2 New X-FILES I Want to Believe Movie Images

     April 17, 2008

Thanks to Collider reader “Red Five,” I have two new “X-Files I Want to Believe” movie images. I just looked around cyberspace and while one of them has been on other sites, I couldn’t find the other.

However, since I hadn’t seen either of them before now, I know at least a few of you are like me and will enjoy checking them out.

Like I said yesterday with the official title announcement, I’d love for this movie to be good. I’d like to think Chris Carter and the other writers have learned from their past mistakes and they’ll deliver a film that’ll appeal to die-hard fans and also movie goers that just want to have a good scare.

I’m sure soon enough someone will see the film and leak a review…but until then…enjoy two new images.

And below the first two are all the images we have in the server.

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