First Image and Poster for Amazon’s ZOMBIELAND TV Show

     March 28, 2013


The first image and poster for Amazon’s potential Zombieland TV show have made their way online.  The pilot comes from screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who also wrote the film, and stars Tyler Ross (Milkshake) as Columbus, Maiara Walsh (Switched at Birth) as Wichita, Izabela Vidovic (Help for the Holidays) as Little Rock, and Kirk Ward (Fully Loaded) as Tallahassee.  The story picks up two weeks after the movie ended and Reese and Wernick are hoping for a 13-episode first season.  Amazon is taking a unique approach to their potential series, though, as they’re making all of their pilots available online and letting fans decide which ones move forward as fully-fledged TV shows.

Hit the jump to check out the image and poster, and click here if you missed Steve’s interview with Reese and Wernick in which they talked about the Zombieland show.

poster via The Huffington Post


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  • Straymo

    They just turned off the planet layer in photoshop.

  • yurine

    That poster looks really bad.

  • Tom Miatke

    Quite possibly a contender for worst poster of the year..

    • Straymo

      As bad as this is, the all ninja poster for The Wolverine is like watching an abortion.

      • Gerry Rock

        totally agree

  • ritchie

    hahahahahhahahaha WTF

  • Kristen

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  • Strong Enough


    in other news Ennio is a music god

  • austin

    so geed for this tv show, but i hope they make that guy shave his hair since hes playing woody harelsons character and he also needs cowboy hat

  • bence

    The poster looks like it’s for a SyFy original movie, what the hell

  • Dobby

    This. Looks. Awful.

  • LEM

    The picture before the jump made me instantly hate this show.

  • mattedscreen

    Birdemic 2 had a better poster than this! Ugh… the photoshop…

  • Gerry Rock

    Oh god, this is the worst thing since Disney bought Marvel ¬¬

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