First Look at the Cast of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS (Updated Again!)

     January 18, 2011


The first image of the cast of X-Men: First Class has been released.  Because of the horrible photo-shopping job, my first instinct was that the image was faked.  But the image comes from MSN [who have now taken down the page] so I’ll assume it’s legit. The film is set in the 1960s (although you couldn’t tell it from these costumes) when apparently light bulbs were in short supply.

From left to right, you can see Michael Fassbender as Magneto, Rose Byrne as Dr. Moira MacTaggert, January Jones as Emma Frost, Jason Flemyng as Azazel, Nicholas Hoult as Beast, Lucas Till as Havoc, Zoe Kravitz as Angel Salvadore, Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, and James McAvoy as Professor X.  Cast members not pictured include Kevin Bacon, Oliver Platt, Edi Gathegi, and Zoe Kravitz.  Hit the jump for a synopsis of the film.  X-Men: First Class is due out June 3rd. [Update: Higher-resolution images of the cast photo have gone online.  Hit the jump to check them out] [2nd Update: The first images from the film have gone online.  We've added them after the jump.  One of the images provides the first look at Kevin Bacon as villain Sebastian Shaw] [3rd Update: Two more new images from the film have been added showing Magneto and Professor X in action]

Higher-resolution images via MSN.  First images from the film via Hero Complex. Second batch of images from the film via SlashFilm









Here’s the official synopsis for X-Men: First Class:

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, following the classic Marvel mythology, charts the epic beginning of the X-Men saga. Before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time. Before they were archenemies, they were closest of friends, working together, with other Mutants (some familiar, some new), to stop the greatest threat the world has ever known. In the process, a rift between them opened, which began the eternal war between Magneto’s Brotherhood and Professor X’s X-Men.

  • Hailen

    Wow… That looks like complete shit.
    Just looks like a miss-matched group of retards.

    • Raz

      Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw? looks more like Hugh Heffner.
      Playing the strongest mutant, you would think he had some kind of build. Just awful.

    • DarkPhoenix

      So….am i supposed to act like i don’t know who was involved in the First Class of X-Men??? While i can appreciate the early days of Charles and Erik, the bastardization of the original X-Men class is nearly unforgivable enough to avoid watching this travesty all together.

      The older i get, the more revisionist history and pandering to media markets seems to claim the lives of my favorite childhood stories.

      Just so i’m clear (and if i can help educate others along the way, then its all worth it) the first class of XMen included—Scott Summers as Cyclops; Jean Grey as Marvel Girl; Hank McCoy as the Beast; Bobby Drake as Iceman (a timeline destroyed in the first poorly conceived film) and Warren Worthington as Angel (timeline destroyed in the horrific piece of crap that was supposed to tell the greatest story in comic book history XMen 3).

      Too bad books are going out of style….it was a good run.

      • RacerGoddess

        These Movies completly mess up everything. They dont even follow the original Xmen that the comics showed. Even though i enjoy the movies for what they are (the filmakers attempt at recreating the xmen into a movie for the lazy part of society who dont want to read) i cant help but cringe when they make mistake after mistake. Tearing the xmen series apart to only show what they want….

  • Ringbearer1420

    Well I wanted to want to see this movie.

  • AJ

    Ehhhh, that girl is Zoe.

  • Edwin

    Cheesy or not, January Jones looks smokin’ as Emma Frost.

  • Ryan Ambrose

    Man, this is going to wreck beautifully.

    All I could think of was how much I look forward to Damages’ 4th season and Mad Men’s 5th.

  • CharlesX

    It’s just disappointing that after waiting to see something “official” from Fox this is the way they present it. A crappy, Photosop-heavy, awfully composed low-res picture. High hopes for the movie…but this sucks!

  • FilmEdge

    Photo no longer seems to be on MSN and the link you provided is now dead. Hmmm….

  • Ron

    That picture makes me not want to see it. Not even a little.

    Now I may not be no big city lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that is the opposite of what advertising is supposed to do.

  • FilmEdge

    The photo is not on MSN now and the link you provided is dead. Hmmm….

  • J. Jonah Jameson


  • Excpired

    Yeah the image isn’t very good, and I’m not too happy about them reverting back to the comic book costumes; what they did with X-Men originally was a great idea why switch back. x[

    • Mathieu

      Because it’s a prequel set forty years prior to the first X-Men movie, you numpty.

      • Liam

        Or… you know… a reboot.

    • Mike

      They’ve said this is not a reboot, that they’re looking to resume with X-Men 4 after this and the next Wolverine movie. And by they, I mean Lauren Shuler Donner

  • CharlesX

    The costumes look like they were made for piloting the X-Jet, not fighting at all. They seem to be ready to parachute at any minute. Oh lord, why can’t Fox care sliiiightly more about their X-Men property…

  • Ash Talon

    The costumes look rather uninspired. However, the lighting in this photo (series of photos) is terrible. It makes everything look cheap.

    I still don’t understand the need to have Azael (sp?) in this. His introduction in the comics was lame, and the character has had no impact whatsoever.

    Ultimately, the choice of characters for this movie is its death knell. They should have just declared it a reboot, and started with the original team from the comics. And maybe introduce some of the Giant-Sized team at the end or during Xavier’s scouting trips.

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  • Stinky

    This has ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ written all over it. Another piece ‘o crap packaged as a prequel but deftly devoid of any meaningful ties to established source material. It’s a mash-up of weak-ass characters because the mainstays were so mismanaged in the last full-on X-Men movie, they had no where to go.

  • joe kerr

    everybody knows that xavier was once able to walk, but as far as i know he´s always been bald. why does xavier has hair in that picture?

  • Damo
  • random guy

    well i wasn’t x-pecting much, but this is an atrocity

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  • xxgatorxx

    january jones looks like shes gonna be on the runway with the victoria secret girls….
    these old cosumes just wont cuts it with todays audences
    im even more scared for Captain America-IMHO he looks quite silly and not
    not a badass the way hes supposed to be
    I think they know this havnt seen Thor with his skull cap in any pictures..yet
    i have high hopes for thor Captain America and this i am horrified they are gonna kill something realllly great in order to dumb it down for a new audience.
    dont even get me started on spiderman reboot
    i give all the reboots the finger-so so many other characters and storylines to choose from-so dissapointed in marvel
    aw who am i kidding ill see all these movies to laugh at them and cry a little….
    and they will make a mint of this and make some more….
    damn me and my addiction o crappy superhero scifi movies….LMAO

    • Killer B

      Yo I feel the same way. Captain America looks like an idiot. They have a super soldier program in the 40′s but not a better tailor..

      He was my favorite hero growing up but I bet it will suck and I like Chris Evans..

      I am not so sure about these Sci-Fi movies coming out..

      X-MEN looks lame
      Green Lantern looks like Chronicles of Riddick
      Tron was an over hyped pile of garbage
      THOR looks promision but Anthony Hopkins looks like a dipshit lol..

      I hope they stop bastardizing SCI FI films for mainstream audiences

  • Stanley

    Thats Havok, look at his chest!

  • Romsy

    The random girl you can’t identify is Psylocke.

    • Jesse


      • Dan

        What a fucking asshole thing to say. Don’t just say that give an explanation as to why or who you think it MIGHT be. Douchetastic

      • Jesse

        My apologies. I didn’t realize a single word could be considered ruder than the moronic whiny hate-filled diatribes people have been spewing all over this page. I was merely trying to succinctly disprove a rather confidently stated theory which was interesting but misinformed. Several sources (MTV’s SplashPage blog, for example) have correctly identified the character in question as Angel Salvadore, played by Zoë Kravitz. Plus Psylocke has never been mentioned as part of this project.

    • nikos

      could anyone PLEASE tell me if there is gonna be a leading role for Gambit in this movie???X-Men as comic is really nice!!!also the first and the second films were great!But why in God’s name did they had to kill everybody in the 3rd film???Are the producers so lame that they must be a good guy death in every movie???
      p.s. i definetly don’t have the right language to comment about the Wolverine movie…waiting the producers to add advertisments for writers and directors!!!

  • Terence

    Magneto has always had white hair but I can forgive the film franchise’s insistence that he had dark hair as a youth.

    I will be pissed if the characters are underpowered and wussified this go-round, though. For crying out loud, we went three films with a Rogue who was weak and couldn’t fly and the most impressive display of ol’ Mags’ power was levitating a portion of the Golden Gate bridge. The success of other comic-based films demonstrates the audience is okay with the characters and their abilities being true to the source material.

    McAvoy is a *great* choice for Xavier, though I’m confused about the inclusion of Havok, Emma Frost, Azazel, and Psylocke being involved if this is supposed to be the first group.

  • LordofTheKings

    When I first heard about this movie I wasn’t excited. They keep trying to go for this “Let’s teeny-bop everything” formula which NEVER works. But after seeing this picture, it’s fate is sealed for me. I’m out. It’s going to be a BlockBuster nite, along with Captain America.

  • Alex-mansy

    It’s bad news when the most non violent character, who is also the only human without powers, looks the most badass Rose Byrne as Moira MacTaggert.

    The outfits are bad, but I think they were going for a retro 60′s look.

    Mcavoy probably refused to go bald, but they should have made Magneto have white, hair or at least whitish hair.

    The picture is terrible whoever took it should be fired, but I personally still cannot help but warm up to the casting even if admittedly, they almost all look stupid in this picture.

  • Sherlock

    I suppose they could have come up with a less interesting group of talent but I’m not exactly sure how. Maybe I’ll catch it when it airs on FX… maybe.

  • SparkyPants

    Ouch, this looks like crap. I could see this as a SyFy television series…but not a Hollywood movie.

  • rek

    Someone stated Zoe (w/e her last name is) is playing Angel Salvadore, Tempest. The green hair is reminescent of Polaris though…

  • John F. C. Taylor

    I won’t pay to go see this. I won’t even spend the dollar to rent it from RedBox. I grew up reading comics in the 50s and 60s. DC and Marvel both have allowed too many changes in the original characters when translating them from print to TV and movies. I cringe whenever I hear that a new super hero movie is in production or being contemplated. Last time I saw any movie based on a comic character that even remotely resembles the comic was Iron Man. Gotta ask. When did Nick Fury become black?

    • Michael The God

      He became black in the 90s/00s during the ultimates.

      PS you’re an idiot.

    • Michael The God

      He became black in the late 90s/00s
      PS… you’re an idiot

    • LordOfTheKings

      Your post is comedy. You start off by stating how much of a Comic buff you are, then you ask when Nick Fury became black. Priceless.

      A lot of these movie do suck, but the personal experience you’re having with them would be corrected by not involving yourself with them at all. You’re going to keep hearing about them because they’re going to keep making them. You might just want to move on all together. I’d skip the message boards about them too. Hope that helps.

  • Michael The God

    wow… This image is terrible.

  • mickey

    Oh the fanboys and noobs are posting.
    They can’t make a movie just to please comic book fans.
    These movies have to have a wider appeal.
    i kind of like the generic old school costumes, since this is a prequel.

    emma frost has always been portrayed as a sexpot, so her costume is fine.

    Have to agree Azazel is out of place, unless they intend to tie in Nightcrawler in a sequel, then he’s essential to getting Mystique knocked up.

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  • SaltyNuts

    Bwahahaha! I love how all the fanboys are pissing all over this movie now. Just a few months ago, all the fanboys were slobbering all over Matthew Vaughn and his god-awful ‘Kick-Ass’ movie and praising the fact that Vaughn was chosen to helm the new X-Men and how he was going to save the franchise. My, how the tides have turned. Oh, and to the guy who said this film was made to appeal to a wide audience- look at that photo. No audience, no matter how wide, would want to see that movie.

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  • DJ

    This is going to be a major cluster f**k. Professor X and Mag was WAY older than the first class. Havok?? WTF. They are going to kill this. Wondering if this was made just to hang on to the fran? No iceman? no Marvel Girl/Jean Gray? For christ sake, the books are out there. Can fox ever get this shit right???

  • Ivan

    Yes, a grainy, poorly lit, unofficial photo is always indicative of the quality of the eventual film. – That’s sarcasm btw. I think I’ll wait until the actual movie is out, before trashing (or cheering) it.

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  • dadelife

    wow this looks like it was made for tv :/

  • jules daisies

    the girl you don’t recognize is Zoe Kravitz as Angel ” tempest” salvadore (the name of warren with the power of bobby and the legs of jean). There is Lucas Till as Havoc, not caleb landry jones as banshee.

  • Bugman

    Well, January Jones has certainly got Emma Frost down. And we haven’t even seen her acting yet.

  • blob

    this looks like a set of a porno, and also the actors looks like porn actors

  • Jason Grae

    This is FAKE! It was confirmed ages ago.

  • Mitchell

    You gotta have some faith in the director Matthew Vaughn. Stop freaking worrying about how these pictures look, you guys are jumping to conclusions. I know the last stand and wolverine was awful…duh. I dont think Vaughn and Co. are going to let this be crappy….just breathe everyone

  • Donald

    How do they get financing for such a piece of crap!?! Fire the casting director! Fire the producer! Then fire the director! What are you people thinking?! Even Superman IV: The Quest for Peace looks better than this hunk of stinky-poo! This better be a direct to DVD release because I’m not wasting my money to go see it. This will be a perfect example of why I download movies as a torrent and then decide if it’s worth the money to go buy a legit copy.

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  • ghostdog

    ok being a fan of the xmen
    I cant stand the mixing of timelines just to input various heroes and villains. I like K bacon, But sebastian shaw Really! Emma Frost may be worth seeing . However based on what I have seen so far the movie looks like crap

  • Alex-mansy

    Admittedly, Vaughns aesthetic sense has always been non existent Lady Gaga style, so the images are the worst way to present the film.

    At least Magneto looks like an ex-spy. (Which his origin in the comics is)

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  • Jenn

    Whoever is handling their marketing made a huge miss step. They would have been so much better off if they released a teaser image and not these flat, generic shots of the cast. They look cheap and they say nothing about the film. It only brings attention to the fact that the cast is different, and causes a disconnect with the audience that won’t understand that this is a prequel. So their first reaction will be.. wow those costumes look dull, flat, and lame. They should have done something similar to what The Watchmen did. Now they have to re-build faith.

  • MTSkull

    You should take that first group photo out. It’s been reported as fake by Vaughn himself.

  • Hoah

    I’m sticking by what I’ve said all along. Vaughn is gonna kill it. And by Kill it I mean it’s gonna be !@#$in badass, even though that Magneto helmet looks like an extra large helmet on a teeball player

  • mjturny23

    It always makes me laugh how people get so protective over properties like X-men: “You can’t mix timelines…!!!”

    I can’t wait to see this movie.

  • Cypher

    The reason the fanboys are getting their knickers in a twist is because most of them grew up reading the comics. So of course they’re invested in the portrayal they’re being given on the big screen. Especially when things start looking SO wrong.

    I mean really, if they’re going to take existing properties and “reinvent” them, why even pretend to have been inspired from the actual stories being told? You know… Like the last Star Trek movie.

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  • Alex

    I can’t believe Collider hasn’t mentioned that this image is fake and photoshopped. That was announced thew day after it was released, which is why the studio decided to release REAL cast photos the following day. People are tearing up this picture, and rightfully so. IT’S NOT REAL. Collider…I thought you’d be smarter than this…

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  • JBK

    I agree that the characters that they have picked for the ‘First Class’ are a little uninspired. I can’t understand why they don’t just admit that this is a reboot and use some of the better characters that were used in X-Men 1 -3, especially Cyclops who was very underused.

    Some people have said that this is actually a prequel, but if it is then it has a lot of continuity problems already:

    1. Beast

    If he is around 20 years old in this movie then that would have made him over 60 years old by X-Men 3. Now this is fictional so I guess they could say that his superior strength and reflexes made him appear more youthful that he actually was, but there was no indication in X-Men 3 that he was coming up to drawing his pension.

    2. Emma Frost

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine established Emma as Silverfox’s sister in the Marvel/20th Century Fox universe. Emma was about 18 years old in Wolverine but she looks older in this movie and it is set about 20 years before Wolverine. I suppose they could say that Emma in Wolverine was not Emma Frost at all and the blond hair, diamond skin and her name were all just a coincidence.

    3. Havok

    Although I don’t mind that Havok is the older Summers brother in this movie (even Ultimate Havok was the older brother), it is really stretching credibility here when Havok must be about 18 years old, 40 years before X-Men which featured a 25-30 old Cyclops. That would make Havok about 28-33 years older than his brother.

    4. Mystique

    Bryan Singer hinted in X2 that Mystique and Nightcrawler “maybe” mother and son, but nothing was confirmed. X-Men 3 showed Mystique as a 30 year old when she lost her powers. Therefore, she was too young to be Nightcrawler’s mother in the Marvel/Fox continuity. Ultimately, she will not be born for another 10 years after this film is set so how could she be a member of the ‘First Class’.

    5. Moira

    Moira is a baseline human being. She has no powers and can not slow down her aging. I am guessing that she is 20-25 years old here. In X-Men 3 (set at least 40 years later) she looks about 35. Now that is some great moisturiser that she is using there.

  • Lee

    It’s obvious that the people who make these movies don’t read the books at all and it’s sad because they are butchering the characters. This could have been a great movie but instead it should go straight to video! marvel should be ashamed for this BS!!!

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  • Darryl

    X-Men: First Class
    Ice Man
    and Marvel Girl

    Man who is coming up with the rights to do the movies they suck

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  • fangfan

    Jennifer lawrence shouldn’t be in movies she is a horrible actor she is going to act in the hunger games she does not even look like how everyone pictures katniss everdeen would look like I am so disappointed

    • tamil

      dai kuthi unahu ena venum…
      its mean(hai how are you)

  • tamil

    my cock is dark black….
    will you like this actress

  • sugumar

    dai thevdiya pundai…………
    i wish to fuck this actress

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  • Nat

    There missing on of the main characters :/ the banchee I don’t think thats right ???

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