2009 Scream Awards Videos: William Shatner/JJ Abrams, Stephen Moyer/Alan Ball, Keith Richards/Johnny Depp, Jessica Alba/Johnny Depp

     October 26, 2009

Scream Awards 2009 SPIKE TV.jpg

Spike TV is airing the 2009 Scream Awards tomorrow night at 10 PM, ET/PT. Since the show was recorded last week in Hollywood, the network has made a few clips available to help promote the ceremony. So if you’d like to see a sneak peak of Johnny Depp honoring Kieth Richards with the Rock Immortal Award, William Shatner accepting The Ultimate Scream award on behalf of JJ Abrams, Stephen Moyer thanking Alan Ball for being a match maker while accepting the award for Best Horror Actor and Jessica Alba presenting Johnny Depp with the scream award for Most Anticipated Fantasy Movie…hit the jump to take a look:

William Shatner/JJ Abrams:

Stephen Moyer/Alan Ball:

Keith Richards/Johnny Depp:

Jessica Alba/Johnny Depp: