‘Yoga Hosers’: New Trailer Features Bad Accents, Nazis, and Johnny Depp

     June 6, 2016


A new trailer for writer/director Kevin Smith’s new comedy Yoga Hosers has been released online, for consumption at your own risk. The film stars Harley Quinn Smith and Lily-Rose Depp as a pair of teenage convenience store clerks both named Colleen who become embroiled in a mysterious invasion by Nazi sausage monsters, aptly named “Bratzis,” who are all played by Kevin Smith himself in heavy makeup. The Colleens are aided in their case by Johnny Depp’s bumbling private detective Guy Lapionte, who first appeared in Smith’s horror thriller Tusk.

I saw the movie at Sundance and if you had your fingers crossed for a return to form for Smith, this ain’t it. If anything this is a step backwards for the filmmaker, as I decried in my review that Smith’s biggest crime when it comes to Yoga Hosers isn’t that it’s painfully unfunny or unsophisticated, it’s that it feels like he’s not even trying anymore.

This trailer gives viewers a solid feel for what they’ll be in for with the film, and if you find the joke-y Canadaian accents too much to stomach in this trailer, you may find the full film a very tough watch. Smith and Co. are marketing the picture as a “kid’s movie,” and while I suppose youngsters might take the film moreso than fans of Clerks or Dogma, the Millennial-skewering humor still feels extremely forced.

Anyway, take a look at the new Yoga Hosers trailer below, complete with a Stan Lee cameo for good measure plus a look at Ralph Garman‘s insufferable villain character. The film also stars Austin Butler, Tyler Posey, Vanessa Paradis, Justin Long, and Adam Brody. Yoga Hosers opens in theaters on July 29th.


Image via Smodcast Pictures


Image via Sundance


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