10 Movie Clips from PLANET 51

     November 15, 2009

Planet 51 movie.jpg

Opening this Friday is the animated movie Planet 51.  The film is about an American astronaut who lands on Planet 51 thinking he’s the first person to step foot on it. To his surprise, he finds the planet inhabited by little green people who are living in a world reminiscent of a cheerfully innocent 1950s America, and whose only fear is that it will be overrun by alien invaders. With the help of his robot companion “Rover” and his new friend Lem, Chuck must navigate his way through the world to try and get back to his spaceship before it returns home.

While I thought the story was mediocre, I was very impressed with the animation.  Watching the film I was constantly looking at the texture and layers in the frame and was surprised by how great it looked.  If you’re a fan of animation, it’s worth seeing just for what they accomplished.  Just know the story is not going to wow you.  So to help promote the film, we’ve been provided with ten clips and you can check them out after the jump.

Planet 51 features the voices of Dwayne Johnson, Jessica Biel, Justin Long, Gary Oldman, Seann William Scott, and John Cleese.  The film was directed by Jorge Blanco and Co-Directed by Javier Abad and Marcos Martínez.

Planet 51 movie poster.jpg

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