Disney Pulls the Plug on Robert Zemeckis’ YELLOW SUBMARINE

     March 14, 2011


Following the abysmal opening of Disney’s Robert Zemeckis-produced 3D motion-capture-animated Mars Needs Moms this past weekend, the studio has killed Zemeckis’ planned 3D motion-capture remake of Yellow Submarine. The Beatles-themed film was set to star Cary Elwes, Dean Lennox Kelly, Peter Serafinowicz and Adam Campbell as the Fab Four. Heat Vision reports that the disastrous box office returns for Mars Needs Moms was the final nail in the coffin for Disney, as the studio was already concerned following the lackluster reception to Zemeckis’ A Christmas Carol and the overall creepiness of the human characters created by Zemeckis’ team for 3D motion capture.

While Zemeckis is now free to shop the project around at other studios, the director has apparently retreated to Montana to regroup, where he may also be mulling over a live-action flick for his next directorial outing (his last live-action film was 2000’s Cast Away). I think I speak for most everyone when I say it’s about time that Zemeckis returned to live-action films. Enough already with the rubber people movies. He’s a fine director and his talents are missed back here in the land of non-creepy-looking films.

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  • Collin V.

    Can’t believe they unplugged this…ah well, maybe he can work on that Roger Rabbit sequel

  • Robotpo

    The Beatles are too good for the 21st century. Carry on with your 50 Cent and your Brittany Spears, you Orcs!!!

    • The.Watcher

      Spoken like a truly clueless idiot.

  • Ryan

    That’s because Mars Needs Moms looked like crap. Its one of the few Disney films of late I have no interest in. It looked lame, cheesy and full of crass childish jokes. Give me Rango or Toy Story 3

  • kruzher

    Hand over Yellow Submarine to PIXAR.

  • Grimcicle

    Back to the Future: Part Remake incoming!

  • Ryan B



    he should try some kind of psychological thriller like What Lies Beneath or something that requires a steady hand. It would be nice. Hopefully, it wont b a disappointment.

  • RubberMan

    You DON’T speak for everyone. Zemeckis’ ‘Beowolf’ and ‘Christmas Carol’ were excellent films, IMHO. I’ve watched them both several times and enjoy them very much, on many levels. I was truly looking forward to his ‘Yellow Submarine’. Which really says something, because I love the original. The failure of ‘Mars Needs Moms’, was not Zemeckis’. It was the failure of the film’s DIRECTOR, the hack who made ‘Prince of Egypt’. So, screw this condescending article in the ear; Zemeckis has made more classics than almost any other director in Hollywood. So the f*ck what if one film he produced is a flop. Put the blame where it belongs- on the DIRECTOR!

  • Excpired

    Really Ryan, Toy Story 3 shouldn’t be considered Disney Pixar OWNS that shit, I consider the two completely autonomous; even if they do have a holding deal with Disney all the work is done by the brilliant minds at Pixar.

    Rango wasn’t even Disney it was distributed by Paramount and funded by Nickelodeon (among others).

    I wasn’t a huge fan of any of this guys animated films, they all come off as kind of boring. This latest film looked pretty terrible, reminded me of Planet 51.

  • iamtryingtobelieve

    Beowulf was pretty awesome, and The Polar Express is fun once a year, but that’s about it. I love the possibilities created by what he’s working with, but overall the ImageMovers studio seems more like an experiment than a full-on studio.

    I was a bit apprehensive about this movie anyway, Zemeckis is a good director, but I don’t know if I remaking “Yellow Submarine” was a good idea.

  • Hrothgar

    Beowulf was terrible, I don’t know if anyone who liked that movie has read the book but it was the worst adaptation I’ve seen in a while. Even without reading the book, I show it to my students every year and they hate it, they keep asking me why he has to fight naked.

    I also saw Christmas Carol and it was one of the worst versions of that I’ve ever seen.

    So yes, he needs to give this up and go back to live action, or go be an intern at Pixar for a while.

  • The.Watcher

    I’m glad Mo-Cap Movies are dead, they are terrible – stiff and awkward animation topped by dead eyes that freak you the fuck out. Beuwolf was awful – fuck that idiot saying otherwise, they completely bastardized the story, Polar Express wasn’t any good, Christmas Carol was bearable, but not any more than that – and I’m only giving you this because of Carrey’s performance – Mars looks truly groan-worthy. Fuck Mo-Cap, bring on the live action with no/limited CGI!

  • Jimmy Jim Jim Jim

    Everyone seems to forget the Zemickis/Speilburg produced “Monster House”. That movie was mo-cap and it was excellent. The animation was much more cartoony than most other mo-cap movies and I think that helped a lot.

  • Jubb3500

    The mo-cap Zemeckis “Yellow Submarine” is dead?

    There IS a God.

    The original “Yellow Submarine” is a classic and should never, ever be remade. And mo-cap “Zombie” movies need to be shot in the head and consigned to ashheap of the world’s great creative failures.

  • mike2

    Yellow Sub the original sucked…no really…it COMPLETELY sucked. Directors should at least make sure that if they spend every day on set high as a kite, then at least one person present is sober to keep things in line…

    The Beatles were an alright band, but horribly over-rated (and no…I’m not twelve…old enough to know what I’m talking about)

    Motion capture, however, also sucks…so the two might have been a good pairing…

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