‘Yoga Hosers’ Trailer Reveals Kevin Smith’s Nazi Monster-Filled Comedy Starring Johnny Depp

     May 10, 2016


The first trailer for writer/director Kevin Smith’s buddy comedy Yoga Hosers has landed online, and it is…well, I guess it’s technically a movie. The film stars Harley Quinn Smith and Lily-Rose Depp as a pair of teenage convenience store clerks both named Colleen who become embroiled in a mysterious invasion by Nazi sausage monsters, aptly named “Bratzis,” who are all played by Kevin Smith himself in heavy makeup. The Colleens are aided in their case by Johnny Depp’s bumbling private detective Guy Lapionte, who first appeared in Smith’s horror thriller Tusk.

I caught the film at Sundance and it’s pretty much a shapeless disaster. The structure is incoherent, characters pop in and out with no motivation whatsoever, and the “quippy” dialogue is forced and unfunny. Moreover, Depp is in full-on Mortdecai mode here, although you may be surprised to learn that he’s very much a co-star in the film, not just a cameo. As I said in my full review, what’s most infuriating about Yoga Hosers isn’t that it’s bad, it’s that it feels like Smith just isn’t even trying anymore. As someone who’s a genuine fan of many of his films, I wasn’t so much offended by Yoga Hosers as I was disappointed.

This international trailer is very much indicative of the juvenile nature of the film, so take a look below if you so desire. Austin Butler, Tyler Posey, Ralph Garman, Jennifer Schwalbach, and Vanessa Paradis also star. The film will hit theaters on July 29th.


Image via Smodcast Pictures


Image via Smodcast Pictures

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