Harrison Ford and Zac Efron in Talks for Rob Reiner’s Psychological Thriller YOU BELONG TO ME

     October 31, 2012

you belong to me harrison ford zac efron

Harrison Ford and Zac Efron are in negotiations to star in the psychological thriller You Belong to Me, which Rob Reiner will direct.  Ford would play a psychiatrist struggling with the recent suicide of a patient.  He bonds with the patient’s brother (Efron), but learns to regret that bond when the young man begins seducing the psychiatrist’s wife and daughter.  Producers Richard Lewis, Alan Greisman, and Mark Damon are currently presenting You Belong to Me to buyers at the American Film Market.  According to The Wrap, the filmmakers are planning for a March 2013 start date.

I am definitely intrigued, in part because Reiner has not directed something of this ilk since 1990′s Misery.  Reiner previously explained the appeal, “They are hard to make well, but this one has a deep psychological bent to it and a big twist in the end that I didn’t see coming.”  No one among Ford, Efron, and Reiner, however, guarantee quality at this stage in their careers—so there is a considerable measure of caution mixed in with that intrigue.

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  • Bert

    If Ford gets to beat the shit out of Efron during this movie, I’m there for the midnight showing

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  • tarek

    Zac Efron is an actor ? Who would have known…

  • m7

    I like that Efron is trying to stretch his abilities and take on more challenging roles. He could easily be doing blockbuster stuff but he’s choosing not to. Good for him.

  • Ark

    What a dumb article — “No one among Ford, Efron, and Reiner, however, guarantee quality at this stage in their careers.”

    Who can in the first place? Why not reserve some judgment?

    Really — this is the most pretentious line I’ve read in an article on this website. You’ve even outdone Matt Goldberg. And that is saying a lot.

    I visit Collider less and less because the analyses of what’s going on in filmdom is so poorly written and often childishly judgmental. Collider’s critiques of movies are truly awful, such that, I won’t even read them any more. No one on this website knows how to give a thoughtful and insightful critique of a movie, let alone a proper report of what movies are being planned.

  • Hel

    This is very interesting! I wish them good luck!

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    wow zac is maniac?interesting