Xbox One Priced at $499 and Will Be Released This November, New Design for Xbox 360, and More

     June 10, 2013


A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced Xbox One, and mostly highlighted the non-gaming features because E3 was on the horizon.  Today, it was all gaming at the Microsoft conference with new trailers for Metal Gear Solid V, Deadrising3, The Witcher 3, Battlefield 4 as well as non-sequels such as Ryse, Sunset Overdrive, Project Spark, and Titanfall.  And, unsurprisingly, a new Halo game will arrive in 2014.  Most importantly, the price and release were finally announced.  The Xbox One will cost $499 when it launches in November.

Personally, that price is far too steep especially when you consider the system’s major drawbacks: It needs to be connected to the Internet once a day or you can’t play games offline, you can only loan it to one person ever, and there are restrictions on the re-selling of games.  These are terrible and unnecessary features that negate any shiny new games that will come along.  I’ll happily stick with the 360, which has received a new design that ditches the “implode” look, and will also run quieter.  Hit the jump for other brief reveals from Microsoft.

Update: Amazon is now accepting pre-orders for the Xbox One Console – Day One Edition!

Microsoft announced that Xbox Live Gold will finally function like PS+ and give subscribers a couple of free games a month.  Next month, subscribers can download Assassin’s Creed II and Halo 3 for free.  It’s a savvy move since newcomers who like those games will be motivated to pick up the sequels.  However, two free games a month will only be released until Xbox One hits shelves.

Xbox One will also be ditching Microsoft Points and going to a cash system.  I don’t know why this wouldn’t apply to 360 as well, but I’ve never really understood the reason for MSP in the first place.

Finally, here’s a look at the redesigned Xbox 360, which will be available starting today.  It’s purdy:



  • Still a fan

    Unless the PS4 wows when they list the specs later today, Im probably going to sit this entire generation out. Tired of $60 games that have only 5 hours of actual gameplay, redundant sequels(Call of Duty) and the One’s new features are annoying as hell. I don’t WANT the Kennect LOOKING at me every time I play, that is stupid! I don’t need voice activated TV changing, I play games, I have thumbs that work, I don’t need to yell at my TV to change the channel. and at $499 entry fee, LAME. It’s like Microsoft opened Sony’s playbook for the PS3 launch and said “lets do that!”

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  •‎ tarek

    Looks awful

  • Ryan Donnell

    I am sticking with my Wii U. Actual innovation for a reasonable price.

    • RoadShow

      & no games! LOL

    • RoadShow

      & no games! LOL

  • tim

    $499 in the US, £429 in the UK. The price point will definitely deter early adopters, especially seeing as there have been no games shown that warrant the jump to new hardware.

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  • ThatGuy

    I don’t understand the whining and complaining of people. 8 years ago, the Xbox 360 sold for $400, and had no issues selling whatsoever. We now live in a time where people are willing to shell out $600-$800 just for an iPad, or $400-$600 for a new smartphone. A $500 starting price is PERFECTLY reasonable for this console, especially considering that includes the kinect sensor, meaning you’re getting a far more advanced console than the current generation for only less than $200 extra. That’s a pretty massive statement in the technology world where the value of an 8 year old piece of technology holding up that well is pretty crazy. You people need to start being a little more reasonable.

    • Still a fan

      I’d be reasonable if it played previous generation’s games… at least not without having to repurchase them all over again. Progress is one thing, but features that require internet access, game swapping among numerous others, these are all legit grips to have. I don’t want to have my voice and image stored by a machine, and I shouldn’t be required to have that device ON just to play a game that doesn’t use it.

      • ThatGuy

        It runs off a completely different architecture, it’s not possible to run previous gen games anymore, just like a lot of really old PC games can’t run on new 64 bit machines

  • derpderp

    $499 really is not that much seeing how you get the horsepower, the HDD, the no a cheap piece of tech kinect camera, and a controller. That stuff is easily worth the extra $150 compared to what the WiiU gave for $350. Bitches just be bitching over the online issue and completely sticking their noses up to a great day of announcements of games from hard working developers with a reasonable console price.

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  • kmccarney88

    Those drawbacks alone are enough for me to gladly tell Microsoft to go f*ck themselves. Absolutely refuse to purchase until those absurd defects are “fixed”.

    Microsoft, and everyone who helps in the development of their products, are idiots.

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  • Thomas Smithee

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