Rose Byrne in Talks to Join X-MEN: FIRST CLASS; Jason Flemyng to Play Nightcrawler’s Father, Azazel

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We have two pieces of X-Men: First Class casting news to report tonight.  First up, Jason Flemyng told a crowd at BFI’s Movie-Con III [via ComingSoon] that he would be playing the minor role of Azazel.  In the comics, Azazel is the father of the popular mutant Nightcrawler (played in X2 by Alan Cumming) and like his son, also has the ability to teleport.  Of course, this new piece of casting leads to speculation that a young Nightcrawler might be in the movie.

Flemyng has appeared in all of Vaughn’s films, most recently as the unfortunate doorman in Kick-Ass.  Hit the jump for casting news regarding Rose Byrne (FX’s Damages) playing the love-interest of Charles Xavier (played by James McAvoy).  X-Men: First Class is currently slated to open on June 3, 2011.

THR reports that Byrne is in negotiations to play Moira MacTaggert in the film.  In the comics, MacTaggert is a brilliant scientist and authority on mutant genetics.  She has been the colleague, confidante, and even the fiancée of Charles Xavier.  THR adds that MacTaggert would be Xavier’s love-interest in the movie.  In the comics, MacTaggert eventually ended up with Sean Cassidy aka Banshee.  Banshee is in First Class, but he’s being played by 20-year-old Caleb Landry Jones, so I don’t foresee a love-triangle developing there.  MacTaggert appeared briefly in X-Men: The Last Stand and was played by Olivia Williams.

It was previously reported that 20th Century Fox was interested in having Rosamund Pike (An Education) play MacTaggert.  However, in that same story it was reported that Fox was interested in having Amber Heard (Pineapple Express) play Mystique, a role that eventually went to Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone).  Here’s how the casting currently stacks up:

And as for rumored casting:

The characters “Multiple Man” and “Willow” are also rumored to be in the film. If there are misdirects among the roles, I would believe these would fall into that category. It’s either that or (hopefully) they’re background characters like Kitty Pride/Shadowcat in the first two X-Men movies.


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  • a02112020317

    Chantelle, are you not familiar with the early years of the X-men? None of the people you listed were in the comics for atleast the first 15 years! So to put them in the movie of the origins of the group would be a huge no no! They need to stick true to the comics and just have the originals: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Angel, and Iceman! with maybe a few cameos from some of the people who's orgins might date back as far as the 60's & 70's when the book was first created. But knowing Fox this will be yet another raping of the X-universe. Marvel needs to regain control of all their properties from Fox and Sony so they can be done right like Iron Man and Hulk!

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  • Blast

    I may be one of the few who believe that all of the xmen movies sucked. The best thing about those movies was the casting of Jean-Luc Picard (sorry, can't think of this real name to save my life) to play Charles Xavier. Not a fan of Hugh Jackman either. Wolverine is way too tall in these movies, but i did enjoy his solo movie. That being said, I know where you're coming from. However, I think they may have something with this one. New cast with only one big name so far (Kevin Bacon) sounds good. And I'm even ok with having some characters in there who actually get introduced in the future. As long as they don't have such a prominent role in the movie. Like you, “Hey we got these five mutants who are the top of the line and we have other mutants over here that we don't know what to do with because they might not be mature enough, easily attainable, or have the time to become part of the 'First Class' of X-MEN because they are not ready.” I can live with that. But to close, if this movie sucks I'm done with the x-men franchise.

  • k0rrupt

    Patrick Stewart is his name…You thought all X-men films sucked but enjoyed Wolverine – any credibility you had disappeared when you wrote that :)

  • Swlotrre

    im not overly psyched for any of this

  • Alex

    This is a great development. Mcavoy and Byrne they'll be great together, but seeing as this is directed by Vaugn who has proven how sucky he is at any type of romance/male female dynamic, it will be of no use. (Stardust and Layer Cake)

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