Will Superman Punch Someone in the Face? Zack Snyder talks SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL

     March 18, 2011

Zack Snyder SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL Sucker Punch slice

Just an hour ago I got to interview director Zack Snyder for his new movie Sucker Punch.  With the film getting released next weekend, you can expect the full interview online very soon.  However, towards the end of our conversation, I asked him about Superman: Man of Steel and wanted to get that online today.  Since I knew I’d only get one question about his next project, I tried to make it a good one.  I asked if Superman would punch someone in the face!

While there are moments in Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns that I liked, for the most part, I consider the film a missed opportunity.  One of the reasons is that Superman never got physical.  We only saw him moping around and every once in awhile, got some cool action (the plane rescue was incredible).  I figure if Superman gets to punch someone in the face in Man of Steel…that means we’re going to get an awesome villain.  So what did Snyder tell me?  Hit the jump to watch.  I also asked him where they’re going to film and he did confirm Vancouver is one of the locations.

As most of you already know, Henry Cavill will play Clark Kent/Superman. Kevin Costner will play Jonathan Kent, Clark Kent’s adopted father.  Diane Lane has signed on to play Martha Kent.  Charles Roven, Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and Deborah Snyder are the producers of the film.  The screenplay is being written by David S. Goyer based on a story by Goyer and Nolan.

For all our Superman: Man of Steel coverage, click here.

After watching what Snyder says…tell me you’re not excited!


  • english gent

    superman is gonna kick ass

    • Brian

      I agree

  • Travman93

    Zack Snyder seems like such a cool guy.

  • IllusionOfLife

    Frosty, you’re absolutely right, Superman Returns definitely lacked some good face punching. I’m not a huge Snyder fan, but I’m definitely excited for the new Superman.

  • DevilGagaso

    YES!!! Zack’s new Superman movie is going to be AWESOME, Zack and Nolan, are going to reboot Superman like we have never experienced before and mark my words–MAN OF STEEL WILL BE AMONG THE BIGGEST HITS OF 2012

  • Brandon

    Sounds great! I hope it’s on the scale of the ending scene of Super/Batman Apocalypse with Darkseid! That was kick ass! It would be hella expensive but would raise the bar in Superhero films. I’ll try and keep my expectations in check!

    Can’t wait!

  • Aeonstrife

    I am sorry but Zack Snyder has yet to make a single good film and he couldn’t even get an animated film about owl’s right. The guy is far too into making glossy, stylized and exagerrated visuals in painful slow motion at the expense of making an actual movie. He is a baby with crayons gone bad that has no availability to focus on giving his doodles meaning. Christopher Nolan won’t be producer on this film as he already said he will be too busy with The Dark Knight Rises to oversee Superman and his first choice to do this film was Darren Aronofksy so this film is already dead. Personally, I think if Zack Snyder got the right training from a masterful director, if Snyder was willing to step back from his standard mode of operating, he decided to read several books on filmmaking and he made an effort to not make the same mistakes he might make an actual director. However, with no masterful director guiding Snyder his chance of making a film that won’t fall into incoherent paint is zero.

    • Rob

      I’ll see your article from a Do It Yourself site that can’t even be bothered to spell hit fix right even when the name of the site is in the quote they are using, and raise you an article the LA Times published just 3 days ago:


      and in case you don’t want to read the whole article, here’s the two paragraph quote right here:
      I told Snyder I was interested to see how he and his wife and producing partner, Debbie Snyder, would collaborate with the producer team of Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas – another married couple who have put themselves at the center of the Warner Bros. present and future when it comes to blockbuster ventures. Nolan, of course, directed the two most recent Batman films, which many people consider the pinnacle of superhero cinema, while Thomas has been the producer of every Nolan film, including last year’s “Inception,” which was nominated for the best picture Oscar.

      “It’s been really great,” Snyder said of the collaboration so far. “Chris is awesome. He’s super-respectful but super-helpful, too. You can’t imagine a more generous [collaborator] … once he sort of got what I want to do with it, he was like, ‘OK,’ and once he said, ‘You know what, that’s awesome,’ now he’s 100%. If I say, ‘What do you think of this?’ he’s like, ‘That’s awesome,’ and then there’s a great give-and-take about it, a great conversation that we can have about it and making it better every day. And by the way, he’s hilarious too.”

      So while I’m sure for the most part Nolan is not involved in the day to day on Superman, he is indeed still a producer on it and he is indeed still collaborating on the movie with Snyder in at least an advisory capacity.

      Next time you should pay attention yourself…

      • Alex–

        Glad Snyders collaborating with Nolan, that guy has some good ideas from time to time.

      • Aeonstrife

        Yeah, notice Zack Snyder doesn’t say not even once that Christopher Nolan is the producer on Superman. According to Emma Thomas, Nolan’s wife, Nolan is not producing Superman. Snyder is probably talking about when he first got the script from Nolan to do Superman, which was before Nolan left the film. Nolan outside of handing Snyder the script, has next to zero involvement in this film.

      • Aeonstrife

        Not to mention it would be impossible while Nolan is directing The Dark Knight Rises to also at the same time be producing Superman. Even Nolan can’t be at two places at once. Use some common sense people.

  • jack

    don’t trust Snyder, but i hope he gets it right.

  • Matthew

    Nice guy. Awful filmmaker. Sorry but just being brutally honest. Watchmen and Suckerpunch were dreadful. WB might want to rethink the reboot idea altogether because it is looking like Krypton about to self-destruct literally and figuratively.

    • Terry

      Man Mat the Watchmen would have had potential if the story was better and the ending was bitch , ass gay(as in corny). Suckerpunch! Child please! I read the test screening were stank. And I think that’s putting it mildly.

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  • complquer

    shut up HATTERS!!! snyder good luck…Don’t make me hate u to, that’s gotta be your greatest masterpiece, there’s so much u can do with kent…anyway! hope u nailed it.

    • DevilGagaso

      @ Aeon You are misinformed. CHRISTOPHER NOLAN AND HIS WIFE ARE AMONG THE 2 MAIN PRODUCERS of this movie and Nolan is fully involved with the creative development and casting behind the curtains . Zack Snyder have got enough talent. In visuals and action, he is among the top notch directors. He just needs a good story/screenplay which is already provided to him by Nolan/Goyer. This movie will knock it out of the park.

    • Liam

      Damned Hatters. Should stay in Wonderland instead of cluttering up our internets…..

      Yeah, 2011. Almost all browsers have a spell check.

  • Thad

    Zack Snyder makes 2 hour music videos. Aeonstrife is dead on.

    If Superman goes into Zack-mo (slow-mo) I will leave the theater. This is not the film for that.

  • Thad

    Also, he said “Bro”. That’s an immediate fail card from the ref. Zack please move on from The Matrix school of film and try making an action movie that has as much heart as it does visuals.

  • Kris

    Correct me if i’m wrong… but Frosty, it seems like whoever you interview they always seem to enjoy their time with you. You always ask the right questions and get on their good side. Nice work with this one, cant wait to finally see superman kick some ass!

    • Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

      trust me, they don’t always like me. but I think a lot of them do. at least…I hope they do.

      • Mathieu

        What impressed me the most was the way Snyder refused to take the bait and would not belittle Bryan Singer or Superman Returns. Stay classy Snyder, stay classy.

  • Quadree Breeland

    I just hope they do a small origin story and the rest of the movie will be badass. I’m happy as long as lois lane is hot. and i ope that snyder will include the scene from the first superman movie when lois is falling from the helicopter.

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  • bibi

    punching in the face? what sort of redneck question is that

  • Example

    Zack will undoubtedly bring the visuals, but Henry Cavill has the acting chops to bring the right balance of being stoic and intense. He didn’t disappoint in The Tudors, and I think a lot of people will be surprised.

    • Aeonstrife

      Cavill won’t have the right direction to give the necessary performance. Cavill could be the best actor of all time but due to Zack Snyder not having a clue Cavill would still fail.

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  • steven

    again 26MB size for jus a min video….
    come on Frosty… work on the size of the videos bro….
    examine the size of videos in other tube sites for exmaple youtube or megavideo… you will see no big difference in quality or anything but size…request
    thank you

    • Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

      I rendered it in super high quality….but you’re right…it’s a bit high

      • Kane

        Hey Frosty, I experience the slow rates all the time. Some quick advice, upload the video rendered in super high quality (Even HD if possible) on YouTube. I mean you’ll get fast speed, low bandwidth costs and a wider audience. Or, Just upload to YouTube in whatever quality, then download the encoded video of YouTube via keepvid.com and upload it to your site. The size of YouTube’s encoded video will be very small but amazing quality. You can then delete the YouTube version, essentially using, YouTube as a render solution :-)

        All the best!

  • gc

    Not that interviewer cares or anything, but in the original 1978 Richard Donner movie…one that is more or less universally regarded as a great film and the first real superhero movie upon which all others since have been judged…Christopher Reeve as Superman punched absolutely ZERO people in the face. Didn’t throw a single punch in the entire movie. Just sayin.

  • johnnyb78

    Nice! Shoulda asked if he was going to punch someone “through” their face!

    BTW…Papa John’s pizza is horrendous…

  • SSJ

    Screw the haters. For my money, Zack Snyder makes some damn fine films and I actually thought that Watchmen was a genuinely great film, with Rorschach’s final conversation in particular demonstrating Snyder’s talent at mixing visual intensity with compelling drama. It’s not as over-the-top as Nolan’s antics, but it’s there if you look for it, and others have pointed out repeatedly that Snyder knows how to do emotion – Nite Owl I’s death in Watchmen, regrettably a deleted scene, hit me harder than any moment in Nolan’s Batman films.

  • SSJ

    Also, like it or hate it, but Snyder knows how to use slow-mo. It, interestingly enough, feels like an “art form” unto itself in his films, particularly in the 300 scene in which Leonidas single-handedly takes down at least a dozen Persian soldiers, the camera painstakingly capturing his every move in its grit — his action sequences are deliberately stylized, and they work with that in mind IMO.

    • RMK

      I agree with SSJ. Watchmen is an incredibly powerful and thought-provoking superhero film, and in my opinion, possibly the best superhero movie ever made. However, I think I have that perspective because I saw it as a film first without having read the comic. Adaptations cause more division among fans, because the filmmakers make changes to the source material. Going into Watchmen without any expectations allowed me to see it as a film in its own right, and the slow motion works because there’s not a lot of action in the story to begin with. Snyder shows us how these superheroes without any powers do damage: they’re FAST. The actors who play Dr. Manhattan and Rorschach deliver more complex characters than any actor who has portrayed Batman, and Ozymandias may not be as zany and scenery-chewing as Ledger’s Joker, however, he’s far more interesting because he thinks he’s saving the world, not “watching it burn.”

      • Michael

        I’m with you and SSJ.

        I went into Watchmen (without having read the graphic novel) and I thought it was a great movie. Was it perfect? No. The best movie ever made? No.

        But it is a great superhero movie for me. And I’ve only seen it a couple times but I still can’t shake some powerful scenes out of my mind. I particularly enjoyed the work of Jackie Earle Harley (as Rorschach) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (as the Comedian). It was very sad to see what happens to both men.

        And that opening segment was incredible.

        I know the action sequences were bashed by some, but I liked the feel of them. They all seemed to have the right tone and presentation.

        Likewise, in terms of casting, Billy Crudup was a great choice for Dr. Manhattan. I can imagine, in the hands of a lesser director, someone with a “masculine” voice would have been cast because of Dr. Manhattan’s power and size (talking about his body here, not his…. ).

        I can easily see, with some of Nolan’s guidance, and Snyder’s ability to bring a good balance between rough-and-ruggedness and emotionality (as we see in The Comedian, Rorschach, Nite Owl), he could very well be the guy to bring some machismo to Superman while still respecting his “aw-shucks” background.

      • SLOMO MOFO

        Oh Yeah! My favorite part of Watchmen is when the guy cuts the other guys arms of with a powersaw, all gory like, or when we get to see a little murdered girl’s corpse getting eaten by dogs. How about that part where the Comedian shoots and kills a pregnant woman. Awesome. Dude, I just love gore, child killing, and, well, pregnant woman killing. It teaches us so much about superheroes and our world. I guess you agree.

        I totally think that the Superman mythology will be improved by more gore, dead children, and of course, maybe a shot of Lena Heady’s boobs jiggling in slo mo. Wait…he already did that one.

  • Michael Shaw

    All comments aside did anyone see 300? The action was off the chain & I’m totally confident Snyder will do Man of Steel Justice, my only concern is that Zod is paramount to releasing Doomsday, not repeating Superman 2 a’la Bryan Singer with Superman Returns(which I loved) after all the character does originate from Krypton. Hopefully this is the the beginning of the end for Supes, aka the comic version of the storyline & we will end up with the “Death of Superman” in a trilogy of movies. Lets not forget, Snyder’s vision of the graphic novel of 300 was definately on point & I truely doubt he’ll dissapoint.

  • sam

    wow, Kevin Kostner will bring yet another movie down to direct-to-DVD quality.

    he sucks more than you will ever remember.

    and so will this film since they put that jackoff in it.


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