Zack Snyder Says JUSTICE LEAGUE Doesn’t Fit With His Take on SUPERMAN or Christopher Nolan’s BATMAN

     March 30, 2011


Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov has recently spoken about studio plans to release a Justice League movie in 2013.  (I’m still taken aback by that timeline, but there it is.)  Christopher Nolan and The Dark Knight producer Charles Roven have both gone on record that their Batman exists in his own superhero universe.  At the UK premiere of Sucker Punch, Hey U Guys took the opportunity to ask Superman reboot director Zack Snyder how his take on Superman fit in with the planning on Justice League.  Snyder responded:

“It doesn’t. Like what Chris Nolan is doing and what I’m  doing with Superman, what they’ll do with Justice League will be it’s own thing with it’s own Batman and own Superman. We’ll be over here with our movie and they’ll kinda get to do it twice which is kinda cool.”

Watch the interview clip after the jump.

Warner Bros. is clearly taking a different approach to the superhero teamup than their comic book movie counterparts, Marvel.  The Marvel mission statement is to build up to The Avengers piece by piece in the individual films and sign all the cast members of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America to multi-picture deals to ensure continuity.  (Hulk is the one hiccup: Mark Ruffalo will be the third actor to play Hulk in less than a decade.)

Prior development on a Justice League movie showed a willingness to diverge from the casting of individual movies.  Batman Begins and Superman Returns established Christian Bale and Brandon Routh in the respective roles, but Armie Hammer and D.J. Controna would have taken over for Justice League: Mortal had production gone forward.  I’m eager to see casting news on this edition of Justice League.  Bale says he’s out after The Dark Knight Rises.  Will Ryan Reynolds reprise Green Lantern?  How fully is Henry Cavill willing to submit to Superman typecasting?  Does the studio even want them for Justice League?


  • Kapua

    I’m assuming the Justice League move will be the start of something new. Maybe the new Batman movies will branch off from there.

  • Zac

    I do not get this so you are telling me that there will now be two of every character lol really… two superman and two batmans and maybe two green lanterns. So does this mean that there will be two of each indivual movie for each character after the justice league starts. Im sure the movies will all be great but…the confuion will definitley be there.

    • Michael

      But there already are multiple iterations of all of these characters. Granted they are mainly animated, but I think people can accept the idea that Superman is one series and Justice league is another. That is especially true if Snyder puts his own distinctive stamp on the Superman universe.

  • Chris

    It makes sense that Batman would need to be rebooted, but I don’t see the reason that Superman still can’t be written in a way that he can eventually share the same universe as Green Lantern or the Flash.

    Zack mentioned in early interviews that Superman was going to be mostly CG. Wait, that sounds familiar, oh ya, the Green Lantern.

    Come on WB and DC get your shit together. If you need help, give me a call.

  • dude

    This would be a good excuse to bring back Routh. They don’t have to tie it in to Returns at all. Infact, avoid mentioning the kid!

    • sense 11

      Here we go.

  • Carmen Vergara

    I look forward to seeing Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Aquaman, and the Martian Manhunter.

    I look forward to seeing some of the following villains:

    Amazo, Amos Fortune, Anti-Justice League, The Appelaxians, Asmodel, Brainiac, Crime Syndicate of America, Copperhead, Darkseid, The Demons Three, Despero, Doctor Destiny, Doctor Light, Doomsday, Eclipso, Epoch the Lord of Time, The Extremists, Felix Faust, Funky Flashman, Gamemnae, The General, Gentleman Ghost, The Injustice Gang, The Injustice League, Kanjar Ro, The Key, Kobra, Lex Luthor, Libra, Magog, Morgaine le Fey, Neron, Professor Ivo, Prometheus, Queen Bee, The Queen of Fables, Qwsp, Rama Khan, Red King, The Royal Flush Gang, The Secret Society of Super Villains, Shaggy Man, Starbreaker, Starro, T. O. Morrow, The Ultra-Humanite, Vandal Savage, The Wizard, The White Martians

  • Leoric

    Sounds like a big freaking mess to me. Someone seriously needs to get their sh*t together. It’s like a massive communication breakdown going on, everyone doing their own thing, no coherence and no consistency at all. You know, they say too many cooks spoil the broth, and it sounds to me like a lot of people are trying to dip their hands into the same pot of characters at the same time, which will never turn out very well. I know I can’t speak for everyone, but I think CONSISTENCY is very important to audiences when it comes to things like this, and I don’t like where this is going at all! What the hell is going on with these DC properties?!

  • Grimcicle

    I think they should just avoid using heroes that already have their own films. With so many other heroes being integral to the Justice League, we don’t necessarily NEED Bats, Supes or even Hal Jordan in the film. How about a movie JLA starring Wonder Woman (since her movie is going nowhere), The Flash, John Stewart, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Steel?

  • Terry

    all these decisions being made by a bunch of corner office schmucks. Are they even fanboys? Doubt it. But they do control the money.

    This is what happens when straight laced business folks look at shit as nothing but a product that can be presented a millions different ways. Case in point, M&Ms. WTF! Now they have pretzels inside. Pretty good by the way but you get what I’m saying.

  • Aaaghunuld

    Hmm, worrying. Routh would not fit into a justice league movie, too yound and puny looking, but ok as a standalone Reeves tribute.

    However, I expected Snyders take would be epic, with fantasy elements and visuals, with a more beefed up Superman, (something along the portrayal in Batman:HUSH)

    Which is what i was wishing for. Superman should be portrayed as someone who could be in a JLA movie, Supes is a silly but fun character. How can he not fit into JLA ?

    Obviously Batman needs a reboot from Nolans style to pursue a JLA film (Hell, even a proper Batman film, not set in the realverse, where we can get to see other villains.)

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  • Michael

    I like what DC is doing. DC is not Marvel. Batman and Superman are the 900 lb gorillas of the comics world. Even Spider-man was not at their level of mass recognition before Raimi’s first film.

    The success of Iron Man gave Marvel the guts to gamble on Thor and Captain America. And tying them into the second IM film gave them a headstart on publicity.

    None of the DC second tier (and the first tier only has two slots) characters have hit big yet. If Green Lantern is an Iron Man level smash, then it could be used as a launch point for the others, but it hasn’t been released.

    JL needs to play catch up with Avenger’s, but not at the risk of messing with Batman and Superman. If Snyder’s Superman tanks, then the JL Superman could be the next reboot, but if it hits, you don’t want JL to hinder what Nolan and Snyder have working. Nolan’s Batman will be dead by then, so JL and reboot are not incompatible.

    In short, Warner’s NEEDS JL sooner to launch its next tier of characters, while Marvel got a great headstart because of the success of Iron Man.

  • JLC

    Interesting how the movie versions of the two universes are shaping up similarly to the development of the comics universes. Marvel was always more about integrating their universe. DC’s characters largely developed on their own and then did the occasional team-up.

    I don’t think either approach is better or worse, just different. I’m still interested to see whether WB will give Nolan enough clout to kill, cripple or retire Batman at the end of his trilogy, before the reboot.

  • Terrell

    Okay, this is just totally retarded. Why they wouldn’t link their two main heroes to fit with the Justice League movie just sounds dumb. The only thing I can think of, and it’s one of the major differences between Marvel and DC, is the Multiverse. DC’s history and present is filled with multiple versions of the same characters.

    So honestly, they can do a Justice League movie and say that Nolan’s Batman and Superman are from a different earth. They can say that Christopher Reeve’s Superman and Tim Burton’s Batman are from different earths. The same for Smallville and the Wonder Woman show. That’s the WB’s/DC’s sandbox to play in.

    Saying that though, the Multiverse is confusing and there is a reason why DC had to simplify things.

  • skyjedi

    While it is true that Bale would unlikely do a justice league film saying he won’t play batman again after dark knight rises on his lonesome is false. He has clearly said that if Nolan wants to do a fourth film he is on board.

    If they both bow out then because this is now a huge franchise there will most likely be another batman series, and it won’t take as long as begins to get off the boards hopefully.

    That was because of Batman and Robin. Which just about almost ruined the franchise, much like star trek nemesis ruined star trek so they had to reboot it.

  • ChrstopherS

    This is the difference between Marvel and DC, Marvel had the foresight to plan for the Avengers and make their tentpole individual films that would eventually tie in to the collaboration movie. However, this may have hurt Iron Man 2 and it may have been why Jon Faverau is no longer the director, instead of just having to do a movie, he had to do a movie that would tie into another movie that is not his creation at all. The Nolan Batman movies are wonderful, excellent and this is probably, in some small part, due to the fact that he did not have to tie it into the Justice League Universe. Still, if DC is going to try to be like Marvel, which is sad already because they didn’t have the vision to do a Justice League first, they should at least try to do it the same way, not have a new actor for Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern. That would be like recasting Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Nick Fury, and Black Widow, because they are their own movie and don’t fit into the Avenger’s universe. It’s ridiculous. Wait. Do another Batman, tie Superman into the universe, tie Green Lantern in, do a big screen Wonder Woman, and then do the Justice League.

  • Steve Rudzinski

    F**k you Snyder, NO. You are NOT allowed to make that goddamn call WB why are you allowing this. Batman getting a reboot for JLA is fine because Begins started back in 2005, before all this. And you can’t expect Nolan to change the finale of his trilogy to line up with something new. I understand there being a new Batman for Justice League.

    But Snyder’s Superman is coming out at the SAME TIME PERIOD as Justice League you can not have two separate worlds and two different Supermen. This will be confusing as hell for general audiences and can be a major turn off for the Justice League movie, not to mention a f**k you to fans.

    There is literally NO REASON why Superman’s world can’t fit into the Justice League’s world. YOU CAN IGNORE EVERYTHING SNYDER. F**K YOU.

    And if this is because Nolan is allowing it? Then Nolan is the problem. Thank you Chris for making good Batman movies but this isn’t Batman, please stop messing with the DC Movie-verse. Otherwise WB is made of idiotic Executive Producers that just haven’t read any comic book ever.

    Snyder wants to leave his own mark without caring about the bigger picture, it’s a damn pissing contest.

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  • Matthew

    To me that makes it easier and less expensive and kind of a cop out and a way out if it doesn’t work. Marvel is taking risks and rewarding us by having the balls to tie it all together. Not that I don’t think the Batman movies are great and that the superman movie won’t be great, the Avengers was the pinnacle super hero experience until now, Marvel really gets it.

    • jeff

      u r stupid for saying what u said avengers stand nowhere in front of the dark knight or any of nolan’s batman movies and if justice league movie is made it would decimate the avevgers coz jla is much more popular than avengers with more popular characters

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  • some random guy

    Of course Superman would fit. The reason Batman doesn’t fit is because Batman doesn’t have superpowers. He is a normal guy who trains to become a hero who happens to be rich enough to afford lots of nice toys. Superman can f-ing fly and shoot laser beams out of his eyes… matter what kind of vision someone uses to make a Superman movie, he will fit with the Justice League.
    Batman and Superman both deserve to have their own stand alone series that have nothing to do with the Justice League, but if WB is smart, they will NEVER include the same Batman (in whatever the current Batman franchise is) in the Justice League movie. If that were to happen, it would ruin the Batman movie.
    I for one, would refuse to see the Batman movie if he was going to be included in the Justice League world.

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