Another Bad Poster for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS; New Image of Mystique Released

     April 19, 2011


I thought the teaser poster for X-Men: First Class was terrific.  It was followed by a couple of nice international posters.  Then it all suddenly went downhill with two posters that were so awful that they looked fake.  The posters were so bad that it even spurred Super Punch to hold a contest were artists could submit their own designs.  I presumed that Fox would get the message and up their game.  Sadly, that message was clearly not received as a new poster for the film is beyond bland, awkwardly photoshopped, and sticks poor Lucas Till all the way in the back that’s he rendered insignificant.

Hit the jump to check out the poster along with a new image of Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique.  X-Men: First Class stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Rose Byrne, January Jones, Oliver Platt, and Kevin Bacon.  The film opens June 3rd.  For all of our coverage on the flick, click here.

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Here’s the official synopsis for X-Men: First Class:

X-MEN FIRST CLASS charts the epic beginning of the X-Men saga, and reveals a secret history of famous global events. Before mutants had revealed themselves to the world, and before Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time. Not archenemies, they were instead at first the closest of friends, working together with other Mutants (some familiar, some new), to prevent nuclear Armageddon. In the process, a grave rift between them opened, which began the eternal war between Magneto’s Brotherhood and Professor X’s X-Men.

  • drew

    that forehead on mystique is gigantic , and that poster looks like straight garbage of course this movie in general doesn’t look good , the problem is there is not gonna be enough fun moments just tension and seriousness

  • baldowl

    Jennifer Lawrence is a GORGEOUS young woman, but she is not wearing that Mystique look well at all. What went wrong? I think it’s partly in that her hairline starts so far back, she appears to be balding, like my ex-wife. LOL

  • bacta70517

    The poster looks like a comic book cover!

  • Jesse

    Sinestro meets Avatar with cleavage!

  • Keith

    They look like plastic action figures.

  • Shannon Valance

    X-Men: First Class will not apparently be the definitive depiction of the Hellfire Club as they do not seem to have included anyone apart from Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost. As it stands it will only be them and a bunch of nameless henchmen in the film. They should have included Harry Leland, Donald Pierce, Tessa and Selene.

    • stylus59


  • Rockslide

    I have to agree on Mystique, the makeup and such looks pretty terrible. Although, I can’t say that I really liked how she looked in the other films either. I would have preferred a less lizardy look. I think she would be better with more of a natural human look and hair but with a slight blue tinge to the skin. This solid navy everywhere has no natural variation which leaves it plasticky.

    Regardless, yes the poster is horrible. They should have done a bunch of retro 60′s looking posters. Those would have been cool.

  • jesse

    honestly the trailers look great, and the so do the characters in said trailers…but these stills and posters they keep releasing are soooo awkward. I’m not sure exactly who is in charge of releasing the images (i’m sure the heads of the production have final say, but holy hell these are bad)

    Agreed with keeping the 60′s theme, it’s supposed to have a retro aspect to it.

    • Sam S.

      I agree with you completely.

  • jokerface

    It looks like Beast is texting lol. And they obviously wanted it to look like the poster from X2.

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  • Yahzee Skellington

    what the fuck is that… I always thought Mystique was hot… not a Klingon!

  • Stinky

    Makeup, costumes… all look like shit. Mystique has a five-head. This looks like a TV movie. I expect a Nick Fury cameo played by The Hoff.

  • nom79

    Damn the more I see of this movie, the worse it gets. I hope Marvel gets exclusive rights to this franchise soon before the whole comic-to-movie trend dies……or has it already? Stay tuned!

  • Sharon

    The poster for this years Sears clothing line, er I mean the X-Men prequel is complete…

  • Stinky

    I think the measuring stick for comic book movies should be Comic-Con. If those geeks have better costumes, it’s time to rethink the design.

    I can’t get over how bad this looks.

  • james

    I’m not sure why everyone is jumping all over this movie. Are some of the make up and costume choices not the best? Yes. But it’s directed by Matthew Vaughn, who has some good directing credits, as well as good producing credits, under his belt. Bryan Singer, who did a good job with the first two movies, had a hand in writing and producing. I have a feeling this movie will at least be decent, if not good.

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  • Jack R

    People searching for a lost penny or something, wandering around aimlessly.

  • a.j.

    x-men: first photoshop class……

  • M.S

    Mystique shoulnd ware any CLOTHES, she looks so bad whit a suit on. Why did they do this. Emma Frost outfit could look better and everyone looks so stiff.

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