Trailer for Amazon’s ZOMBIELAND TV Series; Watch the Full Pilot Online for Free

     April 17, 2013


Today Amazon has unveiled the pilot for its TV series adaptation of Zombieland, along with the trailer for the show.  The series comes from Zombieland screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and stars Tyler Ross (Milkshake) as Columbus, Maiara Walsh (Switched at Birth) as Wichita, Izabela Vidovic (Help for the Holidays) as Little Rock, and Kirk Ward (Fully Loaded) as Tallahassee.  The story picks up two weeks after the movie ended, and Amazon is taking an atypical approach to its new pilots in that viewers get to vote on which ones they want to see picked up to series.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer and to find out how you can watch the full Zombieland pilot for free.

Head on over to Amazon to watch the full Zombieland pilot online right now for free (though some people are having connection issues with the player, so be patient), and watch the trailer for the series below (via ScreenCrush).


  • T-Mo

    Compared to the movie it looks terrible. Compared to current TV comedy it looks decent.

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  • dogg

    God dammit. How hard was it to NOT Ff@#k this up? You watch the damn movie and make a series like the movie. You DO NOT make Naked Gun with zombies in it. Stupid condescending bitches.

  • Jeff

    That was painful to watch. One of the few times I am happy I don’t get amazon instant here in Canada.

  • TT Mofo

    Looks good to me you hoes! The humor is just like the film you morons! I think this will do will. If you don’t like then get the hell out of here!!

  • It’s a trap!

    Prediction: Cancelled after 1st season! Just looks and sounds like a half assed attempt …… no offence to the actors. Christ they should have re-thought this after a couple views of the dailys. What a joke and shame.

  • alk

    Looks pretty awful. I thought that last line from the chick was cute. they’re talking about they’re show…”least bit funny”

  • Craig

    Looks like a fan film. They couldn’t even replicate the “Rule” sequence accurately.

  • Christian

    As someone else said, this looks like a cheap fan film. This is guaranteed to get canned within the first few episodes.

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  • Vinícius

    God, that was painful to watch