the past?

Singer:  I think there’s a strong desire to broaden out the universe.  The X-Men universe on its own is every bit as big as the Marvel universe and I think it’s time to reach out and explore it and perhaps even bring some connectivity between the films, as Marvel’s done so well.  You may see some of that, I don’t know. [Laughs]

Have a look at the full interview below:


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  • sccitylhh

    I’m not familiar with the comics, but the Days of Future Past storyline was one of the more memorable string of episodes from the 90s animated show I watched as a kid. That the 2 X-Men franchises might cross paths is also intriguing. I’m on board.

    • your name here

      use some better enemies please!! use apocalypse, sinister, master mold, sentinels, etc.

  • Wasp

    I’m thinking there might be some time travel involved, with both the cast of the reboot and the old movies.

  • Merlin

    Yeah. Somehow the evil Brett Ratner caused a dystopian future with his X3: The Last Stand and somehow Bryan Singer and the X-Men have to go back to the past to fix it!

    • ff88

      the worst viewing experience at a movie ive ever had. not only did the movie suck, but the entire point was too do something fun at the end of the school year, cause for 9 months i had to sit next to the girl of my dreams and watch her make out with this shitheel. and of course they show up at the theater. and misery ensues.

      • GunsOfNavarone


  • Brad

    Please, if Days of Future Past is going to be more of X-Men First Class style movie making, then pull the plug. The movie was total teen pandering crap with the only bright spot being Michael Fassbender. Message to Bryan Singer: Direct the damn movie. After the failure of Superman, you need to remind people the reason why X1 and X2 were so great….. You! You are to the X-Men franchise what Peter Jackson is to the LOTR and Hobbit franchise. Do yourself and the fans a favor and direct Days of Future Past.

    • Mario


    • Tyler

      Couldn’t have said it better myself! The last string of movies based on the X-Men universe have been horrid (X-3, Wolverine, and First Class). Bryan needs to strap himself back into the directors chair and give audiences a truly good movie based on this franchise. Both the audience, and the X-Men universe deserve it.

  • DDGmike

    Nope. I don’t like Bryan Singer. The X-Men are probably the best group of superheroes ever, and they have never used them correctly. Lame story lines. Lame action sequences. They don’t utilize their super powers correctly. It is impossible to screw up the X-Men and they do it time and again. I’ve given up all hope. Crap! Crap! and more Crap!

  • DerpyMcDerpstein

    Creating continuity in the Xmen film franchise is pretty hilarious to think about seeing how Xmen 3 and Xmen Origins: Wolverine were basically erased by First Class.

  • The ghost of Chris Tucker’s career

    The only time traveling Bryan Singer should do is to go back in time and explain to his past self what a stupid idea it was to make Superman Returns and to allow X-Men 3 to fall into the pudgy clutches of Rhett Batner. Maybe X-Men: DoFP will re-write continuity so that X-3 never happened and Singer can come back and make a proper sequel to X2.

    • Andrew

      You’re on the money with that!
      Saying that,Days of Future Past is a great X-Men story,…not as awesome as the Phoenix/Dark Phoenix Saga but Ratner’s already screwed up that one & killed off half of the X-Men in the process so no chance of that storyline getting the proper treatment it deserves!

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  • vhoicebudsvirginia

    How about we concentrate on making the movie focus on the true star of the show, Magneto, and play second fiddle to the rest? Well, that would have made an even better first movie.

  • jesse

    the days of future past story line will bring a time traveling element to the story which will see some pretty big names reimerge into the franchise (i.e. wolverine!) while also bringing in the opportunity to bring in some classic players (i.e. forge, cable, bishop, rachels summers).
    done well, this story line could be amazing. needs a good 2-2.5 hrs to do it any justice though.
    also….sentinels, sentinels, sentinels plz. or maybe nimrod even? classic villain that would require the good guys and bad guys teaming up to take down.

    so excited as this is probably one of the most classic and amazing of the x-men stories, aside from the dark pheonix saga and house of M :P

  • Underground Anthem TX

    I guess I’ll be that guy… I like X-Men 3. Not as much as X-Men and X2, obviously, but I thought it was a good threequel. Reasons below:

    It had more action than the previous 2 movies combined. It paid off some geek moments (fast ball special, Colossus himself, the cure storyline, etc.). Kelsey Grammar was a kick-ass Beast. Ben Foster was a less kick-ass Angel, because the character had literally nothing to do, but the effects were incredible and he looked just like Warren Worthington. All around, the digital effects were pretty outstanding. The movie showcased that the female cast is indeed sexy. And THE SCORE. Powell’s score and main theme was miles better than the previous films.

    A lot of sh*t is shoveled at the feet of Brett Ratner, but he didn’t write the script; in fact, he didn’t even develop the movie. That was Matthew Vaughn. Ratner was a last minute replacement. The story was the same as what Singer and those 2 dudes were going to write, from all accounts. If anything, the blame should fall at the feet of Tom Rothman and Zak Penn. The script wasn’t great, but I thought the excellent cast and even the direction elevated the material. All things considered, I thought Ratner did a fine job.

    Don’t take it as a personal insult if you don’t agree– just my opinion on a movie that (I believe) gets unfairly maligned. *braces for sh*t storm*

    • Rob

      I support you in coming out as an X-Men 3 fan, albeit a “soft” one. I think it was, as you kind of said, ultimately not as satisfying as the second one and had some annoying dumbness and awkwardness here and there, but it was still a fun movie with some great character moments and action scenes.
      I’m probably inviting hate on myself for saying that it’s kind of how I felt about Spider-Man 3. Almost everyone speaks about that movie like it was the worst crap ever produced by a human. I disagree. It had more flaws than the first two, but it still had a lot of great stuff in it and was a lot of fun for me. Same with X3.
      Perhaps even you disagree with me about Spider-Man 3, but I’m with you on X3!

    • Joey

      You’re forgetting that Singer took James Marsden with him when he did Superman Returns, so they opted to kills Cyclops off. If his character were in the movie, it would have changed how the plot played out considerably given the character’s relationship with Jean.

  • GF

    I think the cross over would be cool. Kitty Pryde should travel back in time (as like in the comics) and warn the young X-Men that after the incident happened in X-Men 3, shit starts happening when Apocalypse or Sentinels showed up and try to destroy Earth or something and no one to protect it. So that opens up the reboot storyline (kinda like Star Trek) since X-Men’s continuity has been a freaking mess.

  • chrstphr

    a lot of opinion here for a movie that isn’t even written yet. i love the singer x-men movies. first class was pretty awesome too. i’m sure it’ll be awesome. have faith.

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  • jonski22

    Prof. X, Magneto and Wolverine are perfect in X-Men 1-2-3! Other doesn’t quite fit. Probably Jean Gray. Rouge played by a great actress, but a bit young during those films.

  • Thomas K.

    So basically we’re could have an EPIC 9(maybe 10)-Part X-Men Film Franchise. (In Scope, not quality.)
    In order…
    Origins: Wolverine
    First Class
    Days of Future’s Past
    Last Stand

    It sounds like “Days” is going to take place BEFORE First Class & AFTER Last Stand.
    Using “Origins” to explain why Logan doesnt remember Xavier or Eric.
    And using “Days” to fix up whatever mess “Last Stand” left so that they could go into an X4 and X5, maybe even with the younger Prof X and Magneto. THAT could be sweet.
    And then there is always the possibility of a 3rd “First Class” film to finish that into a trilogy.

    Thank you Avengers for allowing this to happen.

    • Thomas K.

      Just thought about how terrible Origins really does just destroy the entire continuity….

  • Anon

    So Singer is going to try to do to the X-Men franchise what he did with the Donnor Superman films?

  • Mauricio

    Idris Elba should play THE BISHOP in this sequel…

  • lee

    I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d see a live action Days of the Future Past film. And I actually trust that Matthew Vaughn can pull it off. I don’t think they’ll stay very true to the storyline considering the universe they created, but as long as Kitty Pryde is a prominent figure I’ll accept it… and as long as Singer keeps his hands off. Most people don’t forgive him for Superman Returns but while I agree, as a long-time X-Men fan I also can’t forgive him for the X-films. He absolutely butchered my favorite characters and dumbed down the comics’ deep issues about race and self-acceptance. And what’s with his astounding ability to ruin all my favorite strong female characters by turning them into wimps or mindless followers?

  • Tyler

    Couldn\’t have said it better myself! The last string of movies based on the X-Men universe have been horrid (X-3, Wolverine, and First Class). Bryan needs to strap himself back into the directors chair and give audiences a truly good movie based on this franchise. Both the audience, and the X-Men universe deserve it.

  • mark

    Jon Favreau to play Cable.