Matthew Vaughn to Direct X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Sequel; Simon Kinberg to Write the Script

     January 30, 2012


Matthew Vaughn has signed on to direct a sequel to X-Men: First Class.  According to Deadline, Simon Kinberg (X-Men: The Last Stand) will write the script and Bryan Singer will return to produce.  X-Men: First Class was terrific and I’m glad that Vaughn will return for the sequel.  I’m also excited to see what he’ll do with (hopefully) a bigger budget and more production time.  It’s a little surprising that Vaughn’s frequent collaborator Jane Goldman hasn’t signed on to pen the screenplay, but it’s possible that she’ll come on board later in the process.

Now we can let the speculation begin about what the sequel holds in store.  Vaughn said in May that he would like the second movie would open with the JFK assassination and Magneto controlling the “magic bullet”.  Indulging conspiracy theorists aside, I’m curious to see which new mutants will the fray.  If the movie is set in 1963, it’s probably too early to see Cyclops and Jean Grey kicking around Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

  • sense 11

    Awesome News

  • Grayden

    I will watch anything this man directs.

  • rbevanx

    Can we please all remember (and clearly the new up and coming X-Men film now) that the magic bullet theory is BS

    Please stop using it Hollywood, it’s getting stupid now.

  • Johnson

    Awesome news!

  • Jerry

    About the too eraly part – They totally messed up the timeline already considering Havok is Cyclops’ LITTLE brother. The original team shoulda been Scott, Jean, Iceman, Beast and Angel. I think this should be considered a reboot, not a prequel to the other movies, there are several other anomalies.

    • ozzie

      Attack of the comic nerd … the story was written to be a telling of Magneto and Professor Xavier relationship … Not the X-men. They didn’t even call themselves the X-men in First Class. Moria made a passing comment about “X-men” at the end as a joke with a little foreshadowing.

      Regardless of the comic books First Class was a very well told story with a great production crew and a great set of actors.

      You want to talk about abominations to comic bookdom look at the awefull Raimi Spiderman films. Luckily Marc Webb is fixing that for us this summer with The Amazing Spiderman.

      • BAK

        @ozzie Calm down kid. lol He never said the movie was bad. He just said that the facts were wrong. Plenty of people appreciate movies staying true to the book, comic, remake, and/or legend.

  • Evan

    This is great news! First Class is totally sequel worthy

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  • RoboDouche


  • CanIHaveASlice?

    First Class is one of my favorite films of ’11, so I’m happy to hear this. The one thing that I’m not too keen on is Simon Kinberg. While Brett Ratner certainly had a lot to do with Last Stand’s severe case of mediocrity, I felt like the story/script was one of the weakest links. Hopefully we’re not in store for a repeat.

    Shatterstar, Forge, and/or Warpath would be cool.

  • Michael Horne

    Terrific news that Vaughn is returning. The FC production values were high, a fair amount of visual flair and, actually, some damn good character moments. The scene with the Charles, Erik and the HUUUUGE dish is a stand-out for me.

    As for the whole plot hole thing with Charles getting paralysed but then in X3 he’s not until later… Could be explained away by him using telepathic control to make others see him as non-disabled. Bit of a hack solution, but I think it works.

    Yes, January Jones was… just… SIGH… and breathe… Not good. Leaving it there.
    But the rest of the cast more than made up for that.

    Can’t beat the music score either – proper swinging 60s. Hopefully they can continue to use appropriate period music as they go on.

  • KzooKiller

    Last Stand sucked! Couldn’t they find someone other than the guy that wrote that terrible movie?!?!

  • Dan

    As long as they further establish that this will be a trilogy completely separate from the other 4 movies then I’m all for a sequel.

    There were too many continuity issues to try and make a great movie AND slip it into the timeline. Just make part II and part III their own movies and it should be good.

    Little worried about Kingberg bc like someone said, Last Stand’s story was weak in addition to Ratner’s directing.

    I’d like to see Mr. Sinister as the villain with Erik having to play the Antihero role and Charles and the X-Men being the protagonists.

  • Lobstros

    First Class was mostly excellent, so this is good news. The writing in X3: The Last Stand was atrocious, which leverages this news. They can make up for it with Omega Red…it’s been too long.

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  • Dylan Bosch

    I could care less about the cyclops and havok relationship being wrong and backwords.. Raven/Mystique is the mother of Night Crawler with Azazel. (the red devil guy) and they didn’t do anything with that in x-men 2, another thing in x-men origins Wolverine: Professor X played by patrick stewart walks, yes walks out of the ship in his cameo so how could he have been in the wheel chair at the end of first class?? The Point is, people screw up in movies all the time. who cares.. Every story changes through time.

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