Producer Randall Emmett Aiming to Make 2 GUNS Sequel Called 3 GUNS

     December 5, 2013


Even though 2 Guns didn’t approach its August release as a top priority of summer 2013, it still managed to open at #1 with a $27.1 million domestic debut and then go on to take a total of $131.9 million worldwide, earning itself some sequel talk.

The film featured Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg as Robert Trench and Michael Stigman, two criminals out to make a killing by stealing big money from a drug lord – or so they think. Turns out, Trench is really a DEA agent and Stigman is a U.S. Navy intelligence officer and both are working the same case from different angles. When their attempt to infiltrate a Mexican drug cartel goes awry, they’re both renounced by their respective agencies and left to fend for themselves, forcing them to work together. Hit the jump to find out what could come next in the sequel.

Randall Emmett-3-GunsWhile talking to prolific producer Randall Emmett about his upcoming release, Lone Survivor, we got the chance to run through a few of the many items on his to-do list including a potential 2 Guns sequel. When asked if round two is in the works, he explained:

“I mean, I think we’re having that conversation. You know, I don’t wanna be so bold to say, you know, it’s 100%. Of course it comes down to Denzel and Mark and the director, Baltasar [Kormákur], who’s doing Everest now, who have to make that decision. We, of course, would love to do a sequel and we are pushing for a sequel.”

Even though plans are totally up in the air, Emmett hopes to get moving on a script soon:

“I think we have to find the right story because that, of course, [is what] it all comes back to, but I think that we’ll probably push forward with a script soon and then hopefully if the creative powers that be, you know, fall in love with the storyline, then we would start to have that conversation.”

2-guns-posterHowever, the most intriguing information came when we pointed out that 2 Guns 2 would make quite the title. Emmett replied:

2 Guns 2, I like that, because we were gonna make it 3 Guns, but 2 Guns 2!”

While we’re thrilled Emmett approved of our suggestion, 3 Guns certainly says more about the possible plot of the sequel. Could Trench and Stigman pick up an additional player in their effort to take out the rest of the CIA’s shifty banks? It seems likely, but as Emmett admitted:

“You want a script that works and then you of course need the actors and the director to be, ‘Wow this is exciting and it’s worth it to go do it again.’ But otherwise, you leave it be and find something else.”

Catch everything Emmett had to say about 3 Guns – or maybe even 2 Guns 2 – in the clip below and keep an eye out for our full chat with the producer coming soon.


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