Does the Plot for the X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Sequel Draw from DAYS OF FUTURE PAST?

     June 5, 2012


Development on the sequel to last year’s stellar X-Men: First Class is moving full speed ahead with Matthew Vaughn returning as director and a firm release date recently set for July 18th, 2014.  We know from the hubbub between Fox and Lionsgate over Jennifer Lawrence’s availability that she’ll have to wrap The Hunger Games: Catching Fire by the end of December in order to be free to shoot the X-Men sequel in January, but so far plot details have been firmly under wraps.  Now it appears that a title registration with the MPAA has clued us in on a possible—and ambitious—plot line for the X-Men: First Class follow-up.  Hit the jump for more.

xmen-days-of-future-past-first-class-sequelThe folks over at AICN have word that 20th Century Fox has registered the title Days of Future Past with the MPAA.  This title should ring a bell for X-Men fans, as Days of Future Past was a two-issue storyline from the comics in 1981.  I haven’t read the story, so here’s a handy synopsis per Wikipedia to give us the gist:

The storyline alternates between present day, in which the X-Men fight Mystique’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and a future timeline caused by the X-Men’s failure to prevent the Brotherhood from assassinating Senator Robert Kelly. In this future universe, Sentinels rule the United States, and mutants live in internment camps. The present-day X-Men are forewarned of the possible future by a future version of their teammate Kitty Pryde, whose mind traveled back in time and possessed her younger self to warn the X-Men. She succeeds in her mission and returns to the future, but despite her success, the future timeline still exists as an alternative timeline rather than as the actual future.

Essentially, the Days of Future Past story could possibly serve as a way to reboot the future X-Men timeline and pave the way for a new iteration of the present day mutants, not dissimilar to J.J. AbramsStar Trek.  It’s important to note that this storyline hasn’t been confirmed by the studio, and Vaughn may just be drawing from certain elements of the storyline instead of doing a direct adaptation.  That said, this is the first semi-news we’ve had regarding the plot since Vaughn himself said he’d like to open the sequel with the JFK assassination, pulling back to reveal that Magneto is controlling the “magic bullet.”

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the possibility of flashing to the future in a First Class sequel.  I loved the 60s setting of the first film and it seems like there are still a lot of stories to tell in that setting before moving into the present day storylines.  Moreover, time travel is an incredibly difficult plot device to pull off successfully, and I would hope that the focus on keeping timelines straight wouldn’t pull away from the impressive character development we saw in the first film.  Simon Kinberg is hard at work on the screenplay, so hopefully we heard some official word regarding the story soon.


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  • TPF1138

    Done well, this could be very cool. Juxtaposing perhaps, the public’s nascent awareness of Mutants with a distant future that shows the dark potential of such a revelation.

    *crosses fingers*

  • Franklin

    Perhaps this is how they will merge the X-Men First Class timeline with the previous movies, and rewrite certain events that occurred in X3.

    • cloud720

      Nothing needs to be rewritten for x-men 3. The movie may have been bad but they didnt alter any of the charecters much.

      Magneto started to get his powers back.
      Jean is the phoenix and can not die
      They never showed Cyclops die
      Prof X had a twin brother that he transferred his mind into.

      Anyway a sequel to both x-men 3 and x-men first class might be interesting.

      • DerpyMcDerpstein

        Why would they bother somehow connecting First Class with Xmen3 when First Class already rewrote events such as Charles and Erik still working together when confronting young jean in X3. First Class only logically connects with the first 2 movies not X3 and Orgins: Wolverine

  • jseventeenth

    Can’t be done with out Wolverine

    • Doug

      Agreed. They could keep Logan in just the future scenes, though, to make it fit with the timelines, though, First Class mucked it up pretty good in regards to that already.

      • TheHOYT

        X-Men: The Last Stand did more damage to the franchise than First Class. Heck, I think First Class is the best of the bunch, narrowly beating X-Men: United.

  • daveyboy

    Hopefully the sequel won’t start out as a great movie only to turn into a crapfest with boring sub characters that no one cares about.

    • Eric Nixon

      I’m not sure I know what film you’re referencing.

      • daveyboy

        X-Men:First Class

    • ian

      So true, Magneto and Xavier origins were fascinating – X-men were shoehorned in for the sake of having ‘X-men’ in the title. Star Trek reboot idea is exciting – the ‘X-men’ movie Fox are desperately trying to maintain continuity for was 10 years ago! Lets recast Cyclops, Storm and even (gasp) Wolverine with actors that actually look and act like their comic book counterparts ( learn from the avengers) and make a world-class blockbuster that isn’t apologizing for its comic book origins. Worth noting that most of the current X-men stories stem from the ‘Astonishing’ run that Whedon did!

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  • pewter tea set

    wow that sounds awful. i hope they do not follow this plot

  • chrstphrrr

    As most movies I’m sure this one will only use certain elements of the comic plot. I love all the X-Men movies. I get lost in them, they really do a good job of capturing that world. Not everything can end up exactly as you expect it, but that’s not a loss in the end. First Class was really cool and I think it would be a good way to meld the franchises together (with a time travel variable).

  • Mobin

    Days of Future Past is the second best X-Men story ever(after the Dark Phoenix Saga) and if done correctly could be a brilliant movie.

    • Andrew

      Agreed,Days Of Future Past is an awesome read & it would be great seeing armies of Sentinels on the big screen.
      The Dark Phoenix saga could’ve been brilliant had Bryan singer stayed with the franchise,…but what’s done is done!
      Bring it on!

  • growndhawgg

    A Wolverine in the future would justify how old he looks (Hugh Jackman).

  • Super Brad

    Not for nothing, but Wolverine was already 80 or 90 years old when we first meet him in Giant Size #1.

    As for “Days of Future Past,” I cannot see a direct translation. Primarily because the story is centered around Kitty/Katherine Pride, who was far more familiar at that point in Uncanny X-Men than she is in the movie franchise. In fact, she had only just the issue before fought off an N’Gari monster (think Alien) by herself, trashing the mansion, Blackbird and Danger Room in the process, and pretty well cemented her place on the team. She had that great bit versus Juggernaut in the movies but that was really it. Plus, Colossus is mostly an unknown in the movies and they’ve already done the “attempt on Sen. Kelly’s life” thing.

  • CharlesX

    Any chance they are registering this as a way to reboot/move forward with X-Men 4? Both Bryan Singer and Lauren Shuler-Donner have talked about the development of a fourth X-men movie. I think that would make much more sense than Days of Future Past being the main plot for XMFC2.

  • Dan

    I would much rather they use elements from the 90′s X-Men Animated Series. They did a two part Days of Future Past where they had Bishop come back from the future to prevent the assassination of senator Kelly.

    It wouldn’t be hard for them to change elements of the story. If it was for First Class they could easily involve the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Charles Xavier could also be killed much like another two part episode of the 90′s cartoon when the future goes to hell because Xavier is killed before forming the X-Men by Trevor Fitzroy on behalf of Mastermold.

    Long story short there is an infinite amount of possibilities and I hope they add A list X-Men instead of using B and C listers again.

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  • Peter C.

    I can’t stand it! I love X-Men, but since they screwed up the Phoenix so bad I don’t see how they can do this storyline. The big thing that I see happening is they actually make a good movie like X2 – something leading to a huge climactic finish alluding to Apocalypse or some other awesome 3rd film. Maybe they’ll even put the f’n Sentinels in the movie (not just a head that, big surprise, Wolverine cuts off). The problem I see is they do a great job telling the second part of another trilogy, then the third one being another kick to the crotch like X-Men the Last Stand. There is no reason the X-Men shouldn’t be just as big or bigger than the Avengers! These heroes represent so much, and they are so much more than the previous movies give them credit for. Just do it right FOX!!! Don’t you losers want another movie at the top of the all time grossers?! Well, get off your stupid asses and make the movie right!

  • Michele

    Sentinels! I’d like to see that.

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