Watch Collider’s Tribute to 2015 in Film

     January 3, 2016

movie-tribute-videoIt’s that time of year again and we’re in full “Best of 2015” mode, but there’s still loads to celebrate beyond what we consider award-worthy or the best of the best in any respect. This is the year that Han, Luke and Leia returned to the big screen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We also saw a fully operational version of John Hammond’s original dream up and running in Jurassic World. Then there’s achievements like Sean Baker‘s Tangerine, which was shot on the iPhone 5S. There’s also breakout performances like Jacob Tremblay in Room, achievements in animation, mind-blowing practical effects and moments that simply make you smile for whatever reason.

The point is, making movies takes a lot of work and I’d like to bet that every single movie out there, critically acclaimed or not, has admirers so let’s take a moment to celebrate the time, energy and heart that went into making the 2015 feature film line-up.


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