LAST EXORCISM Director Daniel Stamm to Helm Remake of 13: GAME OF DEATH

     September 12, 2011


Director Daniel Stamm has been tapped to helm the English-language remake of the Thai horror-thriller 13: Game of Death. The original film tells the story of a financially strapped salesman who receives a phone call informing him that he’s on a hidden camera game show and must complete 13 tasks in order to receive a multi-million dollar prize. The horror kicks in when the tasks become increasingly extreme, leading the protagonist down a path of no return.

THR reports that Stamm is currently working on the screenplay with David Birke, and they hope to go into production early next year. The director is no stranger to the horror genre, as he previously helmed the documentary-style flick The Last Exorcism. We reported last year that he was also attached to a remake of the French cult horror film Martyrs, but there’s no word on whether that film is still in development or not.

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