ZORRO REBORN Sends the Masked Swordman to a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland

     April 27, 2011


A large part of Zorro’s charm is his old-fashioned adventuring ways.  He’s a pulp hero who’s instantly recognizable for his mask, cape, and swordsmanship.  20th Century Fox would like to strip all that crap away and send him to the a post-apocalyptic wasteland.  24 Frames reports that the studio is in early development on Zorro Reborn.  This time around, Zorro “will be less a caped crusader for justice than a one-man vigilante force bent on revenge, in a western story that has echoes of both Sergio Leone and No Country for Old Men.” Good, because I haven’t seen a movie before where a one-man vigilante force roams the post-apocalyptic wasteland before.  Wait—sorry, I have actually seen that—many times.  But in all fairness, the vigilante wasn’t named Zorro.

Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy, the screenwriters behind the Dracula re-imagining Harker wrote the script and pre-visualization specialist Rpin Suwannath (The Matrix) will make his directing debut on the flick. (For those who don’t know, pre-viz  is way of creating motion storyboards that can better illustrated the flow of a scene) Hit the jump for more of my thoughts on Zorro Reborn.

As tempting as it is to write this off completely, I have to applaud Fox for taking on a story that sounds slightly bonkers.  And it could work.  I’m not exactly sure how you keep Zorro as Zorro when you take away his distinctive elements, but perhaps Shipman and McGreevy have found a way to make it work.

However, 24 Frames says that the project is a “dark reinvention”, which I really don’t need out of a Zorro film.  I don’t need a gritty, tortured Zorro.  It’s Zorro.  Is it such a crime for the character to be light and fun?

Dammit, now I just want to go and watch Martin Campbell’s excellent The Mask of Zorro.


  • Brian


  • JLC

    I guess now all action adventure films have to be “dark” and “edgy.” No more swashbuckling fun for Zorro. Now it’s post-apocalyptic revenge. And they wonder why no one goes to the theater any more. Can’t we feel good about at least one hero?

  • cM

    Would it be that terrible to bring back Antonio Banderas for another classic Zorro story? Not everything has to be dark and edgy.

  • pj_campbell

    Sounds awful…way to miss the whole point of Zorro. The setting is essential to his character. This movie is going to be garbage…Should have just done a sequel with Anotonio Banderas.


    I agree that Banderas should come back but no one can honestly say any of his Zorro movies were any good.

    The first one was ok but lacked any edge and the second was plain horrible.

    I liken those movies to the NATIONAL TREASURE movies.

    I do not want to see another cheesy storyline with a stunt double doing most of Banderas’s work. There are a few young Mexican / spanish actors that could easily fit this role to carry the franchise for many years.

    They should have continued the storyline with Banderas ready to hand the reigns over to a new Zorro and then go from there.

    Goldberg is right when he says its exciting for a studio to take on a known commodity and give it a “weird” synopsis (for lack of a better word) as they are doing with Zorro.. At least its not another orgin movie. like Marvel wants to seemingly do for everyone of their comic books. Isnt that what the comic book is for??

    Oh well I hate reboots they are insulting to use as moviegoers and downright lazy but alas, if it looks good I will still see it.

    • Mike

      That’s not really what the comic book is for. It’s the source material but the average movie goer doesn’t know the origin story for most superheroes. Batman and Superman are probably the only two. Maybe Spiderman and the Hulk.

  • Pedro Brazil

    “But in all fairness, the vigilante wasn’t named Zorro.”

    Hahahah perfect!

  • sharrow

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  • Aurora

    I don’t know. Most fictional post-apocalyptic wastelands are quite similar, in tone and manner, to the typical Old Western Town. You have the same sort of general scared populace, grim towns where outsiders are frowned upon, small bands of raiders who frequently visit outposts of civilisation, which in turn are policed by a select bunch of men and women. It isn’t too much of a stretch.

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